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AWS Certified Security Specialty Course in Dubai

Overview of AWS Certified Security Specialty

AWS Certified Security Specialty (SCS-C01) exam is meant for individuals that do a safety and security duty. This exam validates an examinee's capacity to efficiently demonstrate knowledge about securing the AWS system.

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It verifies an examinee's capability to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of specialized data categories and AWS information protection devices.
  • An understanding of data-encryption techniques and AWS systems to implement them.
  • An understanding of protected Net methods as well as AWS mechanisms to apply them.
  • A working expertise of AWS safety and security solutions as well as features of services to give a safe and secure production atmosphere.
  • Competency got from 2 or more years of production implementation experience using AWS protection services and attributes.
  • The capability to make tradeoff decisions with regard to cost, security, and also deployment complexity given a set of application needs.
  • An understanding of protection operations and threats

Advised AWS Expertise

  • A minimum of 5 years of IT security experience, designing and also applying security options
  • At least 2 years of hands-on experience protecting AWS work
    Security controls for work on AWS

AWS Certified Security Specialty-Exam content

Response Types
There are 2 sorts of questions on the evaluation:

  • Numerous selection: Has one proper response as well as 3 inaccurate responses (distractors).
  • Several action: Has 2 or even more correct actions out of five or more options.

Select several actions that ideal full the statement or answer the question. Distractors, or incorrect responses, are response alternatives that an examinee with incomplete knowledge or ability would likely pick. Nonetheless, they are normally probable responses that fit in the material location specified by the test goal.

Unanswered inquiries are racked up as inaccurate; there is no fine for thinking.

Unscored Content

Your evaluation may include unscored things that are placed on the test to gather statistical info. These items are not identified on the type and also do not influence your score.

AWS Certified Security Specialty-Examination Results

The AWS Certified Safety And Security - Specialty (SCS-C01) evaluation is a pass or stop working exam. The examination is racked up versus a minimal conventional developed by AWS experts who are assisted by accreditation market ideal techniques and guidelines.

Your outcomes for the evaluation are reported as a score from 100-- 1,000, with a minimum passing rating of 750. Your score shows how you carried out on the examination in its entirety and whether you passed. Scaled racking up designs is made use of to relate scores throughout several examination forms that might have a little different difficulty levels. Your rating report has a table of categories of your performance at each section level.

This info is designed to give basic comments concerning your examination efficiency. The assessment uses a compensatory scoring version, which implies that you do not need to "pass" the specific sections, only the general evaluation. Each area of the exam has a specific weighting, so some areas have extra inquiries than others. The table includes basic information, highlighting your strengths as well as weaknesses. Exercise caution when interpreting section-level feedback.

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AWS Certified Security Specialty

AWS Certified Security Specialty Content Outline

This aws security specialty course test overview includes weightings, test domains, as well as objectives only. It is not a comprehensive listing of the web content on this assessment. The table below checklists the major web content domain names and also their weightings.

Domain % of Exam
Domain 1: Incident Response 12%
Domain 2: Logging and Monitoring 20%
Domain 3: Infrastructure Security 26%
Domain 4: Identity and Access Management 20%
Domain 5: Data Protection 22%
TOTAL 100%

AWS Certified Security Specialty Course content

Domain 1: Case Feedback

1.1 Provided an AWS abuse notice, evaluate the presumed endangered circumstances or revealed gain access to tricks.
1.2 Verify that the Incident Action strategy consists of relevant AWS services.
1.3 Review the arrangement of automated alerting, and also implement possible removal of security-related events as well as emerging issues.

Domain 2: Logging as well as Tracking

2.1 Style and apply safety tracking and also notifying.
2.2 Troubleshoot safety and security surveillance and also alerting.
2.3 Style and also implement a logging remedy.
2.4 Troubleshoot logging options.

Domain 3: Facilities Protection

3.1 Design edge safety on AWS.
3.2 Style as well as execute safe and secure network facilities.
3.3 Troubleshoot safe network facilities.
3.4 Style and also execute host-based security.

Domain name 4: Identification and Gain Access To Management

4.1 Layout and also implement a scalable authorization as well as an authentication system to gain access to AWS sources.
4.2 Troubleshoot a consent as well as an authentication system to gain access to AWS resources

Domain name 5: Data Protection

5.1 Style as well as implement crucial administration as well as use.
5.2 Troubleshoot essential monitoring.
5.3 Design as well as carry out a data encryption solution for information at rest and information in transit.

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