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Excellent Business Communicator Course

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Overview of the Excellent Business Communicator Course

Being a confident, the polished speaker must be well-advised to communicate such matters effectively and persuasively. In this course, you’ll develop your presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control, and poise and without fear. Would you like a quick and easy method for composing documents, letters, memos, reports, proposals, and performance appraisals in an organized format? Professionals who can write clearly and correctly are far more valuable to an organization than those whose business writing is filled with errors.

An excellent Business Communicator is the process of communicating and sharing ideas, proposals, information, reports, and performance between people within or outside the company.

excellent business communicator course in dubai
Excellent Business Communicator

Learning Outcome:

  • To instill learners with confidence in holding an in-depth conversation.
  • To analyze the process of delivering effective presentations.
  • To upskill learners in their business writing abilities, including emails, text messages, and reports.
  • To evaluate the differences when using language in informal and formal business settings.
  • International Experts for Business Communication Training
  • Business communication certification

Who needs the Business Communication course?

The excellent Executive English course is designed to prepare students to use English in a present or future situation. Students will develop English skills with a focus on business contexts and environments and learn vocabulary used regularly in the business world.

As a purpose-specific tool, learners will increase their business-oriented English vocabulary and develop the skills needed for typical business communication, such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, small talk, socializing, correspondence, report writing, and a systematic approach.

Those who need international business communication certification

Detailed  Content of Excellent Business Communication course

The business communication Training content and topics are given below


  • Speak and Think with Greater Clarity and Purpose, Focusing on Key Ideas
  • Face an Audience or Camera with Confidence & Control, and Make the Most of Your Own Natural Speaking Style
  • Shape and Organize Your Public Speaking and Presentations to Persuade Listeners and Get the Response and Results You Want
  • Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking By Managing Negative Stress
  • Make Your Performance Skills, Sense of Humor, and Personality Work Together So You project Confidence and Authenticity
  • Deliver Both Impromptu and Prepared Speeches That Achieve Their Intended Goals


  • Write Grammatically Correct Business Documents
  • Produce Clear and Concise Sentences
  • Edit for Agreement Between Parts of Speech Within a Sentence
  • Employ Simple, Memorable Tips for Proper Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation
  • Proofread Business Documents for Grammatical Correctness
  • Apply Rules of Standard English to Critique Your Own Writing
  • Select the Appropriate Grammar to Suit the Business Situation
  • Identify Excellent Print and Electronic Grammar Resources
  • Confidently Deliver Your Presentations with Clarity and Conviction
  • Apply the Elements Essential to Develop, Organize & Deliver Effective Presentations
  • Utilize Best Practices to Maximize Your Presentation Strengths and Minimize Your Weaknesses
  • Use Relaxation Techniques to Overcome Nervousness
  • Quickly Organize Your Thoughts & Generate Content
  • Bring a Current Project and Get One on One Feedback from the Course Leader
  • Eliminate Numerous Time Consuming Revisions
  • Streamline Content and Communicate What Your Readers Need to Know
  • Write with Greater Clarity


  • Quickly Organize Your Thoughts & Generate Content
  • Bring a Current Project and Get One-on-One Feedback from the Course Leader
  • Eliminate Numerous Time-Consuming Revisions
  • Streamline Content & Communicate What Your
  • Readers Need to Know
  • Write with Greater Clarity
  • The Principles That Ensure Effective Business Writing
  • The Need for Planning and Establishing Purpose
  • How to Meet the Reader's Needs & Expectations
  • How to Use Techniques for Overcoming Writer's Block

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About Certification and Awarding Body

Certification Title: Excellent Business Communicator

About Awarding Body:

The awarding body for Excellent Business Communicator is. (American Institute of Purchasing and Logistics Management) a subsidiary body of AIBM (American Institute of Business and Management) is one of the leading examination and certification bodies founded by leading academicians, professionals and businessmen in United States of America.

Eligibility Requirements:

There are no entry requirements for the qualifications but this course is targeted to the individuals who aspire to improve their English communication. Our course will give them confidence to grow in the profession and become successful in their career.

Exam Date:

The exam window is during end of the completion of every batch and is conducted within Zabeel exam centers.

Exam Fee: AED 1350

Exam Registration:

The registration for Execellent Business Communicator examinations and registration are carried away at Zabeel facility with end to end support and coordination by our friendly staffs for hassle free transition.

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