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Human Resource Management- aPHRi, PHRi, SPHRi, CHRM Certification Training Course

HRM CHRMP course and certification training program helps to develop a thorough understanding of Human Resource (HR) Management. You will learn how to implement best practices in recruitment, and how to develop and adopt effective HR policies and procedures. Earning your HR certification can give you a competitive edge in today’s economy. Take a look at the HR job postings. More and more job listings say HR certification is “required” or “preferred.”

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Course 1: CHRM

Overview of the CHRM Certification Course

Our HRM CHRM Certification Training course offered by Zabeel Institute titled “CHRM” ( Certified Human Resources Management Professional )  ensures better jobs and pay amidst the avid Competition. Besides CHRM Certification, affiliated with the American Institute of Business Management, Zabeel also offers HRCI certification courses.

So the bouquet of HR courses aPHRi, PHRi – SPHRi – CHRM Certification course are conducted by seasoned HR professionals handpicked by Zabeel.  All the students of HRM certification training can be benefited by the comprehensive and unique Learning Management System (LMS). LMS helps the student throughout the journey and ensures the personalized attention of the trainers to all students

If you want hr training in Dubai, Zabeel is the best place for certified human resources professionals, per our student's review.


This program enables HR professionals to have recognition with International HR certifications. Earning the credential demonstrates that you commit to a higher standard for yourself and your organization.  And, If you’re an HR professional, when you become HR and CHRM certification, PHRi – SPHRi, you can,

  • It shows you know the most adapted to current principles and core practices of HR management.
  • Become more marketable when you compete for top HR positions
  • Raise your professional confidence among your staff and your peers

Who needs the CHRM Certification Course/Training,?

  • HR Beginner’s
  • Experienced HR Practitioners
  • Recruiters
  • L & D practitioners

Learning Outcome of CHRM Certification & Course Training

Earning your HRM CHRM certification course can give you a competitive edge in today’s economy. Take a look at the HR job postings. More and more job listings say HR certification is “required” or “preferred.”

When employers hire certified HR professionals, they also hire peace of mind from those staff members.

  • Have mastered the knowledge they need to manage the organization’s human resources
  • Are staying current on changes to HR laws and core practices.

The Certified Human Resources Management Professional (CHRM) progressively imparts the requisite skills and identifies an individual’s attainment and capability in the HR field. Furthermore, the CHRMP title indicates that an individual has accomplished and continues to demonstrate Skills & Knowledge to practice in human resources.

The course also ensures every student demonstrates the core competencies in the HR profession. Consequently, every student shall complete the simple assessment for certification. Given the high demand for qualified  HR professionals in the market, the CHRP qualification further assures employers are sourcing the most qualified HR professionals.

HRM CHRM Certification Course not only equips one with the HR toolkit ensuring the Practical HR aspects, but CHRM courses also build Managerial skills. And these skills include but are not limited to HR Business Partnering and Strategic Human Resource Management.  Hence, our CHRM Certification training makes you an Employer’s choice in this competitive world.

It further develops the Managerial competencies in CHRM by focusing on HR Business Partnering and Strategic Human Resource Management.  Hence, this makes you the preferred candidate by current & future employers.

human resource management hrm,chrmp,phri,sphr
Human Resource Management- HRM

Detailed HRM CHRM Certification Course Content:

Human Resource management-HRM and CHRM-Certified Human Resource Management Professionals will give you a deep idea about

  • Training & Development Techniques & Evaluation
  • Presentation & Delivery Talent Management Program
  • Performance & Change Management
  • Human resource management planning and employment
  • Job, Recruitment, and selection

HR Planning and Employment

  • HR Planning
  • Job Analysis
  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • hr department

Talent and Performance Management

  • Training & Development Techniques & Evaluation
  • Presentation & Delivery Talent Management Program
  • Performance & Change Management

Employee Relations and Involvement

  • Employee /labor relations
  • Grievances
  • Behavior problems
  • Organizational exit
  • Health & Safety & Security
  • U.A.E Labor Laws

Compensation and Benefits

  • Total rewards
  • Wage level decision
  • Appraisal methods
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Global Compensation Issues

Strategic HR Management

  • Corporate Governance
  • Organizational Culture
  • Business Strategy
  • Leadership & Mgmt Theories
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Global HR Management
  • HR Control & Evaluation
  • HR Research and Analytics
  • Organizational Environments

Course 2: aPHRi, PHRi, and SPHRi

Overview of aPHRi, PHRi and SPHRi

aPHRi: The exam is created using the aPHRi exam content outline, which details the knowledge
Needed by those performing early HR career roles. HR subject matter experts created the aPHRi exam content outline through a rigorous practice analysis study. The HRCI Glossary defines many of the terms used in this document. Find it at

PHRi : The Professional in Human Resource International (PHRi) is a globally relevant credential designed to validate professional-level core human resource knowledge and skills. The certificate
demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles. Independent of
geographic region, the certificate complements local HR practices. Through demonstrated knowledge,
the certification enhances the credibility of HR professionals & the organizations they serve.

SPHRi : Senior Professional in Human Resources International (SPHRi) is a globally relevant credential designed to validate management-level core human resource knowledge and skills. The
certification demonstrates mastery of generally accepted HR principles in strategy, policy development, and service delivery. Independent of geographic region, the credential complements local HR practices. Through demonstrated knowledge, the certification enhances the credibility of HR professionals and the organizations they serve.

Learning Outcome

  • Actions are needed to ensure an organization has employees with the right skills in the correct positions and at the right time.
  • Activities that support employees & managers by responding to requests for information and also gathering & storing data in a manner that ensures integrity & accurate retrieval.
  • Processes that support effective talent management and also employee engagement and development.
  • Identify the application of Organizational Behavior to management.
  • Total reward systems that support recruitment, retention, and recognition of employees and also improve organizational results.
  • Policies and practices that ensure workplace safety, legal compliance, and as well as employee satisfaction.
  • And to conclude, the Processes that help the organization access and use human resource technology.
  • Leading the HR function providing strategic HR consultation to senior management, and developing partnerships with all areas of the organization.
  • Contributing to the organization's overall strategy by evaluating organizations considered for mergers and acquisitions, conducting human capital analyses, and understanding global HR issues.
  • People Development: utilizing a set of systematic and planned activities designed by the organization to help people develop the necessary skills to meet current and future organizational needs and objectives. Creating a corporate environment that encourages and retains the employees.
  • Talent Management: Identifying and developing relevant individual and organizational competencies; developing and using a talent management strategy to sustain long-term, effective alignment with corporate systems to achieve human capital objectives; establishing a learning environment in which continuous professional development includes staying current in HR practices.
  • Using effective HR Service Delivery methods to deliver accurate and consistent programs that support sustainable organizational growth.
  • Creating an environment where all employees can find answers to HR questions and using effective communication plans, HR technology, PHRi – SPHRi – CHRM tools.
  • Identifying HR service delivery methods used by a group that may be applicable across the organization; defining and implementing compensation and benefits programs.
  • Managing employee arrivals and departures from the organization as appropriate.
  • Encouraging and supporting the establishment of individual and organizational performance metrics.
  • Also, using the results of these metrics to improve employee performance and increase the organization's value.

Who needs the HRM CHRM Certification Course/Training?

  • HR Beginner’s
  • Experienced HR Practitioners
  • Recruiters
  • L & D practitioners

Detailed Course Content:

aPHRi, PHRi, and SPHRi certification and training courses will help you understand HR operation, recruitment and selection process, employee relations, HR administration, and People Development & Talent Management.

aPHRi Certification Preparation Modules:

  • Module 1: HR Operations (33%)
  • Module 2: Recruitment & Selection (22%)
  • Module 3: Compensation and Benefits (15%)
  • Module 4: Human Resource Development and Retention (10%)
  • Module 5: Employee Relations (15%)
  • Module 6: Health, Safety, and Security (5%)

PHRi Certification Preparation Modules:

  • Module 1: HR Administration (22%)
  • Module 2: Recruitment & Selection (22%)
  • Module 3: Employee Relations & Communication (20%)
  • Module 4: Compensation & Benefits (14%)
  • Module 5: Training & Development (15%)
  • Module 6: Health, Safety & Security (7%)

SPHRi Certification Preparation Modules:

  • Module 1: HR as a Business Leader (32%)
  • Module 2: People Development & Talent Management (29%)
  • Module 3: HR Service Delivery (23%)
  • Module 4: Measurement (16%)

To learn more about CHRM Certification Institute, Click here

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About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 1

Awarding Body: American Institute of Business and Management, USA

AIBM, AIFB and AIPLM are the leading examination and certification bodies founded by leading academicians, professionals and businessmen in United States of America.
AIBM and its subsidiary institutions AIFB and AIPLM offer a range of progressive, flexible and affordable business and management qualifications. The certifications cover the theoretical issues of business and management and offer many practical skills useful to potential employers.

The qualifications impart the skills to make a difference in the workplace, from communication to strategy. The professional certifications are recognized by employers, professional and academic institutions around the world.


For application process, please contact us.

About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 2

Specific Certification Title: 

  • Associate Proffessional in Human Resource International (aPHRi)
  • Proffessional in Human Resource International (PHRi)
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources International (SPHRi)

About Awarding Body:

HRCI (HR Certification Institute) was established in 1976 as an internationally recognized certifying organization for the HR profession. More than 500,000 professionals from over 120 countries have earned certifications from HRCI. Our certifications represent a high level of professional achievement and are valued by employers and organizations across the globe.


HRCI exams are rigorous and primarily experience-based. In order to take an exam, candidates
must meet certain criteria. These eligibility requirements can be found by click here.

Examination Pattern:

HRCI exams contain a variety of questions or item types that require you to use your HR experience to select the best answer. Each exam includes scored questions and pre-test questions randomly distributed throughout the exam. Pre-test questions are not counted in the final results. The length of time given to complete an exam depends on the exam type selected. Please click here for additional information.

multiple choice
These items contain a stem (or premise) and four (4) answer choices
including only one (1) correct answer
Multiple choice,
multiple response
These are like multiple choice items except there are two (2) or more
correct answers. The item will tell you how many correct options there are.
Fill in the blank You will be asked to provide a numeral, word, or phrase to complete the
Drag and drop You will be asked to click on certain pieces of information and drag them
with your cursor to place them in the correct position.
Scenarios Scenario questions present typical HR situations, followed by a series
of exam items based on the scenario. These scenarios require you to
integrate facts from different subject areas.

Exam Dates:

Exam can be taken anytime in the year. Exam dates for all HRCI certifications are available on a first-come, first-served basis at approved testing centers.

HRCI partners with Pearson VUE to deliver certification exams. Pearson VUE will notify you of any changes to test site availability due to bad weather, technical issues or other unscheduled events.
If there is severe weather, a local emergency or a national emergency near the testing center, click here for updates on closures and delays, or contact your Regional Contact Center for international test site information.

Membership Fee:

Affiliate membership is $75 including application fee.

Exam fee:

*aPHRi $100 $300 $400
*PHRi $100 $395 $495
*SPHRi $100 $495 $595

*Special pricing available for certain parts of the world as indicated in the Global Allowance Pricing (GAP) list for developing countries.

About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 3

KHDA Certificate :

Course completion certificate attested by KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority, UAE)

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai. We support schools, universities, parents, students, educators, investors, and government partners to create a high-quality education sector focused on happiness and well-being.


For the application process, please contact us.

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