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Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills

Learn the tools and processes to find the right solutions to most any problem or situation.

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Overview of the course:

Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills training course helps learning the tools and processes to find the right solutions to most of the problem or situation.

These skills are critical skills to working professionals, yet most people learn these skills through trial and error and receive minimal formal training in these disciplines. Cognitive science has made great strides during the past two decades toward better understanding how humans solve problems and make decisions. Modern tactics and skills can build upon prior experience and improve both individual and team performance.

This training provides participants with tools and tactics for working with real-world problems in a professional environment. It provides analytical tools for problem identification and definition, evaluation of possible solutions, and solution selection, so that participants can bring better value to their organizations and customers.

The training is highly interactive, combining demonstrations and brief discussions of key learning points with individual and group “hands on” problem-solving exercises to reinforce learning and build confidence.

Who needs the course?

Anyone who desires to enhance one's management skills.

problem solving

Learning Outcome:

  • Distinguish root causes from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem.
  • Generate a wider variety of quality solutions
  • More clearly define problems
  • Support more structured analysis of options leading to better decisions

Detailed Course Content:

  • The Importance Of Clear Communication In Preventing Problems
  • Exercises
  • 'Owning' The Problem
  • The Positive Alternative
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making Models
  • Review Of Problem Solving Models
  • Benefits Of Using Models
  • Defining The Problem
  • Convergent & Divergent Problems
  • Logical Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Schedule Of Further Actions
  • Guidance For Problem Solving Meetings
  • Creative Problem Solving & Risk Taking
  • Defining Problems Needing Creative Thought

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About Certification and Awarding Body

KHDA Certificate :

Course completion certificate attested by KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority, UAE).

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai. We support schools, universities, parents, students, educators, investors and government partners to create a high quality education sector focused on happiness and well being.


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