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Professional Cloud Developer Certification

Overview of the course:

The Professional Cloud Developer certification thoroughly understands the technology platforms and cloud-computing providers. Application developers benefit further from having a thorough understanding, and working-level knowledge, of vendor-neutral application design principles, ensuring that applications provide the most value throughout the application life cycle. Join the Professional Cloud Developer certification provided by Zabeel Institute to gain expertise in Cloud technologies and to, understand how to use the various platforms, and to get in-depth knowledge about cloud computing service providers. We are one of the Top ranking training institutes in Dubai. 

Professional Cloud Developer course

Professional Cloud Developer


Learning Outcome of Professional Cloud Developer course:

  • Understand Cloud Architecture Patterns, caching, restful services and session management, and security and compliance fundamentals in the cloud.
  • Apply and analyze knowledge about database integrations, messaging in a cloud environment, and scalable coding.
  • Understand development monetization techniques and license models.
  • Apply knowledge about the semantic web and ontologies.
  • Understand development and deployment in IaaS.
  • Understand tenant-aware application development, interoperable cloud code, and application architecture models in PaaS.
  • Understand Software development in SaaS, Development of APIs and Mashups together with an understanding of cloud service catalogs and application marketplaces.

Zabeel Institute is considered as the best training institute in Dubai for the Professional Cloud Developer Certification course.

Who needs this Professional Cloud Developer training certification?

  • Application Developers
  • Cloud Architects

Detailed Professional Cloud Developer Training Course Content:

  • Module 1: Certification Program Introduction
  • Module 2: Cloud Architecture Patterns
  • Module 3: Service Modularity, Encapsulation, and Orchestration
  • Module 4: Development Monetization Techniques
  • Module 5: Cloud Security and Compliance Fundamentals
  • Module 6: Metadata and Semantic
  • Module 7: Deployment and Testing in the Cloud
  • Module 8: Scalable Coding
  • Module 9: IaaS: Deployment Automation and Elastic Sizing of Environments
  • Module 10: PaaS: Tenant-Aware Application Development
  • Module 11: PaaS: Application Architecture Models
  • Module 12: PaaS: Interoperable Cloud Code
  • Module 13: SaaS: Cloud Service Catalogs and Application Marketplaces
  • Module 14: SaaS: Mashups and Open APIS
  • Module 15: Exam Preparation Guide

We are a fully accredited Institute by KHDA and endorsed by students as the best Professional Cloud Developer Certification training institute in Dubai.

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