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Google Cloud Professional Security Engineer Course in Dubai

Overview of the Google Cloud Professional Security Engineer course

A Specialist Cloud Safety and security Designer enables companies to design and execute secure facilities on Google Cloud System. Through an understanding of safety ideal methods as well as sector safety requirements, these specific styles, establishes, and also handles safe and secure facilities leveraging Google safety innovations.

The Cloud Protection Specialist need to be proficient in all facets of Cloud Security consisting of handling identity and accessibility management, specifying business framework and also policies, making use of Google modern technologies to offer data security, configuring network safety and security defenses, accumulating and also evaluating Google Cloud Platform logs, handling incident actions, as well as an understanding of governing worries.

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The Expert Cloud Safety and security Engineer test / Cloud Security Engineer course assesses your capability to:

  • Configure accessibility within a cloud remedy environment
  • Configure network safety and security
  • Make sure data security
  • Handle procedures within a cloud remedy environment
  • Make certain compliance

Google Cloud Professional Security Engineer

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Google Cloud Professional Security Engineer Course content

1. Configuring access within a cloud solution environment

1.1 Setting Up Cloud Identity. Factors to consider consist of:

  • Taking Care Of Cloud Identification
  • Configuring Google Cloud Directory Sync
  • Monitoring of super manager account

1.2 Managing individual accounts. Factors to consider include:

  • Designing identity duties at the task as well as company degree
  • Automation of customer lifecycle management process
  • API usage

1.3 Taking care of solution accounts. Considerations consist of:

  • Bookkeeping solution accounts and secrets
  • Automating the rotation of user-managed solution account keys
  • Recognition of situations needing service accounts
  • Developing, accrediting, and protecting service accounts
  • Securely took care of API access monitoring

1.4 Managing authentication. Factors to consider consist of:

  • Developing a password plan for customer accounts
  • Developing Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).
  • Setting up as well as imposing two-factor authentication.

1.5 Taking care of and implementing consent controls. Factors to consider include:

  • Utilizing source pecking order for access control
  • Privileged duties as well as separation of obligations.
  • Taking care of IAM approvals with fundamental, predefined, as well as custom-made functions.
  • Granting permissions to various types of identifications.
  • Understanding difference between Google Cloud Storage Space IAM as well as ACLs.

1.6 Defining resource power structure. Considerations consist of:

  • Creating as well as taking care of companies.
  • Resource frameworks (orgs, folders, and tasks).
  • Specifying and also managing company restrictions.
  • Making use of source hierarchy for accessibility control as well as permissions inheritance.
  • Trust as well as protection borders within Google Cloud tasks.

2. Configuring network security.

2.1 Designing network security. Factors to consider include:.

  • Protection residential or commercial properties of a VPC network, VPC peering, shared VPC, and firewall software rules.
  • Network isolation and also data encapsulation for N rate application layout.
  • Use DNSSEC.
  • Private vs. public addressing.
  • App-to-app security plan.

2.2 Configuring network division. Considerations consist of:

  • Network border controls (firewall software regulations; IAP).
  • Load harmonizing (international, network, HTTP( S), SSL proxy, and TCP proxy load balancers).

2.3 Establish private connectivity. Considerations include:

  • Private RFC1918 connection between VPC networks as well as Google Cloud tasks (Shared VPC, VPC peering).
  • Private RFC1918 connectivity in between information centers and also VPC network (IPSEC as well as Cloud Interconnect).
  • Enable personal connection between VPC and also Google APIs (exclusive gain access to).

3. Guaranteeing data protection.

3.1 Stopping information loss with the DLP API. Factors to consider consist of:.

  • Recognition as well as redaction of PII.
  • Setting up tokenization.
  • Configure style maintaining substitution.
  • Restricting accessibility to DLP datasets.

3.2 Managing encryption at rest. Considerations consist of:

  • Recognizing usage cases for default file encryption, customer-managed file encryption keys (CMEK), as well as customer-supplied encryption keys (CSEK).
  • Producing as well as managing encryption keys for CMEK and CSEK.
  • Managing application secrets.
  • Item lifecycle plans for Cloud Storage space.
  • Enclave computer.
  • Envelope security.

4. Handling operations within a cloud service environment.

4.1 Structure as well as releasing infrastructure. Considerations consist of:

  • Back-up and also information loss strategy.
  • Creating as well as automating an event response plan.
  • Log sinks, audit logs, and also information accessibility logs for near-real-time tracking.
  • Standby designs.
  • Automate safety and security scanning for Usual Susceptabilities and Direct Exposures (CVEs) with a CI/CD pipeline.
  • Digital equipment photo creation, solidifying, and upkeep.
  • Container photo development, hardening, maintenance, and also spot administration.

4.2 Building as well as releasing applications. Considerations consist of:

  • Application logs near-real-time monitoring.
  • Static code analysis.
  • Automate safety scanning via a CI/CD pipe.

4.3 Monitoring for safety and security occasions. Considerations consist of:

  • Logging, tracking, screening, as well as notifying for safety and security events
  • Exporting logs to exterior security systems.
  • Automated and also manual analysis of accessibility logs.
  • Understanding capabilities of Forseti.

5. Making certain compliance.

5.1 Comprehension of regulative worries. Considerations include:

  • Examination of problems relative to calculate, data, and network.
  • Safety and security shared obligation version.
  • Safety and security warranties within cloud implementation environments.
  • Limiting compute and also information for regulative conformity.

5.2 Understanding of calculate environment problems. Factors to consider consist of:

  • Safety and security guarantees and also restrictions for each and every calculate setting (Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Application Engine).
  • Determining which compute setting is appropriate based on firm conformity standards.

About this certification exam

  • Length: 2 hrs.
  • Enrollment fee: $200 (plus tax where suitable).
  • Language: English.
  • Exam format: Several option as well as several choose.
  • Test delivery method:.
  • Take the online-proctored exam from a remote area, evaluate the on the internet screening demands.
  • Take the onsite-proctored exam at a screening facility,.
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Suggested experience: 3+ years of sector experience including 1+ years developing and taking care of remedies using GCP.


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