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Why Zabeel?

  • More than 29 Years Experience in training Professional Executives in Zabeel
  • Achiever of many QUALITY AWARDS for training from 1988 till date
  • Qualified & Certified Trainers
  • Sophisticated lab with high end machines and licensed software
  • Certificates attested by the Ministry of Education, UAE
  • Vast resource materials for reference and course materials
  • Free online support for further assistance
  • Free follow up orientation seminars & workshops & placement assistance
  • Corporate Consultancy – expertise provided in any field or industry
  • Special high-level 1-2 days training programs for top Management
  • Integrated Training & Career Development Plan

Zabeel Integrated Training & Career Development plan

The unique feature of the training is the end result. The offered training programme focuses on real knowledge and career development, rather than just an academic qualification. To us, the training needs analysis is very important. After we analyze the existing skill and knowledge level, we identify the areas where further training and education is required. Once the student undergoes the core knowledge training, the Institute provides free of charge training sessions on soft skills and personal development.


Student Support System

Student support services will be customized to the needs, aspirations and the goals of the students. This offers support to executives to better understand their needs, career options and thus to prepare them for the job search. Upon availing our services, students will receive one on one consultation (career or educational), for analyzing training needs, career options etc. We support students in developing a personalized career strategy and action plan, by offering T-T meetings with consultants. Students will be actively encouraged to speak freely with the team and provide feedback.

We also conduct seminars and workshops for aspiring students, usually conducted by professionals who share their experience and career opportunities in various countries.

We set up peer meetings, where students meet and share their knowledge, offering informal opportunity for students to discuss recent successes and challenges.

Student Support Services for Special Needs Students:

There would be special consideration for students with special needs. The Institute embeds appropriate facilities for this category of students, which allows them to successfully operate the system and complete the training.

Students Association (Zabex Club):

The Students’ Association in the Institute would conduct workshops, seminars, quizzes and other relevant. It would also arrange industrial visits and general orientation programmes.

Placement Cells:

The placement cell would be committed to provide the best career opportunities to the students of the institute, by maintaining close reporting system with the corporates, identifying potential recruiters and organizing the campus recruitment process. The activities of the placement cell would cover a wide range of programmes, such as training in management skills, group discussions, interview techniques, communication skills and other. The training would build students’ confidence and their personal strengths to be able to withstand the competition process and the scrutiny by the organizations offering the job opportunity.

Quality Management System

Our team will keep up-to-date information on the quality of the educational universities, by maintaining regular communication with these educational institutions and by paying occasional visits to the universities. Also, the quality of services we offer to our students will be assessed through periodic review and informal feedback from them.

Our consultants will get continuous training on global education, Dubai job market and Dubai economy, to enable them to provide guidance to students for the appropriate programs in order to meet students’ needs and goals in life.

There is quality assurance department in Zabeel, which systematically assesses the structure of the class and the syllabus etc. Student Relations Officer meets the students regularly to get their feedbacks, conducting regular meetings with the concerned department to ensure and improve the quality of the training system.

The Quality Assurance Department assumes complete responsibility about the quality of the syllabus, the lesson Plans, customer services, class patterns, course training materials, certifications and other.


  • Quality Assurance Executives( QAE) meets the faculty for initial consultation and discussion regarding the syllabus, lesson plans, class room activities, assignments, etc
  • QAE would communicate the academic advisory group members
  • QAE ensure that students receive the proper course materials.
  • QAE collect the feedback forms from students and follow up on their comments and suggestions.
  • QAE ensures that students’ attendance, lesson plans, hours taken etc. are properly recorded by faculties and coordinators.
  • QAE liaises with faculty members, management and students

Integrated Teaching Methodology

The classroom teaching facilitates in coping with the rigor of the programs. These are beneficial to all the students enrolling the program, especially for the working executives and professionals, who may not find sufficient time to prepare and plan for the class, due to their heavy schedule and duties.

Regular attendance of the classes enables students to:

1.Gain in–depth understanding of the subjects and concepts covered.

2.Understand the exams patterns and obtain tips how to better prepare.

3.Discuss and clear doubts and queries pertaining to the topics covered in the subjects.

4.Get into a disciplined mode and regular study.

Self-study: All students are provided with a comprehensive and specially designed study package. At this stage, students are expected to achieve a prescribed level of knowledge through self-study.

Curriculum: The offered curriculum is contemporary and innovatively designed in association with reputed academic and industry experts.

Assignments: The study package of zabeel includes self-evaluation assignments, which help students to evaluate their own academic progress.

Case Studies: The Zabeel’s Case study approach is integrated as a dominant tool in education methodology. Case –based learning is encouraged to help students acquire problem –solving and decision –making skills in complex business situations.

Assessments: The internal assessments serve to finally assess and certify students’ understanding of the subject and the level of knowledge and skills development.

Upon evaluation, the net effect of all these stages is to ensure that the students develop the required knowledge and skills and thus be awarded the respective certificates.


Training Needs Analysis & Admission Procedures

The candidate has to meet the course consultants.

The course consultant will do the TNA (Training Need Analysis).

The consultant will do the essential skill test required for the job he/she is suitable for.

After the Skill test, the Consultant will suggest the course which is most required.

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