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Tally Peachtree & QuickBooks Training Course in Dubai

Tally Peachtree QuickBooks Combination course benefits the students with intro to double entry book-keeping practices, accounting using accounting software tools like Tally QuickBooks Peachtree & all related documentation and procedure, till ledger posting.

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Overview of course:

Tally Peachtree QuickBooks Combination course benefits the students with an intro to double-entry book-keeping practices, accounting using accounting software tools like Tally QuickBooks Peachtree & all related documentation, and procedure, till ledger posting. Tally Peachtree QuickBooks is renowned and leading accounting software used by many companies the world over. These are widely used and easy to understand accounting software applications. This combo course will give insights into its features, configurations, creation of company info, gateway of Tally, Peachtree, QuickBooks, and much more.

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The CPA program is a postgraduate professional certification supplied internationally by the American-based CFA Institute to financial investment and economic experts.

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Learning outcome:

After studying Tally, Peachtree, and Quickbooks training course, you should be able to:

  • understand and apply the essential numerical skills required for business transactions
  • apply principles of financial accounting and managerial/cost accounting
  • record transactions in the appropriate ledger accounts using the double-entry bookkeeping system
  • demonstrate competency in preparing and analyzing financial statements

Who needs the course?

This intensive Tally, Peachtree, and QuickBooks training program are designed for those who would like to develop a career as

  • Financial Accountant
  • Financial Controller
  • Financial Manager
  • Management Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer etc.

in-Training & Manufacturing companies, Engineering and Construction, Manufacturing and Industrial, Oil and Gas/Petrochemical, Education and Training, Retail, Financial Services, Information Technology, Automotive, Media Production, E-Business Enablers, Marketing and Sales etc

Detailed Course Content:

Tally Peachtree and QuickBooks Combination course - Tally ERP 9

1. General Features - Tally (9.0)

Concurrent Multi-lingual Capability - allows you to expand your business beyond geographical boundaries without worrying about language barriers. You can maintain your accounts in one language and send invoices to your customers in yet another language, all at the press of a button.

Payroll - lets you automate the management of your employee records including visa and employment
contract management. This feature also offers automatic calculation of salaries and pay slip generation.

Job Costing - enables you to generate profitability statements for each project executed, including financial and material resource apportionments, wherever applicable.

POS Invoicing - allows faster data entry and printing on 40 column continuous stationery. It also provides barcode support.

Flexible Financial Periods - allows you to break away from inflexible accounting years and perform all accounting functions in Tally for time-periods that suit your convenience.

Unlimited Companies - allows you to create and maintain up to 99,999 companies, concurrently.

Data Synchronization - helps you synchronize and update data across multiple locations. This enables fast and easy exchange of business information, between offices and branches, across various geographies.

Consolidation of Companies - enables grouping of companies and provides consolidated reports. Changes done in any constituent or branch company are automatically updated in the grouped information.

Unlimited Levels of Classification - facilitates ledger classification and re-classification as required. It also enables easy viewing and analysis of information; thus helping you make informed decisions.

Advanced MIS - helps you compare information in order to understand and analyses performance levels for various periods or divisions. It helps you study and understand the buying patterns of customers, so that you can channel your resources to specific segments, periods, or customers. It also helps you analyses cash flow situations.

Drill Down Facility - helps you drill down or instantly update from any report - starting from the
Balance Sheet down to Vouchers, or vice versa.

2. Accounting Features - Tally (9.0)

Accounting without CODES - lets you define unlimited levels of classification, with regular names (no more inconvenient account codes), so that you can manage the most complex ledgers with ease.

Unified Ledgers - integrates your general, sales and purchase ledgers into a single ledger, organized in groups, for easy management.

Complete Book keeping - enables you to record all types of transactions including receipts, payments, income and expenses, sales and purchases, debit notes, credit notes, adjustment journals, memorandum journals and reversing journals. Transaction data entry through unique voucher entry is easy and flexible to configure, for diverse types of transactions.

Comprehensive Accounting - lets you instantly obtain your balance sheets, profit & loss statements, cash and funds flows, trial balances, and others.

Multi-currency Accounting - offers you flexibility of multiple currencies in the same transaction and allows viewing of all reports in one or more currency. Tally meets the fundamental criteria set out for EMU handling.

Receivables and Payables - enables you to: Dynamically allocate payments against invoices with
reference to due dates Get reports that are classified, grouped, and aged to your definitions. Generate customisable reminders, for overdues

Payment Performance of Debtors - helps you identify troublesome debtors and persistent late
payers, thereby helping you take the right decision.

Ratio Analysis - offers you a bird's eye view of your company, through a single sheet performance analysis, based on a range of key performance ratios.

Generate Quotations, Orders, Invoice, Voucher and Cheque Printing - ensures real-time linking of accounts and inventory besides enabling instantaneous generation of documents, which can either be printed or mailed directly to the recipient.

Budgeting - gives you unlimited budgets and periods. For example, original and revised budgets.

Security Control - enables you to define security levels for access control.

Powerful Audit Capabilities - allows you to track mollified changes, while making genuine corrections with unparalleled ease.

“Scenario” Management - helps you with your business forecasting and planning. You can use optional, reversing journals, and memorandum vouchers, to aid in recording provisional entries that are useful for interim reports. For example, you can use optional vouchers to record provisional sales and compare with actuals. You can also prepare reports that include provisional figures, without affecting actual accounts, by using automatic reversing journals.

Unlimited Cost/Profit Centres with Power Project Oriented Reporting - gives you multi-dimensional analysis and comparatives, with an unlimited classification of analysis criteria.

Interest Calculation - enables you to calculate interest on dues, loans etc., based on certain set criteria or specified dates and time periods. You can also customize the calculation of interest to change after a certain time period, or based on other pre-defined conditions.

tally,peachtree and quickbooks training course in dubai

3. Inventory Features - Tally (9.0)

Multi-Location Stock Control - helps you manage simple single-location, or complex multi-location stocks, with unlimited classification systems for your items, and your own units of measure.

Multiple-Location Warehouse Management - helps you track stock movement; allowing you to
decide which warehouse to ship from depending on stock position.

Flexible Units of Measure - helps you track stock, irrespective of the units of measure. For example, when you buy in tons and sell in kilograms or buy in crates and sell as pieces.

Comprehensive Recording of Stock Movement - lets you comprehensively record all sorts of inventory transactions, using the inventory voucher forms. Vouchers include goods receipt notes, delivery notes, stock journals, manufacturing journals, and physical stock journals. All stock movements are fully recorded and maintained in stock registers.

Varieties of Management Reports- gives you party-wise details of goods bought and sold and helps you identify customer buying patterns, through movement analysis. Stock query is a unique single sheet report that gives you information on stocks at different locations, as well as stock in hand of substitutes.

Stock Ageing - identifies stocks based on age, thus helping you to dispose of old stocks quickly.

Batch-Related Stock Reports - helps you exercise stock control at the level of batches, by generating reports such as 'batch-wise' reports and 'expiry date' based details.

4. Value Added Tax - Tally (9.0)

Key Topics:

  • The mechanics of a VAT system
  • Output and Input VAT; Place and time of supply
  • What is taxable supply(Classification of VAT rates)
  • How is a transaction valued for VAT purposes
  • Documentation and record keeping requirements
  • Essential knowledge on VAT compliance
  • Impact on Industry (Pricing Strategies & Competitive strategies)

Account Payables:

  • What is a VAT invoice
  • What information must the VAT invoice include
  • What is input VAT
  • When and by whom can input VAT be deducted
  • How much VAT can be deducted

Account Receivables:

  • Who is liable to pay VAT & when must VAT be charged
  • Time & Place of supply
  • Nonstandard transactions
  • Sale, return, Export, Bad debts and the relief for bad debts
  • Supplies to employees & other deemed supplies
  • Invoicing procedures & Special circumstances
  • Calculating output VAT for inclusion in the VAT return

Tally Peachtree QuickBooks Combination course > Peachtree

SESSION 1A. Peachtree Installation and Setup.

  • Explanation of Session 1A and Session 1B.
  • Explanation and Walk-Through of the Installation of Peachtree Complete Accounting.
    Installing the Student Data Set.

SESSION 1B. Accounting in General

  • Basic Accounting.
  • The Transaction Process.
  • Launching Peachtree Complete Accounting 2008 Software.
  • Entering General Journal Transactions.
  • Before You Continue.
  • Posting the Transaction.
  • Editing a General Journal Entry.
  • Financial Statements.
  • Generating the Income Statement.
  • Generating the Retained Earnings Statement
  • Generating the Balance Sheet.
  • Generating the Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Identifying Your Work.
  • Labeling Your Disk.
  • Identifying a Folder.
  • Identifying Your Work Directly on a Peachtree Report.
  • Placing Your Name in the Header of the Report.
  • Adding Your Name to the Name of the Company.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem: Joan Robinson, Attorney at Law.

SESSION 2 The Recording Process.

  • The Account.
  • The General Journal
  • Owner's Equity.
  • Revenues and Expenses.
  • The Chart of Accounts.
  • How Account Are Assigned Numbers.
  • Setting Up a New Account
  • The General Ledger.
  • Assets and Liabilities.
  • Account Types.
  • The Trial Balance and the Working Trial Balance.
  • Changing Accounting Periods.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem: Campus Laundromat.

SESSION 3 Adjusting the Accounts

  • Selecting an Accounting time.
  • Fiscal and Calendar Years.
  • Introducing Pioneer Advertising Agency.
  • Basics of Adjusting Entries.
  • Supplies.
  • Prepaid Assets (Insurance and Rent)
  • Depreciation.
  • Unearned Revenue.
  • Accrued Revenues.
  • Accrued Expenses.
  • The Affect of Adjusting Entries.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem: Green Thumb Lawn Care Company.

SESSION 4 Completion of the Accounting Cycle

  • Using a Worksheet.
  • The General Ledger Trial Balance.
  • The Working Trial Balance.
  • Working with the Excel Working Trial Balance.
  • Manually Closing the Books.
  • Auto Closing the Books.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem: Watson Answering Service

SESSION 5 Accounting for Merchandising Operations

  • Merchandising Operations.
  • Perpetual Vs. Periodic Inventory, LIFO, FIFO, Average Cost.
  • Accounts Payable Defaults.
  • Entering Vendor Information.
  • Inventory Defaults.
  • Entering Inventory Information.
  • Accounts Receivable Defaults.
  • Entering Customer Information.
  • Buying Merchandise Inventory with a Purchase Order.
  • Receiving Merchandise Purchased with a Purchase Order.
  • Entering bills from Vendors.
  • Purchasing and Receiving Inventory -Accounts Payable.
  • Purchasing and Receiving Inventory - Cash.
  • Vendor Credit Memos.
  • Selling and Delivering Inventory - Accounts Receivable
  • Selling and Delivering Inventory - Cash.
  • Refunding a Sale on Accounts Receivable.
  • Refunding a Sale on Cash.
  • Entering Inventory Adjustments.
  • Multiple-Step Income Statement.

SESSION 6 - Inventories

  • Advantages of Using the Peachtree Inventory System.
  • Cost Methods.
  • Average Cost.
  • Last In, First Out (LIFO) Inventory.
  • First In, Last Out (FIFO) Inventory.
  • Inventory Reports.
  • Comprehensive Do It! 2 Problem: Gerald D. Englehart Company.

SESSION 7 Accounting Information Systems

  • Basic Concepts of Accounting Information Systems.
  • Manual Vs. Computerized Systems.
  • Subsidiary Ledgers and Peachtree Reports.
  • The Accounts Receivable Ledger.
  • The Accounts Payable Ledger.
  • Special Journals.
  • Sales/Invoice SCREEN.
  • The Receipts Journal.
  • The Purchases/Receive Inventory Journal.
  • The Cash Payments Journal

SESSION 8 - Fraud, Internal Control, and Cash

  • Internal Control.
  • Peachtree Reports that Aid in the Control of Cash.
  • Establishing the Petty Cash Fund.
  • Making Payments from the Petty Cash Fund.
  • Replenishing the Petty Cash Fund.
  • Reconciling the Bank Account.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem: Poorten Company

SESSION 9 - Accounting for Receivables

  • Types of Receivables.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Notes Receivable.
  • Other Receivables.
  • Recognizing Accounts Receivable.
  • Write Off of a Customer Bad Debt.
  • Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts.
  • Aged Receivables Report
  • Recovery of an Uncollectible Account.
  • Credit Card Sales.
  • Set Up Peachtree to Accept Credit Card Receipts.
  • Set Up a Credit Card Vendor for Customer Receipts.
  • Enter Customer Credit Card Receipts.
  • Notes Receivable.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem, Falcetto Company.

SESSION 10 - Plant Assets Natural Resources and Intangible Assets

  • Setting Up a Plant Asset Account
  • Creating the Fixed Asset Account(s)
  • Making the Entry.
  • Recurring Transactions for Monthly Depreciation for the Warehouse.
  • Revising Periodic Depreciation.
  • Retirement of Fixed Assets.
  • Comprehensive Do It! 2 Problem: Skyline Limousine Co.

SESSION 11 - Current Liabilities & Payroll Accounting

  • Current Liabilities.
  • Journal Entries for Current Liabilities.
  • Setting Up Sales taxes.
  • Collecting Sales Taxes.
  • Unearned Revenues.
  • Recording a Contingent Liability.
  • Payroll Overview.
  • Navigation Aids Payroll.
  • Employees Default.
  • Setting Up an Employee.
  • Paying Employees.
  • Voiding Checks.
  • Payroll Reports.
  • Payroll Entries Using the General Journal.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem: Indian Jones Company.

SESSION 12 - Accounting for Partnerships

  • Partnership Form of Organization.
  • Setting Up a Partnership in Peachtree.

SESSION 13 - Corporations: Organization & Capital Stock Transactions

  • The Corporate Form of Organization.
  • Retained Earnings.
  • The New Corporation.
  • Issuing Common Stock for Services or Noncash Assets.
  • Treasury Stock.
  • Preferred Stock.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem: Rolman Corporation.

SESSION 14 - Corporations: Dividends, Retained Earnings & Income Reporting

  • Dividends.
  • Violations of Concepts - Must Read!
  • Peachtree Entries for Cash Dividends.
  • Peachtree Entries for Stock Dividends.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem: Hayslett Corporation

SESSION 15 - Long-term Liabilities

  • Bond Basics.
  • Bonds at Face Value.
  • Bonds at a Discount.
  • Bonds at a Premium.
  • Long-Term Notes Payable.
  • Comprehensive Do It! Problem: Synder Software Inc.

SESSION 16 - Investments

  • Why Corporations Invest.
  • Accounting for Debt Investments

SESSION 17 - The Statement of Cash Flow

  • The Purpose of a Statement of Cash Flows

SESSION 18-26 Using the General Ledger

  • Peachtree Vs. the General Ledger package.
  • General Journal Transactions.
  • Editing a General Journal Entry.
  • Financial Statements
  • Generating the Income Statement.
  • Generating the Statement of Owner's Equity/Retained Earnings.
  • Generating the Balance Sheet.
  • Developing the Statement of Cash Flows

Tally Peachtree QuickBooks Combination course - QuickBooks

Quickbooks combination training course contents are given below!


  • New Company
  • Open Company
  • Open Previous Company
  • Easy Step Interview
  • Close Company
  • Switch to Multi-User Mode
  • Back-Up / Restore
  • Select Import / Export
  • Archive & Condense Data
  • Utilities
  • Accountant's Review
  • Print Forms /Printer Setup
  • Send Forms
  • Shipping
  • Update QuickBooks
  • Exit


  • Undo /Revert
  • Cut
  • Copy /Paste
  • Use Register
  • Use Calculator
  • Simple Find
  • Preferences


  • Open Window List
  • Icon Bar
  • Customize Icon Bar
  • Shortcut List
  • One Window
  • Multiple Window
  • Customize Desktop


  • Chart of Accounts
  • Items List
  • Fixed Assets Item List
  • Price Level List
  • Payroll Item List
  • Customer Job List
  • Vendor Job List
  • Employee List
  • Other names List
  • Customer & Vendor Profile
  • Templates
  • Memorize Transaction List


  1. Company Navigator
  2. Business Service Centre
  3. Company Centre
  4. Company Information
  5. Setup Users...
  6. Change Your Password...
  7. Modify Service Access...
  8. Advanced Service Administration
  9. Planning & Budgeting
  10. To do List /Reminder
  11. Alerts Manager
  12. Chart of Accounts
  13. General Journal Entries...
  14. Write Letter /Print Labels
  15. Synchronize Contracts
  16. Company Web site
  17. Company Services


  • Customer Navigator
  • Customer Centre
  • Customer Detail Centre
  • Go to Customer Manager
  • Create Invoices
  • Enter Sales Receipts
  • Create Estimates
  • Create Credit Memo/
  • Refunds
  • Enter Statement Charges
  • Create Statements
  • Assess Finance Charges
  • Review Payment
  • Accept Credit Card
  • Payment
  • Customer: Job List
  • Item List
  • Charge Item Prices
  • Billing Solutions
  • Check Credit /Customer
  • Services


  • Vendor Navigator
  • Vendor Detail Centre
  • Enter Bills /Pay Bills
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Receive Item & Enter Bills
  • Receive Items
  • Enter Bills for Received
  • Items
  • Inventory Activities
  • Print 1099s/1096
  • Vendor List
  • Item List
  • Purchase Order List
  • Vendor Services


  • Employee Navigator
  • Pay Employee
  • Edit/Void Pay Checks...
  • Process Payroll Liability
  • Process Payroll Forms
  • Run Payroll Checkup
  • Payroll Services
  • Employee Organizer
  • Get Updates
  • Employee List
  • Payroll Item List
  • Employee Services


  • Banking Navigator
  • Write Checks
  • Order Checks
  • Use Register
  • Make Deposits
  • Transfer Funds
  • Record Credit Card Charges
  • Loan Manager
  • Reconcile
  • Make General Journal
  • Entries
  • Set up Online Financial Services
  • Online Banking Center
  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Other Names List
  • Memorized Transaction List
  • Banking Services


  • Report Finder
  • Memorized Reports
  • Process Multiple Reports
  • Company & Financial
  • Customer & Receivables
  • Sales
  • Job, Time & Mileage
  • Vendors & Payables
  • Purchases
  • Inventory
  • Employees & Payroll
  • Banking
  • Accountant & Taxes
  • Budgets
  • List
  • Customer Summary Report
  • Customer Transaction
  • Detail Report
  • Transaction History
  • Transaction Journals
  • update your quickbooks knowledge

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