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Oracle Aconex Training Level 1

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Table of Content


Basic Tasks in Documents

These are the every-day tasks you'll carry out on a regular basis within Documents.

  • File Naming Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Upload a document into Aconex.
  • Update (Supersede) a Document
  • Download a document from Aconex.
  • View Document Activity
  • Open and Review Documents in Aconex
  • Transmit your document.
  • Upload documents from external services
  • Preview a Document.
  • Resolving File Not Loading errors in the Office Online Viewer

Advanced Tasks in Documents

These are tasks that usually only advanced users will carry out.

  • Edit Document field values inline.
  • Documents marked 'awaiting your review'.
  • Mark document as no longer in use
  • View the Event Log to see which users have accessed or changed a document.
  • What are Temporary Files?
  • Duplicate versions of the same document.
  • What is a "locked document"? How do I lock or unlock a document
  • Restore a previous version of a document

Superseding and Transmitting Documents

  • What is a supersede candidate?
  • Transmit updated documents to people who have old versions using an auto-update transmittal.
  • Access previous versions of a superseded document
  • Manually update your document register from a transmittal.

Using Related Items

You can use Related Items to create relationships between documents. Then when you look at the properties of a document you can see a

list of all related documents and navigate to them directly.

  • What is Related Items?
  • Viewing Related Items
  • Adding Related Items
  • Remove documents in Related Items.

Working with a Large Number of Documents

Following these processes can help save you time.

  • Restrictions when working with a large number of documents.
  • Create multiple document placeholders at the same time.


  • Upload multiple documents and move them into the Document Register
  • Upload multiple documents to aconex at the same time using a Zip file upload
  • Create a document upload profile


  • Upload and supersede files in batches
  • What is a metadata file?
  • Upload and supersede documents using the Multi File Upload tool


  • Download multiple document files
  • How do I manage the document review process?
  • Are you managing the request and review cycle with your suppliers?

Searching in Aconex

Find the right information when you need it.

    • Search Basics
    • Working with Search
    • Advanced Search Techniques
    • Search-Based Reports


Use Mail for everyday communications and processes on your Aconex project.

Mail Basics

  • Create mail.
  • Add recipients to mail.
  • Attach files or documents to mail.
  • Reply to or forward mail.
  • Send a draft mail.
  • Options in mail
  • Send confidential mail.

Email Notifications

  • Configure your email notifications.
  • Open Mail from an email notification
  • Reply to an email notification (as a guest)
  • Register Incoming Mail received from outside Aconex.

Manage Mail

  • Mark mail as read.
  • Mark mail as unread
  • Mark sent mail as your response.
  • Close-out sent mail.
  • Create a mail signature.
  • Create a mail template (auto-text)
  • Set a default template (auto-text) for a mail type.

Other Tasks in Mail

  • Create a mailing group
  • Send mail to a group
  • Add notes to mail
  • View mail awaiting approval
  • Print mail


Workflows make it easy to set up, track, and complete document reviews on your project.

  • What are Workflows
  • Review Document in a Workflow
  • Start and Manage Document Reviews
  • Create and edit Review Templates
  • Workflows for Org Admins
  • Workflows for Project Admins
  • Sub workflows

Tasks in Aconex

Use the Tasks page to manage your 'to do' list in Aconex.

  • Tour of the Tasks page
  • Clearing tasks from your Tasks page
  • Opening mail from the Tasks page
  • Receive automatic email notifications for overdue tasks
  • Managing your mail via the Tasks page
  • Opening a document transmittal
  • Open documents in a workflow to review them.

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