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Best Procurement Qualifications in the Middle East

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Are you looking for a career path? Well, the best Procurement qualifications can offer you the most glorious career in  the Middle East. In contrast, if you are looking for upgrading your career in purchasing chain or supply management chain, top procurement certification can be the key in 2020.

A quick look into this article can provide you footsteps to a rewarding job or an increment in your existing job. 

Why Opt for a Global Procurement Certification?

There are top 5 procurement qualification that opens up the door of reputed international jobs for you, especially in the Middle East. Therefore, here are the reasons you should definitely opt for one of the best procurement certifications.

  • As per the Salary Survey, a professional procurement qualification offers a reputed job that renders 5 to 8 figure salary.
  • Moreover, it is an excellent option to start your career as well as upgrade yourself to the current industry standards and demands.
  • The top procurement certifications help you to understand and build key processes in procurement. In addition, it helps build your professional knowledge and competence.
  • Having a procurement certification improves your chances of selection over other candidates. Moreover, such top procurement qualifications also improve your chances of increment. In addition, it may result in a better payout in the first six months of the job.

A look into some of the best procurement certifications, 2020

The top three procurement certifications that can help you secure the best job positions around 150 countries. 

  • CIPP: CIPP (Certified International Procurement Professional) is a 12-month certification course. Moreover, this course focuses on strategic procurement topics at advanced & expert levels. In addition, this includes the knowledge professionals may require in negotiations and legal aspects in procurement among others.
  • CPSM: CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management) focuses on basics, advanced execution, and leadership. CPSM is a leading course for professionals, experienced, and familiar with procurement principles.
  • CIPS: CIPS is the best industry-level qualification that certifies an advanced skill set in procurement qualifications and supply. Moreover, this 6-level course provides the opportunity to beginners at entry-level as well as enhances the skills of professionals working in the industry. 

To know more about our CIPS (Chartered Institute Of Procurement & Supply Authorized) training course, click here.

CIPS Qualification in the Middle East

If you are looking for a CIPS qualifications in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, you are reading the right article. Zabeel Institute has designed the training for the best procurement qualifications.

Zabeel Institute is one of the renowned and authorized coaching and exam centre for CIPS. Additionally, we have above 35 years of experience in training Professional Executives.

Moreover, Zabeel Institute is home to a pool of dedicated industry experts. We prepare the applicant to become a successful Leader for Quality Education and Learning Centre for CIPS across UAE.

Hence, no matter if you are starting your career from scratch or seeking an increment, the top procurement qualification can help you reach great heights.

Are you ready to explore the new world of Procurement and Supply? In addition, Let us know which procurement qualification you would love to attain.

To know more, click here:

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