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CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) Training Course in Dubai

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

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Overview of CIA training/certification course:

CIA Certification Training Course is one of the most demanded certification course in UAE at the moment. CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) provides Internal auditing certification.

The institute is a leading provider of Finance and Accounting coaching solutions,CIA qualification and professional development program for the entire Accounting and financial chain we trained 100 plus of professionals, each year with a commitment to developing a career and workforce that make industry-safe, Internal auditing certification, secure and sustainability and cold war internal auditor in future, inspector general will handle the evaluation and audit of other finance operation tasks. in future world war ii coming in internal auditing sectors. do you want to learn certified internal auditor (CIA)/internal audit Dubai, United States,soviet union-audit function become an internal auditor certification person?

This training update the internal audit skills and CIA qualification who want to earn best in a classroom, enjoy hot discussion and live instructions from trainers as a result better career opportunity. why you choosing internal audit career path? because huge demand,high paying salary,corporate audit and moreover secured job

For more details about the CIA certification Training Course Syllabus 2022, Click here.

CIA Certification Training Course / Internal Auditing Program:

The CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) and Internal auditing certification are the monopoly and the only designation recognized globally for internal auditors. for instance any person with or without relevant background can take up this course become a CIA Director so long as the prerequisites are fulfilled. Once you have fulfilled your education and work experience requirements, our consultants at Zabeel Institute will help you complete the evaluation process and guide you on the further steps.


Learning Outcome:

Most importantly Earning the CIA qualification, CIA, and Internal auditing certification designation is a valuable accomplishment and a professional advantage for auditors at all stages of their careers, including chief audit executives, audit managers, audit staff, risk management staff, and students enrolled in accounting or other business or financial degree programs including.

  • Distinguish you from your peers.
  • Demonstrate your proficiency with internal staff and external clients.
  • Develop your knowledge of best practices in the industry.
  • Demonstrate your proficiency and professionalism.
  • Lay a foundation for continued improvement and advancement.
  • Internal auditing function
  • conduct covert internal audit

Who needs this course?

  • Chief audit executives
  • Audit directors
  • Audit managers and staff
  • Risk management staff
  • Business, finance, and accounting students
  • The person who wants CIA Qualification
  • National security council
  • Directorate of science
  • Those who need cia designation
  • Deputy Director

CIA Certification Training Detailed Course Content:

Most importantly the Certified Internal Auditor CIA® certification and CIA qualificationcourse, issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), is the only worldwide approved accreditation for inner auditors and on the other hand also continues to be a common through which people can show their competence, professionalism and reliability and principles in the field of internal auditing.

Qualified Internal Auditor is the international standard for expert career in internal auditors, help you to execute any type of audit anywhere in the globe. When you research the CIA, you'll find out about internal audit theory and the core frameworks, including the International Specifications,

but just how to plan as well as execute an internal audit enviornment. Meanwhile certainly also be presented to the principles of internal adudit control, planning,organisaing, administration as well as danger.

Part 1 - Essentials of Internal Auditing

The CIA exam Part 1 is well aligned with The IIA's International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) and includes six domains covering the foundation of internal auditing; independence and objectivity; proficiency and due professional care; quality assurance and improvement programs; governance, risk management, and control; and fraud risk. Part one tests candidates' knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, particularly the Attribute Standards (series 1000, 1100, 1200, and 1300) as well as Performance Standard 2100.

Part 2 - Practice of Internal Auditing

The CIA exam Part 2 includes four domains focused on managing the internal audit activity, planning the engagement, performing the engagement, and communicating engagement results and monitoring progress. Part 2 tests candidates' knowledge, skills, and abilities particularly related to Performance Standards (series 2000, 2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, and 2600) and current internal audit practices.

Part 3 - Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing

The CIA exam Part 3 includes four domains: business acumen, information security, information technology, and financial management. Part Three is designed to test candidates' knowledge, skills, and abilities, particularly as they relate to these core business concepts.

Above all are information is most important and gives you better and confident knowledge to your success career,

In conclusion, the Directorate of Operations handles the illegal operations service, ,covert action, CIA, collect and analyzes internal audit activities of the CIA by human sources.

After internal audit certification you can earn further benefits like increasing skills and ability, high job security, high salary. Educational qualifications however at least  bachelor's degree or similarly accounting, finance, management, public administration in addition to computer knowledge.

in short, this is the right time to start a career on this course likewise a certification, to clarify more information or Clarification about training feel free to contact us. On the other hand want to talk to our program manager, please communicate through our website chat , WhatsApp or Email.


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About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 1

Certification Title: Certified Internal Auditor

About Awarding Body:

Established in 1941, The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is an international professional association with global headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida, USA. The IIA is the internal audit profession’s global voice, recognized authority, acknowledged leader, chief advocate, and principal educator. Generally, members work in internal auditing, risk management, governance, internal control, information technology audit, education, and security.



Candidates must hold an Associate’s degree or higher to be approved into one of The IIA’s certification programs. Common equivalents are a Foundation Degree, Diploma of Higher Education, Higher National Diploma,or three A-level certificates with a grade of C or higher are also acceptable.

Acceptable Documents:

  • Copy of your degree, official transcripts, or A-level certificates (If your name has changed since you earned your degree, you must also include your legal name change document.)
  • Letter from university confirming degree
  • Letter from evaluation services confirming degree level

The IIA offers an alternate path to eligibility for candidates who do not possess the minimum education requirements. Candidates may now become eligible for the CIA, subject to approval, who possess seven years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent. For Exception details, please click here.

Work Experience

Candidates may apply to the certification program and sit for exams prior to obtaining the required work experience. However, candidates will not be certified until the experience requirement is met within the program eligibility period. Experience for the IIA’s certification programs is based on the maximum level of education achieved. The work experience requirements for the CIA program are:

​Education Level ​Years of Work Experience Required
​Master’s Degree (or equivalent) ​12 months – internal auditing experience or its equivalent
​Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) ​24 months – internal auditing experience or its equivalent
​Associate’s Degree, three A-Level
Certificates, grade C or higher (or equivalent)
​60 months – internal auditing experience or its equivalent

Examination Pattern:

Part 1 – Essentials of Internal Auditing

125 questions | 2.5 hours (150 minutes)

Part 2 – Practice of Internal Auditing

100 questions | 2.0 hours (120 minutes)

Part 3 – Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing

100 questions | 2.0 hours (120 minutes)

To learn more about the CIA Courses and CIA Exam, Please go through this link.

About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 2

KHDA Certificate :

Course completion certificate attested by KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority, UAE)

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai. We support schools, universities, parents, students, educators, investors and government partners to create a high quality education sector focused on happiness and wellbeing.


For application process, please contact us.

To know about The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) North America & CIA qualification: Click here 

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