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Zabeel Institute proudly introduces Zabex Club, established exclusively for our students and corporate clients. The club provides a platform for all candidates, who join us and help us grow together in Dubai. This is a network of people which help each other in job search, skills and talents exchange, and problem solving.

Zabeel is much more than education! Zabex is more than a family!

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish and promote long-term relationships with our students and partner employers, who hire Zabeel graduates and strategic partners in the industries we represent, by continually identifying and satisfying their requirements.

To help fulfill our mission, we offer training for individuals, who want to enter the industries we represent or accelerate their advancement in these industries.

Job Seekers / Career Change Forum (Recruitment Cell)

Zabeel views job placement as an important part of the education process. Though students must assume the main responsibility for achieving their employment goals, the Zabeel faculty and placement staff is available to provide assistance and support. The Institute responds to the students desire to develop their knowledge, technical skills, communication abilities and job search techniques, needed to be successful on the job market.

The cell deals with matters concerning professional placement of Zabeel students. The primary objective of the Cell is to facilitate its graduating students and industry, by laying grounds for meeting between the potential employer companies and the identified suitable candidates for placement in that particular company. The various industry organizations are invited for pre-placement discussions, during which they are invited to give a presentation of their company’s profile, recruitment needs, benefits package and other. This may be followed by interviews of interested students. In addition, statement on the recruitment needs of the particular organization is brought to the attention of the students through the Placement Cell.

zabex club

Zabex provides personalized assessment, training and guidance to every member of this forum, to enable them to get the best job at the earliest possible occasion. Members would be given moral support, guidance on how to tackle the job market in Dubai, training on interview skills, CV writing etc.

Those who are employed and are further looking out for a career change, can also register in this forum. The new trends on the job market and the subject would be updated by seminars and meetings.

Employers Forum

This is the potential Employers forum. Company representatives who are looking for efficient employees can approach this forum. The employer would be provided with the most efficient staff, further assistance and support would be provided free of charge. We often conduct career fair, where employers get a chance to meet the candidates in person.

Our success has been built upon maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and by providing them with a recruitment service. In our relationships with both local companies and major corporate accounts, we focus our efforts towards the primary goal: finding jobs for people and people for jobs.

Zabex is not a recruiting agency, but much more than that. Our task does not end with forwarding candidates CV to the prospective employer, but offering further assistance to the employee when adapting to the new professional environment..

We will work in partnership with you to fully understand your business aspirations and match the right person to the right job in the right environment. We take the time to understand your needs and expectations. You will find that no other recruitment cell is more dedicated to your staffing needs.

To find out how we can help you, please contact us for a confidential discussion forum at or register your vacancy and one of our experienced consultants will be in touch with you.

Career Development Assistance

  • Career Assistance for students includes:
  • Interview training in class to prepare the students for a variety of interview situations.
  • Interview preparation testing in class.
  • Resume recommendations upon students’ request.
  • Information about potential vacancies.
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