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AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Course in Dubai, UAE

Overview of AWS Certified Advanced Networking

The AWS Qualified Advanced Networking-- Specialty (ANS-C00) assessment is intended for individuals that carry out intricate networking tasks. This assessment confirms sophisticated technical abilities, experience in the making, and carrying out AWS and hybrid IT network styles at range.
It verifies an examinee's capability to:

  • Design, develop, and deploy cloud-based services making use of AWS.
  • Apply core AWS services according to basic architectural finest practices.
  • Style as well as maintain network design for all AWS services.
  • Leverage tools to automate AWS networking tasks.

Suggested AWS Knowledge

  • Expert experience utilizing AWS modern technology
  • AWS Security's ideal practices
  • AWS storage options and their hidden consistency versions
  • AWS networking subtleties, as well as how they associate with the integration of AWS solutions

Recommended General IT Expertise

  • Advanced networking architectures and interconnectivity options (e.g., IP VPN, MPLS/VPLS).
  • Networking technologies within the OSI version and how they impact execution decisions.
  • Advancement of automation scripts as well as devices.
  • Routing styles (consisting of fixed and also vibrant).
  • Multi-region solutions for a global venture o Extremely readily available connectivity solutions (e.g., DX, VPN).
  • CIDR and also subnetting (IPv4 and IPv6).
  • IPv6 transition obstacles.
  • Common remedies for network safety and security features consist of WAF, IDS, IPS, DDoS security, and Economic Rejection of Service/Sustainability (DDoS).

AWS Advanced Networking course Exam material

Response Types

There are two sorts of concerns regarding the evaluation.

  • Multiple selections: Has one proper reaction and 3 inaccurate reactions (distractors).
  • Several actions: Has two or even more appropriate reactions out of five options.

Select one or more actions that finest total the statement or answer the concern. Distractors, or wrong solutions, are action choices that an examinee with insufficient understanding or skill would likely select. Nonetheless, they are generally plausible feedbacks that suit the content location specified by the examination purpose.

Unanswered inquiries are scored as incorrect; there is no penalty for thinking.

Unscored Web content.

Your examination may include unscored items placed on the analysis to collect statistical information. These products are not recognized on the kind and do not affect your rating.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Exam Outcomes

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking-- Specialty (ANS-C00) evaluation is a pass or stop working examination. The exam is racked up against a minimum standard developed by AWS professionals directed by qualification sector ideal methods and standards.

Your rating record includes a table of categories of your performance at each area level. This detail is created to offer essential comments concerning your evaluation performance. The exam utilizes a compensatory scoring version, which indicates that you do not need to "pass" the private sections, only the total evaluation.

Each section of the examination has a specific weighting, so some areas have more inquiries than others. The table includes general details, highlighting your toughness as well as weaknesses. Exercise care when analyzing section-level comments.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty

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AWS Certified Advanced Networking Content Outline

This test guide consists of weightings, examination domain names, and goals. It is not a detailed listing of the web content on this examination. The table listed below lists the primary material domains and their weightings.


Domain % of Exam
Domain 1: Design and Implement Hybrid IT Network Architectures at Scale 23%
Domain 2: Design and Implement AWS Networks 29%
Domain 3: Automate AWS Tasks 8%
Domain 4: Configure Network Integration with Application Services 8%
Domain 5: Design and Implement for Security and Compliance 12%
Domain 6: Manage, Optimize, and Troubleshoot the Network 13%
TOTAL 100%


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AWS Advanced Networking Course content

Domain 1: Layout and also Implement Hybrid IT Network Styles at Range

1.1 Implement connectivity for crossbreed IT
1.2 Provided a situation, derive a suitable crossbreed IT architecture connectivity service
1.3 Explain the process to prolong connectivity utilizing AWS Direct Connect
1.4 Evaluate design alternatives that utilize AWS Direct Connect
1.5 Specify routing plans for crossbreed IT designs

Domain name 2: Style and also Apply AWS Networks

2.1 Apply AWS networking concepts
2.2 Offered consumer needs, define network designs on AWS
2.3 Propose enhanced designs based on the examination of an existing application
2.4 Determine network needs for a specialized work
2.5 Acquire a proper design based on consumer and application requirements
2.6 Evaluate and optimize price allocations provided a network style as well as application information flow

Domain 3: Automate AWS Tasks

3.1 Evaluate automation options within AWS for network releases
3.2 Examine tool-based choices within AWS for network procedures as well as administration

Domain 4: Configure Network Assimilation with Application Services

4.1 Take advantage of the abilities of Course 53
4.2 Assess DNS options in a hybrid IT design
4.3 Identify the suitable arrangement of DHCP within AWS
4.4 Given a scenario, determine a proper load-balancing technique within the AWS ecosystem
4.5 Determine a material circulation approach to optimize for performance 4.6 Reconcile AWS solution demands with network requirements

Domain 5: Style and also Implement for Protection as well as Compliance

5.1 Evaluate design demands for positioning with safety and also compliance purposes
5.2 Evaluate monitoring techniques in support of protection as well as compliance objectives
5.3 Assess AWS protection functions for taking care of network traffic
5.4 Use file encryption modern technologies to safeguard network communications

Domain name 6: Handle, Maximize, and also Troubleshoot the Network.

6.1 Offered a situation, troubleshoot, and solved a network problem

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