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Document Controller(DMS – Document Management System) Course

Zabeel’s Document controller Course is a hands-on, comprehensive, and highly interactive Program, covering all aspects of document control tasks from Document creation to disposal.

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Overview of the course:

Zabeel’s Document controller(DMS - Document Management System) Course is a hands-on, comprehensive, and highly interactive Program, covering all aspects of document control tasks from Document creation to disposal. Our Document Controller Course covers the basics (such as document checks, numbering, identification, filing, distribution) as well as more advanced subjects (such as lifecycle, as-built, procedures, reports, interfaces and more). When you choose Zabeel you chose best Document controller training.

This course is both for:

  • Beginners in Document Control(DMS - Document Management System): this course gives a robust foundation for the profession, explains all the tasks and responsibilities. You will acquire competencies that can be applied to day-to-day work.
  • Experienced Document Controllers(DMS - Document Management System): If you are an experienced Document controller you will learn the discipline ‘on-the-job’. This course furthermore consolidates basics, formalizes knowledge and enhances the Document controller competencies. It also allows experienced Document Controllers to compare their knowledge with Industry best practices.
  • In conclusion for everyone, it’s a great opportunity to network and share experience with other Document Control professionals from various Industries.
  • The course also includes an AIBM (American University of Business Management) for professionals to validate their Credentials.
Document Controller Course
Document Controller(DMS - Document Management System) Course

Learning Outcome

  • Disciplines and organizes Microsoft Office documents
  • Leads to faster creation and retrieval of documents
  • Reduces duplication of work
  • Creates consistency in documents
  • Eliminates the fear of accidental overwriting
  • Effectively monitors document creation process
  • Improves productivity at the workplace
  • Proves helpful in legal compliance
  • Improves security of documents
  • Ensures smooth working in case of leave/transfer/
  • Turnover of staff
  • Leads to fewer draft copies save stationary
  • Saves precious time and effectively money

Who needs the Program?

This comprehensive program has been designed for those who would like to develop their career as Document Controllers or Project Coordinators or Supervisors who need to manage their documents properly.

  • Executive Secretary/ Personal Assistant/ Document Controller.
  • Anybody who needs an advanced Filing system for project work.

Detailed Course Content:

The document management(DMS - Document Management System) planning process consists of the following major steps:

Identify document management roles:
Ensure that your plans incorporate the feedback of your organization’s key stakeholders, you have the best team to implement the solution, and you know who will participate in document management processes.

Analyze document usage:
After you identify who works on documents, determine the kinds of documents they work on and how they use them. This covers in the Session Identify users and analyze document usage (SharePoint Server

Plan the organization of documents:
You can organize documents in site collections, sites, and libraries. SharePoint Server 2010 offers a range of features to help organize and store documents, from specialized sites such as the Records
Repository to loosely structured libraries for quick document creation and collaboration. Within a library, you can further organize content into folders and subfolders. This covers in the Session Document library planning (SharePoint Server 2010) and Enterprise content storage planning (SharePoint Server 2010).

Plan how content moves between locations:
It might be necessary to move or copy a document from one site or library to another at different stages of its life cycle. For example, the publishing process might include moving a document from a staging site to a public Internet site. This covers in the Session “Plan the flow of content” in Document library planning (SharePoint Server 2010).

Plan content types:
Use content types to organize information about documents, such as metadata, document templates, policies, and workflow processes. This is an important step to help you organize your documents and enforce consistency across your organization. This covers in the Session Content type and workflow planning (SharePoint Server 2010).

Plan workflows:
When you plan workflows for your organization, you can control and track how documents move from one team member to another as each participant collaborates in a document’s life cycle. SharePoint Server 2010 includes workflows for common team tasks such as reviewing and approving documents. SharePoint Server 2010 also supports creating and installing custom workflows. This covers in the Session Content type and workflow planning (SharePoint Server 2010).

Plan content control :
You can plan the appropriate degree of control based on content type or storage location. For example, you might require that documents in a particular library be checked out before they can be edited. This covers in the Session Versioning, content approval, and check-out planning (SharePoint Server 2010).

Plan policies:
For each content type, plan information management policies to ensure that documents are properly audited, retained, labeled, and otherwise handled according to your organization’s institutional and legal requirements. SharePoint Server 2010 includes policies that implement auditing, document retention, labeling, and bar codes (to ensure that printed content can be correlated with corresponding electronic versions). This covers in the Session Information management policy planning (SharePoint Server 2010)

  • Introduction to Document Control(DMS - Document Management System)
  • What is the role of the Document Controller
  • The Basics of the course
  • Document control checks and gatekeeping
  • Document Identification
  • How to make sure that document is identifiable
  • Document Classifying Filing
  • How to organize documents and manage information security
  • Document Distribution
  • How to ensure efficient and relevant distribution of documents
  • Managing Documents Throughout Their Lifecycle
  • What is the lifecycle of technical documents? How to manage documents at each step of the life cycle? How to avoid misuse of documents?
  • As-Built and Final Documentation
  • What is an As-Built document and what are the specifics for the management of these documents
  • Procedures and Specifications
  • Why do we need procedures? Which subjects should be included in a Document Management Procedure?
  • Electronic Document Management Systems
  • Which software packages are used by Document Controllers? What are the functionalities of Document Control Software Packages? How can it help Document Controllers?
  • Interactions with project teams, engineering teams, managers?
  • How to support technical teams? How to manage work pressure? How to manage difficult situations?

Document controller(DMS - Document Management System) training is highly demanded in Dubai and the entire UAE. Our course has all it needs to land your Dream Job.

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