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AI Artificial Intelligence Course in Dubai

The AI- Artificial Intelligence course will provide a broad understanding of the basic techniques for building intelligent computer systems and an understanding of how AI is applied to problems.

Artificial intelligence is a part of Computer Science and information engineering, artificial intelligence used to solve human tasks and industries problems like Health care Industries, Marketing Field, Military, Cybersecurity, Finance, and Economics and Hospitality, Etc

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Zabeel Institute proudly introduces a range of AI artificial intelligence courses designed to pave the way for aspiring AI engineers and developers. Our curriculum spans from introductory topics to advanced AI engineering, giving students the skills and knowledge required to excel in this rapidly growing field. Our flexible schedules, certified instructors, and diverse certification options set the stage for a rewarding learning experience.

ai artificial intelligence course

What We Offer

  • Level 1 - Introduction to AI:
Ideal for those who are new to Artificial Intelligence and wish to explore its potential.

  • Level 2 - Fundamentals of AI:
Designed for those who have a basic understanding of AI and wish to delve deeper into its functionalities.

  • Level 3 - Advanced AI Engineering:
Aimed at professionals looking to elevate their skills and specialize in AI engineering.

Why Choose Zabeel Institute?

    1. Certified Instructors: Learn from industry veterans who are certified and well-versed in AI technologies.
    2. Flexible Scheduling: Choose between individual or batch classes based on your availability.
    3. Diverse Certification Options: Acquire a Zabeel Certificate, KHDA Certificate, or official Microsoft Azure certifications.
  • FAQs

    • Who is the target audience for these AI courses?
    Our AI courses cater to a wide range of learners, from AI newcomers to experienced engineers.

    • What prerequisites are required for Level 2 and Level 3 courses?
    Familiarity with basic AI concepts is recommended for Level 2 and Level 3 AI artificial intelligence course.

    • What types of certifications can I earn?
    Zabeel Institute offers its own certificate, a KHDA certificate, and Microsoft Azure certifications for certain courses.

    • How do I enroll in an AI course?
    Enrollment can be done through phone, email, or directly at our institute.

    • What are the available payment methods?
    Payments can be completed via credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or in cash.

    • Is online learning supported?
    Yes, some courses offer the option for online learning.

    • Do you provide career guidance after course completion?
    While job placement isn't assured, we do offer career advice and networking opportunities.

    • How do I determine which AI course is right for me?
    We offer consultation sessions to guide you in choosing the course that aligns with your career goals and expertise.

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    About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 1

    KHDA Certificate :

    Course completion certificate attested by KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority, UAE)

    The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai. We support schools, universities, parents, students, educators, investors and government partners to create a high quality education sector focused on happiness and well being.

    Title : Artificial Intelligence

    For application process, please contact us.

    About Certification and Awarding Body – Option 2

    Specific Certification Title:  Artificial Intelligence

    About Awarding Body: Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology.

    Eligibility: Basic Computer Knowledge 

    Examination Pattern: Nil 

    Exam Dates: Any time in a Year

    Membership Fee: Nil

    Exam fee: Nil 

    Course Material/Learning system Fee: Provided by the Institute

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