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Certified in Planning & Inventory Management Training in UAE

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Are you looking for a Certification in Supply Chain Management in UAE? A well-managed supply chain enhances the competitiveness of an organization. Certification in the supply chain can help you to understand the techniques and tools required to ensure agility and sustainability in operations. Why Is Supply Chain Management Important? Modern Supply chains help improve living standards by enabling consumers to buy essential products at lower costs. This is because an effective supply chain streamlines the process of getting products to market and ultimately to consumers. We are providing these Supply chain certificates
  • APICS CPIM: The APICS Certified in CPIM program is recognized worldwide as the standard in production and inventory control, a critical function within an organization for reducing costs and achieving a competitive edge.
  • CSCP: certification is a highly evaluated certification for any professional employed in the Supply Chain Management industry. The need for companies to remain relevant in the market amidst the highly competitive conditions is a crucial driver for the growing demand for Supply Chain Management.
  • CLTD: It is designed in a way that helps professionals committed to logistics, transportation, and distribution activities to obtain the body of knowledge and keep up with industry best practices.
  • CIPSCIPS is the best industry-level qualification that certifies an advanced skill set in procurement qualifications and supply. Moreover, this 6-level course provides the opportunity to beginners at entry-level as well as enhances the skills of professionals working in the industry. 
  • CPSM: CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management) focuses on basics, advanced execution, and leadership. CPSM is a leading course for professionals, experienced, and familiar with procurement principles.
  • CIPP: CIPP (Certified International Procurement Professional) is a 12-month certification course. Moreover, this course focuses on strategic procurement topics at advanced & expert levels. In addition, this includes the knowledge professionals may require in negotiations and legal aspects in procurement among others.
  • CPP/CPPM: CPP/CPPM is one of the leading certifications for procurement professionals worldwide. This Certification indicates a high level of professionalism, increasing one’s value in the marketplace. And it signifies your dedication to continuous improvement.
  • CLSCMP: Logistics and supply chain management and logistics international Certification CLSCMP Course is one of the most demanded certification courses in UAE. CLSCMP course provides basic and advanced skills about cargo, logistics and supply chain, purchasing, procurement, inventory, material, Transportation, shipping, import and export, letter of credit (LC) documentation, ISM, APICS, etc.,
Enroll in the Supply Chain courses from Zabeel Institute and learn how to design value in the supply chain, increase corporate profits, and become an industry leader.

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