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Microsoft Certified-Dynamics 365-Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate Course in Dubai

Overview of Microsoft Certified-Dynamics 365-Finance and Operations Apps Developer

If you're a developer that collaborates with useful specialists and remedy and also technological architects, as well as you're accountable for translating demands into important system performance with financing as well as procedures apps in Characteristics 365, you can utilize this accreditation to advance your profession. You need to have experience supplying fully understood options using standardized application coding patterns, extensible functions, and external integrations.

You need to be familiar with software program growth cycle methodologies, data stability, and information security compliance. As well as you should have deep expertise and experience using the underlying framework, information frameworks, and items associated with finance and also procedures solutions in Characteristics 365 that deliver best-in-class functionality.

If you need a lot more experience before you attempt to gain this certification, right here are some suggestions:

  • Work as a programmer on one or more finance and also procedures applications in Characteristics 365.
  • Volunteer to help create a job.
  • Sign up with the Dynamics 365 Neighborhood.
  • Take applicable learning courses on Microsoft Learn.
  • Sign up for instructor-led training, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Money as well as Procedures as well as Microsoft Characteristics 365: Money as well as Workflow Application Programmer.

Job role: Developer

Required exams: MB-300M, B-500

Microsoft Certified-Dynamics 365-Finance and Operations Apps Developer Certification details

Exam MB-300: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations

Languages: English, Japanese

Retirement date: none

This exam determines your capacity to accomplish the complying with technical tasks: utilize typical functionality and implementation devices; set up safety and security, processes, and choices; take care of Money and also Operation data; as well as confirm and also support the solution.

Prospects for this test analyze service requirements and equate those requirements right into completely understood business processes as well as solutions that carry out industry ideal practices. Candidates serve as a key resource in implementing and configuring applications to meet company requirements.

Candidates comprehend usual features as well as capabilities of Finance and Workflow apps as well as just how to set up and also make use of each. They must also have awareness of just how Money and also Procedures apps incorporate with exterior systems and tools consisting of Power Platform. The prospect actively handles application lifecycles by using Lifecycle Solutions (LCS) and various other Microsoft devices as well as systems.

Candidates for this exam normally concentrate on one or more function sets of Financing as well as Workflow apps consisting of finance, manufacturing, and also supply chain monitoring.

Part of the requirements for: Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Functional Consultant Associate Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant Associate

Exam MB-500: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer

Languages: English

Retirement date: none

This test gauges your capability to achieve the following technological jobs: plan architecture and service style; use developer tools; layout as well as develop AOT aspects; establish as well as check code; carry out coverage; incorporate and also take care of data remedies; and apply security and also maximize performance.

Prospects for this examination are developers who work with Financing as well as Procedures apps in Microsoft Characteristics 365 to execute as well as extend applications that satisfy the demands of a business. Prospects supply completely understood options by utilizing standardized application coding patterns, extensible attributes, as well as outside combinations.

Candidates establish service logic by utilizing X++, produce and customize Money and Procedures reports and work areas, tailor interface, provide endpoints and APIs to support Power System applications as well as exterior systems, do testing, screen performance, assess and also control information, produce technological designs as well as execution details, and carry out approval policies and also security requirements.

Prospects need to have a deep understanding and also experience utilizing the underlying structure, information structures, as well as things related to the Financing and Procedures remedies.

Prospects should have experience with items that include Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, Lifecycle Solutions (LCS) tools, as well as SQL Server Administration Studio.

Part of the requirements for: Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate

Skills measured

  • Usage usual functionality and execution tools
  • Configure safety and security, procedures, and choices
  • Take Care Of Financing and Procedures data
  • Confirm and also support the remedy
  • Strategy architecture and also option layout
  • Apply programmer tools
  • Design and also develop AOT elements
  • Create and test code
  • Carry out reporting
  • Integrate and handle data options
  • Implement safety and security as well as enhance efficiency

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Microsoft Certified-Dynamics 365-Finance and Operations Apps Developer Course content

Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer

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Exam MB-300: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations

Use common functionality and implementation tools (15-20%)

Identify and use common Finance and Operations apps features and functionality

  • define uses cases for and also abilities of workspaces
  • describe situation management
  • explain international personal digital assistant features as well as their usage situations
  • recognize query and report types offered in a default setup
  • define usage instances for business Document Administration as well as digital reporting attributes
  • do typical activities including carrying out searches, saving questions, producing, as well as utilizing document themes, as well as creating filters

Describe use cases for Power Platform apps and services

  • determine use instances for Common Information Service
  • recognize use situations for Power Applications
  • recognize usage instances for Power Automate
  • recognize usage instances for Power BI
  • determine usage situations for Power Online Representatives
  • set apart in between pinned as well as ingrained Power BI records

Configure security, processes, and options (30-35%)

Implement security

  • compare roles, duties, benefits, as well as approvals
  • designate individuals to security roles based upon offered situations
  • describe partition of duties

Design and create workflows

  • describe usage instances for process
  • style as well as create process
  • set up process buildings and also elements
  • configure lines up, process assignment power structures, as well as
  • process criteria
  • troubleshoot operations
  • manage process versions
  • usage Power Automate to extend workflows

Configure Organization administration features

  • established and also configure legal entities and running units
  • configure and also repair number sequences
  • import or create all needed start-up information consisting of postcode
  • information, consumers, suppliers, as well as products
  • develop organization pecking orders
  • define as well as apply individual alternatives consisting of time
  • zones, language, and e-mail settings
  • set up file taking care of for attachments
  • set up print monitoring as well as kind setup functions

Configure system administration features

  • explain usage cases for the Microsoft Excel Workbook Developer as well as the Microsoft Dynamics Office add-in
  • Set up e-mail (SMTP/Exchange).
  • Produce and maintain email templates.
  • Incorporate Power BI with Entity shop.
  • Create, export, as well as import customization as well as publish saved sights.
  • Set up and also check batch jobs and also signals.

Manage Finance and Operations data (25-30%)

Manage data

  • explain use instances for the Data Administration work area and layouts
  • explain usage cases for and also sorts of information entities
  • duplicate configuration data in between firms or legal entities by

Utilizing the Data Management framework

  • describe use situations for the Dual Write attribute

Plan a migration strategy

  • identify typical migration scenarios and tools in Money as well as Procedures apps
  • figure out the scope for a movement
  • identify pertinent information entities and also elements based on provided situations
  • establish migration strategy procedures consisting of migration range

Prepare data for migration and migrate data

  • identify as well as extract resource information
  • create field mapping in between source and also target information frameworks
  • import or export information by using the Data Management structure
  • sustain the change in between the existing and migrated systems
  • perform a test migration as well as confirm result from the procedure
  • apply data task automation

Validate and support the solution (15-20%)

Test solutions

  • define the screening types tools
  • automate and also take care of test cases by using the Regression Suite Automation Device (RSAT).
  • Create test manuscripts by utilizing Job Recorder and also upload manuscripts to BPM or Azure DevOps.

Implement Lifecycle Services (LCS) tools

  • separate between LCS roles consisting of Owner and also Atmosphere Supervisor
  • identify opportunities to re-use existing assets
  • evaluate Company Process Modeler (BPM) results as well as identify gaps in performance
  • Produce an acceptance testing BPM collection as well as assess results.
  • define the types of environments including sandbox, test, and also manufacturing
  • execute the LCS devices consisting of Issue Look and examine results
  • execute performance surveillance
  • usage LCS devices to identify, report, and also deal with concerns
  • manage Characteristics 365 One Variation

Exam MB-500: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer

Plan architecture and solution design (10-15%)

Identify the major components of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps

  • recognize the Money and Operations app components required for a service based on company requirements
  • recognize building distinctions between the cloud as well as on-premises variations of Money and also Operations applications
  • identify components of the application stack
  • set apart the functions as well as affiliations between plans, jobs, designs, and aspects

Design and implement a user interface

  • explain the Money and Procedures interface designs as well as components
  • layout the workspaces
  • layout as well as personalize interface components consisting of grids, types, and pages
  • configure filtering system choices

Implement Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Lifecycle Services (LCS)

  • Describe the abilities of the Environment Surveillance Device within Lifecycle Services (LCS).
  • Pick the purpose as well as ideal uses of LCS devices and components.
  • Study and settle issues by using Concern Search.
  • Recognize tasks that require possession collections.
  • Prepare release packages and release packages.

Apply Developer Tools (10-15%)

Customize Finance and Operations apps by using Visual Studio

  • create extension versions
  • design as well as develop projects
  • take care of metadata utilizing Application Traveler
  • synchronize information thesaurus modifications with the application database
  • create elements by utilizing the Component Developer

Manage source code and artifacts by using version control

  • produce, take a look at, and sign in code as well as artifacts
  • branch and merge code
  • contrast code and also settle version conflicts

Implement Finance and Operations app framework functionality

  • carry out the SysOperation structure
  • carry out the asynchronous framework
  • implement the workflow framework
  • implement the system test framework
  • identify the need for and carry out the Sandbox structure

Design and develop AOT Elements (20-25%)

Create forms

  • Add a brand-new form to a project and also use a pattern (layout).
  • Set up a data resource for the type.
  • include a grid as well as grid fields, groups, as well as other
  • Controls to a kind.
  • Develop and also populate food selection products.
  • Examination kind capability as well as data connections.
  • Include a kind expansion to a project for chosen standard types.

Create and extend tables

  • add tables to a project
  • add table areas as well as field homes to a table
  • include a table expansion to a task for a table
  • add areas teams, relations, remove actions, as well as indices

Create Extended Data Types (EDT) and enumerations

  • add an EDT to a job and also populate EDT properties
  • include a list to a task
  • add or upgrade enumeration components and list aspect buildings
  • add an expansion of EDT as well as lists

Create classes and extend AOT elements

  • add a new class to a job
  • develop a brand-new course expansion and add brand-new technique
  • include occasion handler methods to a class

Develop and test code (10-15%)

Develop X++ code

  • recognize as well as carry out base types and operators
  • Carry out usual organized programs constructs of X++.
  • Develop, review, update, and also erase (CRUD) information.
  • Determine and apply global functions in X++.
  • Implement table and kind techniques.

Develop object-oriented code

  • apply X++ variable scoping
  • carry out inheritance as well as abstraction principle
  • apply inquiry objects and also the QueryBuilder course
  • implement characteristic courses
  • implement pecking order

Implement reporting (10-15%)

Describe the capabilities and limitations of reporting tools in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps

  • develop and also customize record data resources and also sustaining courses
  • apply reporting safety and security demands
  • describe the record publishing process
  • explain the distinctions in between using Entity shop as well as Bring your very own data source (BYOD) as reporting data shops

Design, create, and revise Dynamics reports

  • Develop as well as modify records in Financing and also Workflow apps that use SQL Web server Coverage Provider (SSRS).
  • Develop and also customize Money as well as Workflow applications reports by utilizing Power BI.
  • Develop and modify Financing and also Workflow applications records FO by using Microsoft Excel.

Design, create, and revise Dynamics workspaces

  • Design KPIs
  • create drill-through workspace aspects
  • implement built-in graphs, KPIs, aggregate dimension, aggregate measurement, as well as various other reporting elements

Integrate and manage data solutions (10-15%)

Identify data integration scenarios

  • choose a suitable information assimilation API
  • determine differences between concurrent vs. asynchronous patterns

Implement data integration concepts and solutions

  • create a data entity by using Visual Studio
  • establish, import, and also export composite data entities
  • recognize and also manage unmapped fields in information entities
  • take in outside web solutions by using OData and Relaxed APIs
  • incorporate Finance as well as Workflow apps with Microsoft Excel by using OData
  • create and also incorporate Power Automate as well as Power Applications

Implement data management

  • import as well as export data making use of entities in between Finance and Workflow applications as well as various other systems
  • monitor the condition and also availability of entities
  • enable Entity Modification Monitoring
  • established an information project and also reoccuring information work
  • Design entity sequencing
  • produce area mapping between source and also target information structures
  • develop data transformations

Implement security and optimize performance (10-15%)

Implement role-based security policies and requirements

  • develop or customize responsibilities, benefits, permissions, and also duties
  • apply authorizations policies
  • Apply record-level protection by utilizing Extensible Data Protection (XDS).

Apply fundamental performance optimization techniques

  • determine and also use caching mechanisms for forms and tables
  • execute the international cache
  • create or change temporary tables for optimization objectives
  • identify when to use set-based inquiries and row-based inquiries
  • modify questions to maximize performance
  • change variable extent to optimize efficiency
  • assess and enhance concurrency

Optimize user interface performance

  • capture traces by utilizing Trace Parser as well as assess traces
  • diagnose as well as optimize customer performance by utilizing Microsoft Edge F12 Designer tools, Fiddler, as well as other common devices
  • detect and optimize customer efficiency by utilizing Performance Timer

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