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Presentation Skills Training Course

We all want to give interesting, effective and memorable presentations. Your main objective as a presenter is to deliver a message. Your presentation is your pitch.

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Overview of the course:

We all want to give interesting, effective, and memorable presentations. Your main objective as a presenter is to deliver a message. Your presentation is your pitch. To deliver that pitch perfectly, you need to borrow from a variety of fields; psychology, art & design, IT, politics, and of course your own domain which is the subject of the presentation.

To deliver a great presentation, you must use all of these domains, which means you must master the following:

  • Understand the psychology of your audience and prepare your message accordingly to appeal to their emotions and get maximum results.
  • Create a “wow” factor by using the latest IT tools and technology to put your ideas together and organize your content.
  • Appeal to the artistic side of your audience and design your presentation to look professional.
  • Deliver with confidence to show that you understand your own content and appear convincing.
  • Leave a long-lasting positive effect on your audience so that they would never forget your message.
Presentation Skills Training Course
Presentation Skills Training Course

This Presentation Skills training course covers all of the above areas by using a variety of interactive and practical exercises that prepare the delegates for their ultimate presentation.

This course explores the latest methodologies used in delivering presentations. In our experience, there are two types of delegates:

Inexperienced or new.This course teaches the delegates how to gather their content, how to make their slides (if any is needed), how to deliver and how to make their message stand out from others.

With experience. Experienced presenters suffer from bad habits accumulated over time and also lack of knowledge of new tools and techniques since they picked up the knowledge years ago. This course helps these delegates to master the skill through many hands on exercises so they can leverage their current experience to polish their presentations and deliver as good as they are capable off.

The course focuses on the latest practices in presentation skills especially in business and academic environments. Much has changed in recent years and the ever-increasing range of presentation tools and their respective feature-set have allowed many presenters to fall to the trap of feature overuse. To address these issues, the course covers a set of best design practices so delegates know what to avoid during the preparation and delivery of their presentations.

It is established that the best way to learn is by example. Many visual examples of good and bad content are provided which help the delegates to quickly understand what works and what doesn't.

Learning Outcome:

Identify the fundamental parameters of a good presentation & Engage your audience and get their fullest attention.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the fundamental parameters of a good presentation
  • Engage your audience and get their fullest attention
  • Prepare your story, understand what you want to show and record it
  • Design high-impact slides that deliver your message efficiently
  • Deliver your presentation with confidence and leave a positive and memorable experience for the audience
  • Control your environment to have the highest impact

Who needs the course?

Anyone who desires to enhance one's management skills and All personnel - Managers, Sales Professionals, Marketing staff, etc., - who, as part of their job, need to deliver lively and effective presentations to others.

Program Content:

Presenting is all about having an impact. You want everyone to understand your message and get it to
stick. This course addresses these concepts using the latest trends in presentation design and delivery.

After all, a presenter wants to make a viral message so that everyone will end up talking about. As a trainer, you can use the same techniques to make sure your delegates will learn the core message.

The best way to learn is usually by example. This course uses many examples to teach the delegates what's good and what's bad, and more importantly it tells them why. When we are confronted with a blank sheet, which a presentation is really like one, we have an infinite number of choices. This is probably why it is easier to make a bad presentation than a good one. With all the choices, tools, resources and data available these days, it is natural for delegates to cram all the information into the slides and hope for the best.

This course teaches them how not to overwhelm their audience. The slides used in the training course also try to set an example (where possible) so that the delegates can see for themselves how this will all play out in the real world. They will learn to appreciate different types of audience and learn how to respond to them accordingly.

There are also many practical activities helping the delegates to try it out themselves. If the delegates have access to computers during the course, they can use the instructions and example exercises provided to try it out themselves. On the other hand, if delegates don't have access to computers, there are other types of exercise included to help them understand the concept in another way.

The aim is to get the delegate to practice and make mistakes in a controlled environment, so they can see where they need to improve themselves.

Many issues such as fear of public speaking, anxiety, body language, tone of voice, and even attitude are explored and issues are addressed using a number of targeted mini-exercises.

In short, the course is designed to raise the standards of delegates' presentation skills quickly, efficiently and maximally so that when they deliver the next time, their audience will be in awe!

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  • Structure
  • Delivery
  • Environment

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