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Professional Cloud Service Manager Training

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Overview of the course:

In an increasingly interconnected and complex IT environment, IT management is under pressure to deliver more agile IT services and adapt to change. Organizations are adopting strategies that include cloud computing in order to meet these challenges and offer reliable, flexible, and scalable services. Service management professionals are challenged to help organizations optimally ensure measurable service delivery and management in cloud environments.

The Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM) certification enables participants to design and deliver cloud services. The certification provides a hands-on, practical approach to understanding how cloud computing and cloud-based services impact operations, and how to adapt existing processes to deliver better services. The PCSM takes these factors and ITIL® best practices into account to bridge service management gaps in cloud adoption.

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Professional Cloud Service Manager

Learning Outcome:

  • Recall cloud service management terminology, definitions, and concepts.
  • Explain basic terminology related to cloud service management.
  • Analyze an organization's strategic assets and capabilities to successfully design, deploy, and run cloud services.
  • Identify and explain important roles involved in cloud service management.
  • Compare the relationship between the cloud provider and cloud consumer.
  • Differentiate between potential risks and benefits of adopting a cloud strategy.
  • Produce an initial cloud adoption strategy.
  • Illustrate the benefits and drive the adoption of cloud-based services within an organization.
  • Identify strategies to reduce risk and remove issues associated with the adoption of cloud computing and cloud-based services.
  • Analyze the impact of demand and how to “right-size” cloud services at the design stage.
  • Outline what a cloud marketplace is and differentiate between the consumer's and provider's perspective of a cloud marketplace.
  • Analyze effective demand management across cloud-based service models.
  • Illustrate the benefits, risks, and issues of DevOps within an IT organization.
  • Select appropriate structures for designing, deploying, and running cloud-based services within traditional IT organizations.
  • Outline the various pricing models for cloud services.
  • Examine the challenges with purchasing cloud-based services.
  • Diagram a hybrid IT cost model.
  • Discover key governance requirements of cloud service provision

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Who needs this certification?

  • IT Managers and CIOs
  • Service Managers (with or without an ITIL background)
  • Service Management Professionals
  • Cloud Strategy and Management Consultants
  • Service Architects, Technical Pre­Sales Consultants
  • IT Professionals

Detailed Course Content:

Module 1. Cloud Service Management Fundamentals

  • History of Cloud Computing
  • Basics of Cloud Service Management
  • Service Perspectives
  • Relationship with IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • Cloud Service and Support Models

Module 2. Cloud Service Management Roles

      • Cloud Management Roles
      • Service Management Roles
      • Organizational Roles

Module 3. Cloud Service Strategy

      • Cloud Strategy Fundamentals
      • Key Drivers for Adoption
      • Risk Management Overview

Module 4. Cloud Service Design, Deployment and Migration

      • Basics of Cloud Service Design
      • Dealing with Legacy Systems, Services and Applications
      • Benchmarking of Cloud Services
      • Cloud Service Capability Planning
      • Cloud Service Deployment and Onboarding
      • The Cloud Store

Module 5. Cloud Service Management

      • Cloud Service Management Perspective
      • Cloud Service Level Management & Service Assurance
      • DevOps in a Cloud Environment
      • Managing Cloud Service Configurations
      • Change Management for Cloud Computing Environments
      • Reacting to demand for Cloud Services

Module 6. Cloud Service Economics

      • Pricing Models for Cloud Services
      • Procurement of Cloud Based Services
      • Cloud Service Charging

Module 7. Cloud Service Governance

      • Basic Governance Definitions
      • Cloud Governance Framework
      • Cloud Governance Considerations

Module 8. Showing the Value of Cloud Services to the Business

      • Understanding the Value of Cloud Services
      • Linking the Value of Cloud Services to Strategy
      • Measuring the Value of Cloud Services

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About Certification and Awarding Body:

Certification Title: Professional Cloud Service Manager

About Awarding Body:

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is an international member-based organization mandated to drive cloud readiness through effective competence development. The CCC has established critical cloud certifications for key IT roles in order to cultivate cloud-ready IT professionals. The certification scheme was developed after several years’ research investment in over 20 roles led by industry experts in conjunction with the leading technology vendors in the cloud computing arena.

Exam Pattern:

Professional Cloud Service Manager Certification Exam
Exam Type Scenario Based, Complex Multiple Choice
No. of Questions 25
Duration 75 minutes
Additional Time


15 minutes additional time for candidates who speak English as a second language.
Prerequisite There are no prerequisites. It is recommended that participants have achieved the Cloud Technology Associate certification (or its equivalent) and that participants are conversant in cloud concepts and vocabulary. Participants further benefit from a strong background in IT service management, who have completed one or more ITIL certifications or who have practical experience in IT service management best-practices.
Supervised (Proctored) Yes (Web/Live)
Open Book No
Pass Score 65%
Delivery Online

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