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AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty Course in Dubai

Overview of the AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty course

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty (DAS-C01) examination is intended for people that do in an information analytics-focused duty. This test validates an examinee's thorough understanding of using AWS services to develop, build, safeguard, and also maintain analytics services that offer insight from data.

It verifies an examinee's capability to:

  • Specify AWS data analytics solutions as well as recognize just how they integrate with each other.
  • Explain how AWS data analytics solutions suit the data lifecycle of collection, storage space, handling, and also visualization.

Suggested AWS Expertise

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience with common information analytics technologies
  • At least 2 years of hands-on experience servicing AWS
    Experience as well as proficiency working with AWS solutions to make, construct, protect, and also keep analytics options

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Exam material

Feedback Enters There are 2 types of inquiries on the assessment:

  • Multiple selections: Has one appropriate reaction as well as three incorrect reactions (distractors).
  • Multiple reaction: Has two or more correct feedbacks out of five or more options.

Select several reactions that best total the declaration or address the concern. Distractors, or wrong answers, are action choices that an examinee with insufficient knowledge or ability would likely select. However, they are usually possible actions that suit the content location defined by the examination goal.

Unanswered inquiries are racked up as wrong; there is no charge for thinking.

Unscored Content

Your exam might include unscored things that are placed on the examination to these products are not determined on the type and do not impact your rating.

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Exam Outcomes

The AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty (DAS-C01) exam is a pass or stop working examination. The evaluation is racked up versus a minimal common established by AWS specialists who are led by accreditation sector finest methods and also guidelines. Your results for the assessment are reported as a score from 100- 1,000, with a minimum passing score of 750.

Your score shows how you did on the examination all at once and also whether you passed. Scaled racking up designs are utilized to relate ratings across multiple examination types that might have slightly various problem degrees.
Your rating report has a table of classifications of your efficiency at each area level.

This detail is designed to offer general comments concerning your evaluation efficiency. The evaluation uses a compensatory scoring version, which implies that you do not need to "pass" the individual areas, just the total assessment. Each section of the exam has a particular weighting, so some areas have a lot more concerns than others.
The table consists of basic details, highlighting your staminas and also weaknesses. Exercise care when interpreting section-level feedback.

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AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Content Outline

This exam guide consists of weightings, test domain names, and goals just. It is not a comprehensive listing of the web content on this assessment. The table listed below lists the primary web content domains as well as their weightings.

Domain % of Exam
Domain 1: Collection 18%
Domain 2: Storage and Data Management 20%
Domain 3: Processing 24%
Domain 4: Analysis and Visualization 18%
Domain 5: Security 18%
TOTAL 100%

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty

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AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Course content

Domain 1: Collection

1.1 Figure out the operational qualities of the collection system
1.2 Select a collection system that deals with the frequency, quantity, and also resource of data
1.3 Select a collection system that addresses the vital homes of data, such as order, format, and compression

Domain 2: Storage as well as Information Administration

2.1 Figure out the operational features of a storage space option for analytics
2.2 Determine information gain access to as well as retrieval patterns
2.3 select an appropriate information design, schema, structure, as well as style
2.4 Define a data lifecycle based upon usage patterns and also service demands
2.5 establish a suitable system for cataloging data and managing metadata

Domain 3: Handling

3.1 Determine proper data processing option requirements
3.2 Style an option for transforming and also preparing information for analysis
3.3 Automate and also operationalize an information processing solution

Domain 4: Evaluation as well as Visualization

4.1 Identify the functional attributes of an evaluation as well as visualization remedy
4.2 Select the appropriate data analysis option for a provided circumstance
4.3 Select the proper information visualization remedy for an offered situation

Domain 5: Security

5.1 Select proper authentication and consent devices
5.2 Apply data security and also file encryption techniques
5.3 Apply data governance and also compliance controls

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