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PSP Certification Exam Preparation Course

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Overview of the PSP Certification Exam Preparation course:

The AACE International program intends to recognize specialists who meet demanding planning and scheduling criteria. The PSP certification will distinguish you as a Planning and Scheduling Professional with the knowledge and skills that impact the bottom line. You can find information about this program by clicking here, AACEI. You are allowed 105 minutes for each of the four closed-book parts of the exam, which are briefly described below:

Part I is Basic Knowledge. It consists of multiple-choice questions concerning the basics of planning and scheduling.

Part II is a real-time Communications Exercise. It requires the candidate to draft the equivalent of a one-page typewritten (maximum) memorandum to simulate reporting on planning and scheduling analysis to the project manager, explaining the issues and proposing a solution regarding a given problem.

Part III is a Practical Exercise. This part entails answering a series of multiple-choice questions concerning various aspects of a single problem.

Part IV is Planning and Scheduling Applications. It consists of multiple-choice questions involving planning and scheduling scenarios.

Learning Outcome:

The PSP Certification Exam Preparation training course will provide participants with a thorough background in the concepts of Planning and Scheduling Engineering and Construction projects. The course addresses how to identify, monitor, and balance information crucial for the successful management of projects. It will discuss the development of a baseline performance management plan (PMP) for the project that will allow the efficient compilation and the timely generation of quantitative performance comparisons. The comparisons highlight significant performance departures (“actual vs. baseline”) and allow for preventive, early remedial, and corrective actions.

PSP Certification Exam Preparation Course
PSP Certification Exam Preparation Course

Who needs the PSP Certification Exam Preparation course?

This course is targeted for Chief Executive Officers, Finance Managers, Human Resources Managers, Project Managers, Engineers and Planners, Information Technology Managers.

Detailed Course Content:


1A. Planning Development


2A. Schedule Development

2B. Schedule Maintenance/Controlling

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About Certification and Awarding Body

About Awarding Body: AACE International

AACE International is the Association for the Advancement of cost Engineering. AACE’s certification program was launched in 1976 with one goal in mind: to recognize skilled professionals in the cost engineering industry. Since then, the certification program has grown from one hallmark certification to a portfolio of eight distinct certifications that encompass Technical, Professional, and Expertise levels.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 8 years industry related experience or 4 years industry related experience + 4-year industry related college degree
  • Adherence to AACE’s Canons of Ethics

Examination Structure

  • 5 hours maximum
  • 119 simple, multiple choice and compound, scenario questions
  • 1 memo writing assignment with a given scenario and instructions for writing a response
    in an onscreen text box
  • Closed Book
  • Any style, battery operated calculator permitted (not provided by the testing center)

Professional Level Examination Investment

While AACE membership is not required for certification, members receive the benefit of reduced examination fees.

  • US$500 for members
  • US$625 for non-members
  • US$250 resit fee (member and non-members)

All fees are due upon submission of an application and are non-refundable. The fee includes our
eligibility documentation review and computer based testing (CBT) fee.


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