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Business / Advanced Conversation – LA 004

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About The Importance of Advanced Business Communication Skills

Virtually everyone communicates at work. No matter what the field, and how much you know about your job, specialized knowledge alone isn’t enough to guarantee success, communication skills especially Advanced English communication skills are vital., Enroll for Advanced English Communication course with Zabeel Institute as we recognize the importance of Learning Advanced English Conversation is critical for you to develop and nurture relations between with your colleagues, customers across companies all over the world. How to Learn English is no longer a challenge with Zabeel’s customized and practical approach that helped learn English speaking with ease to the Thousands of happy Students past Three Decades. Our Business English classes for Advanced Users are carefully designed to drastically improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. This Course has been programmed for both Middle east and other International Audience.

Our Advanced English Course Methodology

Most participants start Zabeel’s Advanced English course with an existing spoken English Skills. However, they invariably struggle with the difficulty of using their English Language skills in a practical way. The main objective of our Advanced English communication course is to guide participants from KNOWLEDGE to USAGE. The focus of our trainer’s work is to make participants use English Language skills in particular situations related to their everyday work and life. This is done in four steps, progressing from easier to more complex language skills:


Step 1: Review & Learn (Vocabulary & phrases, idioms used by native speakers)

2: Practice (Actively using vocabulary, phrases and idioms with high fluency and accuracy)

3: Apply (The language content of the course to realistic professional situations)

4: Develop (The skills of self-correction, problem solving and self-confidence while using the Language)


Who Needs Advanced English Course

If you are in business, the course will greatly improve your ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business situations. If you are a student of business, the course will develop the communication skills you need to succeed in business and will enlarge your knowledge of the
business world. Everybody studying this course will become more fluent and confident in using the language of business and should increase their career prospects.

Advanced English Course Outcome

It combines a communicative approach with authentic business material & digital multi-media, to give professional students relevant & immediate communication skills. The course teaches a variety of general business vocabulary using authentic & up-to-date texts and engaging & motivating activities.

Apart from our  Business English course you can improve learn English speaking writing listening and reading skills through IELTS


Advanced English Course Content

Advanced English Course Business English course learn English speaking

Advanced English Course Business English course learn English speaking

Starting Up:  You are offered a variety of interesting activities in which you discuss the topic of the unit and exchange ideas about it.

Vocabulary: You will learn important new words & phrases which you can use when you carry out the tasks in the unit.

Discussion: You will build up your confidence in using English and will improve your fluency through interesting discussion activities.

Reading: You will read authentic articles on a variety of topics from the Financial Times and other newspapers and books on business. You will develop your reading skills & learn essential business vocabulary. You will also be able to discuss the ideas and issues in the articles.

Listening: You will hear authentic interviews with business people. You will develop listening skills such as listening for information and note-taking.

Language Review: This section focuses on common problem areas at upper intermediate level. You will become more accurate in your use of language. Each unit contains a language review box which provides a review of key grammar items.

Skills: You will develop essential business communication skills such as making Presentations, taking part in meetings, negotiating, telephoning, and using English in social situations

Case Study: The case studies are linked to the business topics of each unit. They are based on realistic business problems or situations and allow you to use the language and communication skills you have developed while working through the unit.

Advanced English Course Business English course learn English speaking

Advanced English Course Business English course learn English speaking

Achieve Business Result through Advanced English Course

Our Advanced English Course combines a communicative approach with authentic business material and digital multi-media. Gives you professional students both Advanced Communication and immediate communication skills. The Advanced English course teaches a variety of general business vocabulary using authentic and up-to-date texts.  Students then re-use and recycle these key items of vocabulary throughout the unit and the course.

Business Result or Business English training also provides skills and strategies for different business scenarios.  These include talking to suppliers, entertaining customers, or updating colleagues. Business English course also helps students to communicate confidently in everyday situations. They focus on key expressions, and then build up to a final task. Here they put the new language into practice. Language and skills practice is available through activities in the Student’s Book.  Exercises are based  on the interactive Workbook, and practice files on the Teacher’s and Student’s Websites.

Advanced English Course Material

Zabeel’s course is the unique program that provides language training for the real world by using real-life scenarios.  Whether you want to learn English for travel, to conduct business, to study abroad or simply for personal enrichment, you’ll find that Zabeel gives you the language skills you need to handle almost any situation.




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