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Liquidity and Solvency are the two factors which govern the longevity of any business, whichever part of the world you are. A strong balance sheet but without adequate liquidity over a prolonged period and you could see your business move from one crisis to the next, it will forever be a fire fighting operation. This is where Zabeel International Management Consultants can help you. We look at your Business plan, map out your short term and long term requirements and approach banks and other financial firms to secure those short-term and long-term cash flow resource gaps. For this, it is imperative that you have a strong accounts / finance team, yearly Audited financials and a well prepared Strategic plan and Budgeting process, which we can set up / structure for you.

We also provide the following backoffice support:

  • Book keeping
  • Accounting
  • Financial statements and arranging of Audit through our Audit partners
  • A/R and A/P management support
  • VAT advisory / consulting, filing of returns.

What do you gain?


  • Hassle free handling of back office function by a professional team
  • Outsource Book keeping and Accounting means that you can focus on activities that matter the most: securing the Top line (Revenues)
  • No investment in visa costs, insurance or other EOS costs such as gratuity, vacation pay etc.
  • Entire back office outsourcing to us means you save 50 to 60% costs than having your own team


In short, Zabeel will provide quality services at minimal cost. Interested, do write to us or get in touch with us at the earliest.

our team:

Baiju Narayanan, CMA…

Finance / Banking Consultancy

Looking for setting up a bank account? Or having set up the Company but looking for traction, that is, growth? Looking for banking facilities but not been able to break through?

We will look at your existing business profiles, connect with banks and structure the best possible arrangement for you.:

  • Opening a Corporate Bank account (refer below)
  • Look at Funded facilities
  • Non-funded facilities such as L/C’s, Guarantees, Trust receipts.
  • Factoring, depending on your Debtor / Ageing profile.
  • Cash flow projections, thereby identifying “gaps” in the business Identifying potential Liquidity / Solvency issues before they hit you and suggesting remedial measures.

For this purpose, we do:

  • Strategic plans (3 to 5 to 10 year projections) to be presented to the bank;
  • Business plan(s) for the short term;
  • Not done audits? We will help you with this.
  • And all other documentation to make it “Bank ready” prior to approach the bank and even after, depending on the bank’s due diligence process.

Back to opening of bank accounts: We assist in setting up Corporate bank accounts, both setup in the mainland and in the Free Zones. The due diligence process followed by the banks is different: For the free zones, the process is more stringent, especially when it is totally a new set up, the Central Bank guidelines have to be adhered to. This is where we come in: We talk to various banks mapped based on your requirements and co-ordinate the process for you.

Depending on the type of license, company profile and nationality, it may take between one to four weeks to set up a Corporate bank account and we will be with you throughout the process. Although this will be basically be guided by the Bank’s internal policy and the rules laid down by the Central Bank of the UAE,we will assist you to get over this process.

Setting up a Corporate bank account will require the following documentation:

  • Company Trade License;
  • Share certificate in case of a free zone company;
  • Memorandum / Articles of Association
  • Office Lease agreement
  • Passport copy, Emirates ID and Residence visa of the Shareholder and Manager (if different from the Shareholder)
  • Proof of source of funds
  • Business plan (if requested)

Further, we can assist your staff / employees / associates to set up individual (salary) accounts (personal accounts). This should take about one to two weeks,depending on the nationality.

In short, come to us if you need to save time as we are well aware of the documentation requirements.

In addition, we undertake:

  • Project feasibility studies: Planning to set up a new hospitality venture? Come to us and we will provide you with a detailed feasibility report
  • Company formation
  • Setting up of SOP’s / policies and procedures
  • Process review
  • Internal controls
  • Back office support: Accounting & bookkeeping outsourcing
  • VAT  Registration, filing of returns and payment.

Do look at our other info tabs for more.

The team? Here is the profile of our management consultancy head:
Baiju Narayanan, ……

Accounts & Bookkeeping

Zabeel now opens the door for a professional, hassle free, outsourcing of your accounting backoffice. Whether you are planning to set up a new entity in UAE and are looking for a team to set up and manage the accounting function for you from scratch or are an existing business setup who needs to downsize its accounts team or outsource it fully, our team will do this seamlessly, thereby enabling you to focus on your core strength: Building your business.

For new Companies, We help:

  • Review your accounting needs and zero down on the most effective accounting system that is required to be deployed for a business of your size;
  • Takes into consideration possible scale up that may be needed in future;
  • Set up your entire accounting package, right from the Chart of Accounts to start your back office functions;
  • Help you set up your bank account with a banking partner best suited to your needs (Refer Finance / Banking for further details);
  • Advise you on when to complete / do your VAT registration process as per FTA requirements;
  • Do the VAT registration process and filing of VAT returns;
  • Do the entire book keeping for you;
  • Prepare Business plans (Strategic) as well as Budgets as per your plans;
  • Compile an MIS suited to your reporting needs;
  • Finalise the financial statements: Your B/S, Income statement, Equity statement and Cash flow statement;
  • Handle audit through our professional panel of auditors.

All this done with an amazing value for money package with the highest degree of professional competence.

There will be a selected team who will service your requirements. This, again reiterating, will:


  • Reduce your investment in employees / associates. By having a completely outsourced desk, you save on visa costs, emirates id expenses, medical insurance and other incidental costs;
  • The selected team will be constantly trained on the current accounting practices and other industry requirements, utilizing our in-house training division, which means zero training costs for you;
  • As stated above, no need to look for another VAT consultant we will do that in house for you as part of the package;
  • Data security: If required, we can even provide an IT consultant who can look into your data needs and provide solutions (such as having your own data server) and can also implement / do the needful.


All in all, a hassle free, theoretically 24/7 solution to your accounting, book keeping and auditing needs, thereby enabling you to grow your business and leave the back office worries to us.

Our team:

Baiju Narayanan, Member of CMA (IMA, USA). His profile in brief:
Mark Demonteverde, IT consultant. His profile in brief:


UAE is now part of the VAT implementing countries, the others being Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Bahrain. UAE and Saudi Arabia implement VAT from 01 st January 2018 and Bahrain joined in later, from 01 st January 2019.

So what changed for businesses?

  • Ensuring that all requirements of the Federal law relating to VAT are complied with;
  • Increase in back office costs;
  • Streamlining of record keeping;
  • More importantly, having a VAT consultant or advisor or inhouse associate who understands the law, without risks of any penalties due to non- adherence.

This is where Zabeel management consultants come in. We look at every aspect of your business, right from Invoicing to delivery to collections and ensure that not only are you are in compliance with the VAT law, but also all aspects, starting from documentation to filing of returns and payment of VAT are taken care of, thereby freeing up your time to focus on things that you can do better.

With the implementation of VAT in UAE, there are many aspects that need to be clearly understood from a business stand point:

  • When do you register for VAT?
  • What is a standard rated supply?
  • Which is an exempt supply?
  • Which is a zero-rated supply?
  • Industry specific implementation of VAT. For example, you own both a commercial property and residential property or a property part of which is for
  • commercial use and another for non-commercial (residential) use then how will you implement the VAT process?
  • How each of the above is different from the other? What happens if your business has a combination of supply, for example, you supply both
  • standard rated goods or services and also goods / services which are exempt?
  • What happens if your business is in one of the designated free zones How do you treat your supply of goods and services or import or export that is different from the mainland?
  • What if you are in a free zone, but in a non-designated one? How will this be different from a designated free zone?
  • At what point do you pay VAT?
  • What happens if you are importing from a VAT implementing state such as KSA and Bahrain?
  • How is the treatment when you export to a registered VAT customer in a VAT implementing state? What if he / she is not registered for VAT in the implementing state?
  • What is the concept of Time of Supply?
  • What is the concept of Place of Supply?
  • What software / ERP should you use?
  • What information do you need to file VAT returns?
  • How do you pay for VAT? What are the modes of payment available to you?
  • What are the administrative penalties for non-compliance of the VAT law?

Worried after reading the above? Don’t be. We at Zabeel know the answers to all of the above questions and more. Leave it to us and take care of the topline and bottomline!!

Not only VAT, In addition, we undertake:

  • Project feasibility studies: Planning to set up a new hospitality venture? Come to us and we will provide you with a detailed feasibility report
  • Setting up of SOP’s / policies and procedures
  • Process review
  • Internal controls
  • Back office support: Accounting & bookkeeping outsourcing






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