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Engineering Training Courses

The Engineering Academy offers internationally recognized Training courses in Engineering Management and Engineering Software. We mainly focus on the professionals who aspire to build and advance their careers. Especially in Construction, Oil, and Gas Management. We also aim in Engineering, STAAD.Pro, CCP Certification, PMP Courses, Interior Designing, Lean Six sigma courses, Facility Management, Quality Control, Micro Station Course, AUTOCAD, PLC- SCADA- HMI, HSE, Matlab, and other technical fields.

Moving toward project management professionals who look to expand and validate their strategic expertise, this course goes beyond the traditional project management principles. It equips students with the strategic skills, tools, and techniques for successfully achieving engineering project-related and organizational goals.

Our prime aim is to deliver the best in class education for our students. Also, we have made our signature in the field of education with years of hard work. Through the Engineering Academy, we mainly focus to nurture the coming generations holding the best practical knowledge and skills. We ensure the best for you.

Benefits of Engineering Training in Dubai

You will learn to coordinate and analyze project performance and deliver more consistent and higher-quality documentation. Our training course aims to teach the basic technical knowledge needed for the engineering industry.

Zabeel Institute can help you to advance your career and make you a potential employee in the engineering industry. When you complete your course, you’ll be eligible for a training Course Certificate approved by KHDA.

Why choose Engineering Training Institute in Dubai?

Dubai is a place that offers an abundance of opportunities for those looking to work in the field of the engineering industry. Our training institute in Dubai has highly qualified faculty with ample experience handling various engineering problems students face in their work projects.

The Zabeel institute provides the best Engineering training courses, designed to suit the requirements of an engineer who will work in different industries. Whether you are currently working as an engineer or interested in getting started with engineering, there are many reasons why choosing Engineering Training Institute in Dubai will be the best decision you ever make!

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