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Hospitality Management Consultation Services

Project Feasibility:

The UAE is one of the most visited places on earth and to meet the increasing demands on the infrastructure, new Hospitality Management Consultation Services projects are announced almost every day. But before you jump in, it is imperative that a proper due diligence process is carried out to understand how you are positioned to take part in the Tourism success story that Dubai offers.

We at Zabeel have on board consultants who have been involved in every aspect of hospitality. Before you jump in, take advantage of their expertise and get a proper feasibility done!

Our consultants will assist you with:

  • Understanding the location;
  • Mapping the compset- who will be your immediate competitors. This is important for classification of your property based on your proposed
  • What minimum facilities you need to provide to your guests based on the location. For example, if your property is near the beach, there should be
    drop off and pickup facility to and from the beach;
  • Regulatory requirements- DTCM;
  • Mandatory requirements- DTCM: This is critical. DTCM requires every hotel or hospitality enterprise to have some mandatory facilities. Let this be part
    of your plan!
  • Manning requirements: Apart from the location, this is another critical factor which will determine your success. An under manned facility will mean
    lower guest satisfaction which in turn means a lower top line. On the other hand, too many staff and would mean impacting your bottom line. We at
    Zabeel will work with you to plan the right manning levels without comprising on guest satisfaction;
  • Social media presence: As more and more guests shift to Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, it is imperative that you are on these
    platforms from day one and accordingly, choose the right partner to deliver “visibility” to your portfolio. We will assist you to map this and locate the
    right partner;
  • Systems: Choosing the right front office, reservations and back office systems (ERP) which is cost-effective, user friendly and at the same time in sync
    with the latest technology (such as reporting integration) is a must for the long-time success. Our IT consultant(s) have been in this field for many
    years and will recommend solutions that fit in with your requirements.;
  • AMC’s: Hospitality has many services that may need to be outsourced and we will help you find the right AMC partner for your requirements, who are
    cost-effective and at the same time delivers to utmost levels of professionalism.

Last, but not the least as the cliché goes, we will provide you with:
A complete feasibility study, encompassing all of the factors above, including Strategic five to ten years projections, highlighting the NPV and IRR for the
project(s) undertaken.
Interested? Don’t wait. Write to us at and let us start!
Our consultants who will assist you with:

  • Baiju Narayanan, Financial consultant
  • Sandeep Deore, Revenue & reservations consultant
  • Mark Demonterverde, IT & systems consultant

Revenue Management :

In this challenging environment of year on year increase in the available rooms (supply), with not only the established hotels / hotel apartments and Boutique
hotels but also holiday homes, there is constant pressure on maintaining your revenues (top line). This is where Zabeel International Management consultants
can pitch in. With hands on experience in rooms revenue management of around a decade and part of the top decision making tier, the Consultants at Zabeel can look at various aspects of your revenue management:

  • Compset mapping : best practices
  • Social media presence
  • Guest satisfaction review
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Resource mapping
  • Sales and revenue management synergy- do they both have the same goal of revenue maximization?
  • Revenue reporting- ARR / RGI / RevPAR / TRevPAR / NRevPAR
  • Segment-wise contribuition analysis: Web / OTA’s / Direct etc. Should we change the mix?
  • Pricing strategies for Group bookings
  • Are you leveraging your ratings on various platforms?

Based on this review, we will recommend a Revenue Management tool that will work for you.

End of Story? No, definitely not. Once the system is in place, comes the next level: Monitoring and feedback.

It does not suffice to have the latest systems and processes in place, this should be complemented by a state of the art MIS, that is, reporting system for
decision makers. The MIS should comprise (at a minimum):

  • Daily reporting of KPI’s
  • Report for at least a weekly review of the revenue management team;
  • Month-end closing reports, linking the performance to various financial parameters such as GOPPAR and NOPPAR

Our consultants who will assist you with:


  • Baiju Narayanan, Financial consultant
  • Sandeep Deore, Revenue & reservations consultant


Holiday Homes:

Looking to set up a holiday homes business in Dubai and don’t know where to start? Look no further, Zabeel is the place to be. Zabeel consultants will help you every step of the way:
Our consultants will assist you with:

  • Minimum requirements for setting up a holiday home business;
  • Does and don’t’s- DTCM;
  • Various options that you can look at while running a holiday homes business;
  • How to be more effective- how to stand out from the crowd. This is most important, as presently, there a lot of companies operating in the holiday
    homes segment in Dubai and to pull your customers in, you need to do the right things;
  • Social media presence: Your presence in Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms determines how visible you are. We will give you some
    tips on how to do this;
  • Registering the unit(s) with various OTA’s and other channels to bring in the guests;
  • Manning requirements: We will work with you to map the correct mapping when you begin and how to scale up. Ultimately, it all depends on one
    driving force- Guest Satisfaction- which will bring not only new guests but also repeat bookings;
  • Selecting the appropriate front end and back end solutions to support your business- our IT consultant will sit with you and help you all the way till the
    right resources are in place;
  • We will help you prepare a Strategic plan, with financial feasibility structured in;
  • We will help you to put in the right operational structure for long-term viability;
  • Need back office support? You can outsource the finance & accounts function totally to us, including VAT registration and VAT filing based on FTA
  • Structure a reporting process for the Top management for decision making purposes;
  • Last but not the least, we will prepare your financial statements for audit and can be audited by our panel of affliated auditor.

Our consultants who will assist you with:

    • Baiju Narayanan, Financial consultant
    • Sandeep Deore, Revenue & reservations consultant
    • Mark Demonteverde, IT & Systems consultant



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