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Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Course in Dubai

Overview of Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Course

Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Course, Modern Desktop Administrators release, set up, protects, take care of, and display gadgets and customer applications in an enterprise setting. Zabeel Institute is considered the best training institute in Dubai for Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop courses.

Job role: Administrator

Required exams: MD-100, MD-101

Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Course Certification details

Exam MD-100: Windows 10 and Exam MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops

Languages: English

This examination determines your capacity to complete the adhering to technological tasks: deploy Windows; take care of gadgets and also information; configure storage and also connectivity; and preserve Windows.

Candidates for this test are Administrators who deploy, configure, protected, take care of, as well as screen devices as well as client applications in a business environment. Candidates manage identity, gain access to, policies, updates, and applications.

As an Administrator, candidates typically work together with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator to create and also apply a device method that fulfills the business needs of a modern company.

Prospects need to know with Microsoft 365 work and have to excel and also experienced in deploying, configuring, as well as preserving Windows 10 and non-Windows gadgets as well as innovations.

Part of the requirements for: Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

Skills measured

  • Deploy Windows
  • Handle gadgets and information
  • Configure storage and also connectivity
  • Keep Windows
  • Release as well as update operating systems
  • Handle policies and profiles
  • Take care of and secure devices
  • Manage applications as well as information

Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

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Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Course content

Exam MD-100: Windows 10

Deploy Windows (15-20%)

Install Windows 10

  • carry out a clean installation
  • Execute an in-place upgrade (utilizing tools such as WDS, ADK, and so on)
  • Pick the appropriate Windows version.

Perform post-installation configuration

  • Set up Edge as well as Web Traveler.
  • Set up mobility settings.
  • Customize the Windows desktop.
  • Troubleshoot activation problems.
  • Configure printers as well as external tools.
  • Configure Windows 10 by using provisioning bundles.
  • Configure Microsoft Shop settings.
  • Configure application settings.
  • Set up and also take care of solutions.

Manage Devices and Data (25-30%)

Manage users, groups, and devices

  • take care of local groups
  • manage regional customers
  • take care of users, groups, and also devices in Active Directory Domain Name Services
  • manage individuals, teams, and devices in Azure Active Directory
  • configure sign-in choices

Configure devices by using local policies

  • implement neighborhood policy
  • troubleshoot team plans on tools
  • set up Windows 10 setups by using group plan

Manage Windows security

  • Set up user account control (UAC).
  • Configure Windows Defender Firewall program.
  • Carry out security.
  • Set up Windows Defender Anti-virus.

Configure Storage and Connectivity (15-20%)

Configure networking

  • configure client IP setups
  • configure mobile networking
  • fix networking

Configure data access and protection

  • configure NTFS permissions
  • configure shared authorizations
  • configure local storage space
  • take care of and enhance storage
  • set up file as well as folder authorizations
  • configure OneDrive/OneDrive for Organization

Maintain Windows (30-35%)

Configure system and data recovery

  • do documents recuperation
  • recoup Windows 10
  • repair startup/boot process
  • produce and take care of system restore factors

Manage updates

  • repair updates
  • select the appropriate maintenance channel
  • configure Windows upgrade alternatives
  • prepare for Windows updates
  • set up updates by utilizing Windows Update for Organization

Monitor and manage Windows

  • set up and examine event logs
  • manage performance
  • take care of Windows 10 atmosphere
  • configure regional computer registry
  • routine tasks

Configure remote connectivity

  • manage Windows 10 from another location by using Windows Admin Facility
  • configure remote assistance tools including Remote Assist and Quick Assist
  • manage Windows remotely by utilizing Windows Remote Management and PS remoting
  • set up remote desktop computer accessibility

Exam MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops

Deploy and Upgrade Operating Systems (25-30%)

Plan a Windows 10 deployment

  • Assess facilities preparedness
  • Review and choose ideal implementation options (Endpoint Manager, MDT).
  • Strategy upgrades and also downgrades paths.
  • Strategy application compatibility.
  • Plan for customer state.

Plan and implement Windows 10 by using Windows Autopilot

  • Select technique based upon demands.
  • Produce, confirm, as well as assign implementation account.
  • Essence tool HW details to CSV file.
  • Import gadget HW info to shadow solution.
  • Release Windows 10.
  • Repair implementation.

Plan and implement Windows 10 using MDT

  • Pick configuration alternatives based upon needs.
  • Create and also manage photos.
  • Release images (might consist of WDS).
  • Produce as well as make use of task sequences.
  • Manage application and motorist implementation.
  • Monitor and also fix release.

Manage accounts, VPN connections, and certificates on Windows 10

  • Protected fortunate accounts on Windows 10.
  • Configure VPN customer.
  • Set up and also take care of certificates on client gadgets.

Manage Policies and Profiles (20-25%)

Implement compliance policies for devices

  • execute gadget conformity policies
  • handle gadget conformity plans
  • strategy device conformity policies

Configure device profiles

  • execute gadget profiles
  • take care of gadget accounts
  • strategy gadget accounts
  • control policy disputes
  • configure as well as apply designated accessibility or public devices

Manage user profiles

  • configure user accounts
  • configure Business State Roaming in Azure AD
  • configure sync setups

Manage and Protect Devices (30-35%)

Implement and manage device, application, and threat protection

  • execute and also handle Windows Protector Application Guard
  • apply and handle Windows Protector Credential Guard
  • implement as well as take care of Windows Defender Venture Guard
  • plan as well as Carry out Microsoft Defender Advanced For Endpoint for Windows 10
  • integrate Windows Protector Application Control
  • secure gadgets making use of Endpoint Security
  • handle enterprise-level disk encryption
  • execute as well as manage safety and security baselines in Microsoft Harmonic

Manage Microsoft In tune devices

  • configure enrollment settings in Microsoft In tune
  • set up Microsoft Harmonic automatic and bulk registration
  • enroll non-Windows gadgets
  • register Windows devices
  • review gadget supply

Monitor devices

  • display gadgets making use of Azure Monitor as well as Desktop Computer Analytics
  • display tool supply reports making use of Endpoint Manger Admin Facility

Manage updates

  • set up Windows 10 distribution optimization
  • deploy Windows updates using Microsoft Intune
  • screen Windows 10 updates

Manage Apps and Data (10-15%)

Deploy and update applications

  • assign apps to teams
  • deploy applications by using Microsoft Intune
  • deploy apps by using Microsoft Shop for Business/iTunes/Google Play
  • deploy Microsoft 365 Applications for business utilizing Microsoft Intune
  • Gather Microsoft 365 Apps readiness information

Implement Mobile Application Management (MAM)

  • Implement Application Defense policies.
  • Handle App Security policies.
  • Strategy Application Protection Plans.
  • Plan and apply Application Setup Policies (Windows Details Security).

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