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Angular Development Training Course in Dubai

Course Overview

Angular certification course in Dubai is a comprehensive course focused on building SPA (Single Page Applications) using Angular, a platform and framework created by Google. This Angular Certification course will take you from the basics like TypeScript, components, and directives to advanced topics like observables and dependency injection.

What Will You Learn?

  • The essentials of TypeScript for Angular development.
  • Building components, services, and directives.
  • Leveraging observables for asynchronous operations.
Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Angular Certification course, you will:

  • Have a strong foundation in Angular and TypeScript.
  • Know how to build and structure large Angular applications.
  • Be proficient in using Angular’s reactive forms and observables.
Who Needs This Course?

  • Front-end developers are looking to specialize in Angular Certification.
  • Full-stack developers aiming to master the front-end aspect of application building.
  • Beginners are interested in modern web development practices.
Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduction to Angular and TypeScript

    • Setting up Angular CLI
    • Basics of TypeScript
  • Module 2: Core Concepts

    • Components and Directives
    • Services and Dependency Injection
  • Module 3: Routing and State Management

    • Angular Router for SPAs
    • State management using NgRx or Redux
  • Module 4: Advanced Angular

    • Working with observables and RxJS
    • Forms: Template-driven and Reactive forms
    • Testing and debugging Angular applications
Certification Options

  • Zabeel Certificate: Geared for those looking for employment in the UAE.
  • KHDA Certificate: Recognized by the Ministry of Education in the UAE.
  • Angular Developer Certificate: An internationally acknowledged certification available online.
Zabeel Institute is a fully accredited Institute by KHDA and endorsed by students as the best Angular certification course in Dubai.

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  1. Is any prior knowledge of TypeScript required?

    • While not mandatory, a basic understanding of JavaScript will be helpful.
  2. How flexible are the class schedules?

    • Scheduling is flexible, offering both individual and batch sessions.
  3. What hardware and software are needed?

    • A computer with Node.js and Angular CLI installed is required.
  4. Is there a final exam for the course?

    • A practical project and written assessment will serve as the final evaluation.
  5. What are the certification options?

    • Zabeel, KHDA, and various online Angular Developer certifications are available.
  6. How can I pay for the course?

    • Payment options include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or cash.
  7. What if I can’t attend a class?

    • Recorded lessons and make-up sessions can be arranged.
  8. Is career support offered post-course?

    • While we don’t guarantee job placement, career guidance is available.
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