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Facility Management CFM Certification Training

Facility Management Professional FMP and Certified Facility Manager CFM Certification and CFM Training Program in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Overview of Facility Management Certification Program:

Certified Facility Manager(CFM) Certification and Training Course is one of the most demanded certification course in middle east. Facility management certification training provides indepth knowledge facility management professionals, facility manager, management professionals,etc. This certificate program furthers the understanding of this diverse field with an innovative series of courses focusing on design and management of facilities, from concept to installation, to long-term efficient use. Zabeel provides the facility management certification(CFM and FMP) courses.

facility management

Learning Outcome of Facility Management Certification course:

  • Broaden your skills and knowledge of all areas relating to facilities management
  • Obtain valuable insight about the impact of technology on the management and design of efficient facilities

Who needs the Facility Management Certification course?

  • Individuals who desire to enter the facilities management profession
  • Professionals who are involved in the design or management of facilities, building operations, maintenance operations, construction, or occupational safety

Detailed Course Content

  • Get an outline of the guideline obligations of an facility manager.
  • Gain proficiency with the down to earth applications that will enable you to comprehend the business parts of offices the executives.
  • Increase a comprehension of the different duties and basic leadership forms from structure framework to armada administrations.
  • Offices supervisors oversee the two offices activities and work force.

FMP Course Content

The following four knowledge domains, as determined by the recent IFMA global job task analysis, are deemed critical to the foundation of knowledge required of facility managers, and therefore are taught and tested by the IFMA FMP Credential Program.

Operations and Maintenance:

The primary role of facility managers is to manage/oversee an operating facility. To do this, facility managers must have a working knowledge of building systems, structure, interiors and exteriors and grounds so the facility and all of its required systems function efficiently, reliably, safely, securely and in a manner consistent with existing regulations and standards. Effective operation and maintenance of facilities is a complex responsibility in today’s environment.

Project Management:

Facility managers make use of all aspects of project management beginning with planning, scoping, scheduling and ending with evaluating. Project planning and management are core skills in facility management. The skills are particularly important because of the wide range of projects assigned to the facility organization. Projects vary in scope, complexity, duration and financial risk.

Finance and Business:

Facility managers manage/oversee high-value assets that represent significant financial investment in technology, buildings, structures, interiors, exteriors and grounds. Since facility managers are typically responsible for the oversight, operation and maintenance of the buildings and grounds, as well as oversight of various service contracts, understanding the basics of finance and business is critical.

Leadership and Strategy:

To be effective, facility managers must develop strategies to successfully carry out major initiatives by influencing the decisions and attitudes of others. Effective strategies require that facility managers are able to integrate people, places, processes and technology. They must be able to align the facility portfolio with the entire organization’s missions and available resources, and to be innovative in order to move forward with their staff and processes to respond to the ever-changing requirements.

CFM Course Content

These eleven areas have been identified as the core areas of skills and knowledge necessary for a successful facility manager

  • Occupancy and Human Factors
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Finance and Business
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Communication
  • Performance and Quality
  • Facility Information Management & Technology Management
  • Sustainability
  • Real Estate
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management

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About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 1

Specific Certification :

Facility Management Professional (FMP) and Certified Facility Manager (CFM)

About Awarding Body:

International Facility Management Association – IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP) assignment is an information based accreditation for FM experts and industry providers hoping to expand their profundity of-learning in the center FM subjects esteemed basic by businesses. By winning the must-have FMP qualification, you will join more than 7,200 experts overall who have improved their insight, upgraded their aptitudes, and increased quick validity with managers, customers and companions.

How do you earn the FMP?
The IFMA FMP Certification Program is the main system you’ll have to procure your FMP qualification. The program will enable you to pick up a strong comprehension of the office the executives calling, build up the information and aptitudes requested by businesses and, at last, acquire the FMP accreditation!

Why pursue the FMP credential?
The FMP can help you get a competitive advantage and improve your job performance through education and recognition.Build practical knowledge skills you can apply to your job immediately, resulting in cost-savings and added value to your organization.Earn professional certification and recognition from current and potential employers, clients, work teams and peers.Earn LEED Maintenance CE credits: LEED Professionals can earn 60 general continuing education hours upon completion of the full FMP program or 15 hours per individual course.

CFM- Certified Facility Manager credential?

The Certified Facility Manager® (CFM) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers.

IFMA’s certification process is designed to assess competency in the field through work experience, education and the ability to pass a comprehensive exam that covers 11 competencies that make up the facility management body of knowledge. Since the program began in 1992, more than 3,100 facility managers from 32 countries have achieved this prestigious recognition.

  • Why should you become a CFM?
  • Distinguish yourself and assure professional excellence
  • Invest in your future, return on CFM expenses increase over time
  • Demonstrate your leadership and initiative
  • Passing Grade: 60 correct answers
  • Advance your profession
  • Enhance your professional network
  • Why should employers support the CFM?
  • Assure quality and professional standards
  • Focus and map professional development of staff
  • Increase marketability of your organization and offerings
  • Contribute to competitive advantage


Candidates must meet education and work experience requirements outlined in one of the categories below in order to eligible to sit for the CFM Exam. Candidates will include this information in the CFM Exam application. Once the application is approved, individuals have 90 days to sit for the exam.

More questions about CFM Exam eligibility? Contact Rhonda Hager, IFMA Credentials Manager, at

Examination Pattern:

The CFM Exam, which takes 4 hours to complete, consists of 180 multiple-choice questions delivered in random order. The test is strictly pass/fail based on the total number of correct answers. At the present time, the computerized exam is available in English only.

Membership Fee:

  • IFMA Professional membership – US $209
  • IFMA Young Professional(Under 35) membership – US $129
  • IFMA Student membership – US $209

Exam Application Fee:

IFMA members$550 (Members receive a discount on the exam fee)


Exam Dates:

When the application is approved, the candidate will receive an email with instructions for scheduling an exam date at a one of Prometric Testing Center in a convenient location. The exam eligibility period is three months (90 days) from the date the application is approved, and there are policies regarding rescheduling and/or cancelling an exam date. This information will be included in the scheduling email. The applicant must take the exam during the three month (90 day) period.

If an application is denied, the Credentials Manager will follow-up with the candidate accordingly. Any payment that has been processed will be refunded.

Testing must occur within 90 days of candidate acceptance.If you need to reschedule or cancel your exam date you must contact to Prometric direclty (not IFMA). To review Prometric’s policies, click here. If you do not cancel before their deadlines, you will be considered a “no show” and may incur additional charges to reschedule your exam.

The candidate is notified immediately after completing the exam regarding pass/fail status. IFMA credentialing staff will confirm the results and process the credential certificate packet if applicable. Candidates should receive certificate packets within 30 days of the successful testing date.
Unsuccessful CFM Exam candidates have up to one year to retake the exam at a reduced fee. The CFM Exam Retake Application and Payment Form, found in the CAMP program, will need to be submitted and processed in order for the candidate to retake the exam.

After the Exam:

After exam results are verified and updated in the CAMP system, candidates will receive an email verifying the results and containing instructions for maintaining the credential. The CFM Certification is valid for three (3) years. To maintain the CFM credential, a list of the activities performed along with the appropriate supporting documentation including a processing fee must be submitted to IFMA credentialing department every three years.

CFM Recertification Fee:
IFMA members$290 (Members receive a discount on the recert fee)
GSA fee$203.72 (GSA fees apply to Federal Agency Employees who are eligible for GSA pricing

About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 2

Certificate Title : CFM- Certified Facility Management Professional

About Awarding Body :American Institute of Business and Management, USA

AIBM, AIFB and AIPLM are the leading examination and certification bodies founded by leading academicians, professionals and businessmen in United States of America.

AIBM and its subsidiary institutions AIFB and AIPLM offer a range of progressive, flexible and affordable business and management qualifications. The certifications cover the theoretical issues of business and management and offer many practical skills useful to potential employers.

The qualifications impart the skills to make a difference in the workplace, from communication to strategy. The professional certifications are recognized by employers, professional and academic institutions around the world.

For application process, please contact us.

About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 3

KHDA Certificate:

Course completion certificate attested by KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority, UAE)

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai. We support schools, universities, parents, students, educators, investors and government partners to create a high quality education sector focused on happiness and well being.

Title: Facilities management

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