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Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate Course in Dubai

Overview of Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate Course

Microsoft 365 Developers layout, construct, examine, and keep applications and services that are enhanced for the efficiency and partnership needs of companies making use of the Microsoft 365 system.

Microsoft 365 Programmers are proficient in Microsoft identification and also Microsoft Chart. They have basic knowledge of UI aspects (consisting of Adaptive Cards as well as Workplace UI Textile (Fluent UI)), Combination Factors (consisting of Microsoft Teams, Workplace Add-ins, SharePoint Framework, and Actionable Messages), as well as figuring out work system targets.

Job role: Developer

Required exams: MS-600

Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate Course Certification details

Exam MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services

Languages: English

Retirement date: none

This test measures your ability to complete technical tasks: apply Microsoft identity; build applications with Microsoft Graph; extend and customize SharePoint; expand Teams; and extend Workplace.

Prospects for this examination are Microsoft 365 Designers who design, construct, examination, and maintain applications and solutions that are optimized for the performance and also cooperation demands of companies making use of the Microsoft 365 system.

Candidates for this exam are proficient in Microsoft identification as well as Microsoft charts. They have basic understanding on UI aspects (including Flexible Cards and also Office UI Material (Fluent UI)), integration points (including Microsoft Teams, Workplace Add-ins, SharePoint Framework, and Actionable Messages), and also identifying workload platform targets. Zabeel Institute is considered as the best training institute in Dubai  for Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate course.

Candidates must have experience creating solutions on Microsoft Teams, Office Add-ins, or SharePoint Framework with all software application development stages. They ought to have a standard understanding of REST APIs, JSON, OAuth2, OData, OpenID Link, Microsoft identities (including Azure ADVERTISEMENT and also Microsoft accounts), Azure AD B2C, and also permission/consent principles.

Part of the requirements for: the Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate Course

Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate Course Skills measured

  • Implement Microsoft Identification
  • Build Applications with Microsoft Chart
  • Extend as well as Personalize SharePoint
  • Prolong Groups
  • Extend Workplace

Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate

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Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate Course content

Exam MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services

Implement Microsoft Identity (20-25%)

Register an Application

  • determine the supported account kind
  • pick verification and also customer qualifications for app type and also verification circulation
  • define application duties

Implement Authentication

  • configure the JavaScript execution of Microsoft Verification Library (MSAL) for endpoint and also token cache
  • plan and also configure ranges for vibrant or static approval
  • make use of the MSAL (JavaScript) login approach

Configure Permissions to Consume an API

  • set up delegated permissions for the app
  • set up application consents for the app
  • identify admin authorization requirements

Implement Authorization to Consume an API

  • set up incremental consent ranges
  • telephone call MSAL (JavaScript) making use of aquireTokenSilent/aquireToken pattern

Implement Authorization in an API

  • validate gain access to token
  • set up efficient consents for delegated scopes
  • execute app authorizations making use of functions
  • use a delegated accessibility token to call a Microsoft API

Create a Service to Access Microsoft Graph

  • configure client credentials using a certificate
  • configure application authorizations for the app
  • get a gain access to token for Microsoft Chart utilizing an application consent as well as client credential certification
  • get an access token making use of the client trick

Build Apps with Microsoft Graph (15-20%)

Optimize Data Usage with query parameters

  • make use of $filter inquiry criterion
  • make use of $pick inquiry parameter
  • order results utilizing $orderby question specification
  • set web page dimension of results using $miss and also $leading inquiry specifications
  • expand as well as obtain resources utilizing $broaden query parameter
  • fetch the complete matter of matching resources utilizing $count inquiry parameter
  • look for resources using $search inquiry specification
  • figure out the ideal Microsoft Graph SDK to utilize

Optimize network traffic

  • Screen for modifications utilizing adjustment alerts
  • Combine numerous requests using $batch.
  • Get modifications utilizing a delta query
  • Find as well as handle strangling.

Access User data from Microsoft Graph

  • obtain the signed in individual's profile
  • obtain a listing of customers in the organization
  • get the user's account picture
  • get the customer object based on the customer's one-of-a-kind identifier
  • get the user's supervisor account

Access Files with Microsoft Graph

  • obtain the checklist of documents in the checked in individual's One Drive
  • download and install a documents from the checked in customer's One Drive making use of documents distinct id
  • download a file from a SharePoint Online site making use of the loved one path to the file
  • get the list of data trending around the checked in customer
  • submit a big documents to One Drive
  • obtain a user object from a proprietor checklist in a group as well as fetch that user's documents

Manage a group lifecycle on Microsoft Graph

  • obtain the information on a team by id
  • get the list of members in a group
  • get the checklist of proprietors of a group
  • obtain the listing of groups where the checked in user is a member
  • get the checklist of groups where the signed in customer is an owner
  • arrangement a group
  • provision a Team with a group
  • remove a team

Extend and Customize SharePoint (15-20%)

Describe the components of a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web part

  • identify the ideal tool to create an SPFx Internet Component job
  • describe residential properties of client-side internet parts
  • define Workplace UI Material (Fluent UI) in client-side web parts
  • define when to utilize an application web page
  • differentiate in between application web page as well as internet part
  • explain rendering framework choices
  • explain branding as well as theming in SharePoint Online

Describe SPFx extensions

  • determine the suitable tool to produce an SPFx Expansion task
  • define page placeholders from Application Customizer
  • define the Checklist Sight Command Establish extension
  • define the Area Customizer expansion

Describe the process to package and deploy an SPFx solution

  • define the options for preparing a bundle for release
  • describe the choices for packaging an option
  • define the requirements of tenant-scoped remedy release
  • explain the demands of isolated internet components
  • define the options to deploy a solution
  • explain how to build a Microsoft Teams tab by using SPFx

Describe the consumption of Microsoft Graph

  • explain the objective of the MSGraphClient things
  • explain the methods for granting permissions to Microsoft Graph

Describe the consumption of third-party APIs secured with Azure AD from within SPFx

  • describe the function of the AadHttp Client things
  • define the techniques for granting permissions to eat a third-party API

Describe Web Parts as Teams Tabs

  • describe the factors to consider for creating a SPFx Web Component to be a Teams Tab
  • describe the options for deploying a SPFx Internet Part as a Groups Tab

Extend Teams (20-25%)

Create a Microsoft Teams app manifest

  • set up an app show utilizing App Studio
  • manually produce an app reveal to deploy a SPFx Internet Part to Teams
  • produce an application package for a Microsoft Teams application

Deploy a Teams app

  • explain the alternatives for deploying a Teams app
  • side load an app in Microsoft Teams
  • release a Teams application to a company app catalog

Create and use task modules

  • produce a card-based job component
  • develop an iframe-based job module
  • conjure up a job component from a tab
  • conjure up a job module from a robot
  • chain job module invocations

Create a web hook

  • produce an outgoing webhook
  • create an inbound webhook

Implement custom Teams tabs

  • produce a personal tab
  • develop a channel/group tab
  • produce a tab with a deep web link
  • add authentication to a tab

Create a messaging extension

  • develop a search command extension
  • produce an action command extension making use of a flexible card
  • produce an activity command expansion utilizing criteria

Create a conversational Bot

  • create an individual bot
  • produce a group/channel crawler
  • usage proactive messaging with a bot
  • send out workable messages from a robot
  • add authentication to a crawler

Extend Office (15-20%)

Describe fundamental components and types of Office Add-ins

  • describe task pane as well as content add-ins
  • describe dialog boxes
  • explain custom-made features
  • define Add-in commands
  • explain the function of the Office Add-ins manifest

Describe Office JS APIs

  • explain the Workplace Add-in programming design
  • describe Workplace Add-in developer tools
  • define the capacities of the Excel JavaScript API
  • define the abilities of the Outlook JavaScript API
  • explain the capacities of words JavaScript API
  • define the capacities of the PowerPoint JavaScript API
  • define the abilities of custom-made functions

Describe development of Add-ins

  • define the options for lingering state and setups
  • describe Office UI Fabric (Fluent UI) in Office Add-ins
  • define when to utilize Microsoft Graph in Office Add-ins
  • explain authorization when using Microsoft Graph in Office Add-ins Define testing, debugging, and release choices
  • select deployment alternatives based on requirements
  • define testing and also debugging ideas for Workplace Add-ins Describe actionable messages
  • describe the attributes of workable messages with a flexible card
  • define the situations for revitalizing a workable message

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