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Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate Course in Dubai

Overview of Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate Course

Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate course,Microsoft 365 Safety and security Administrators proactively protected Microsoft 365 enterprise as well as crossbreed environments, carry out and also manage safety as well as conformity options, respond to dangers, and enforce information administration. Zabeel Institute is considered as the best training institute in Dubai  for Microsoft 365 Certified Security course.

Job role: Administrator

Required exams: MS-500

Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate Course Certification details

Exam MS-500: Microsoft 365 Security Administration

Languages: English, Japanese

This examination measures your ability to accomplish the adhering to technological jobs: carry out as well as manage identification as well as accessibility; apply as well as take care of risk defense; apply as well as take care of details protection; and manage administration as well as compliance features in Microsoft 365.

Prospects for this test execute, take care of, and display safety and security and also compliance services for Microsoft 365 as well as crossbreed settings. The Microsoft 365 Safety Manager proactively secures Microsoft 365 business settings, replies to risks, carries out examinations, and also imposes data governance. The Microsoft 365 Protection Manager works together with the Microsoft 365 Venture Manager, company stakeholders, and various other workload administrators to plan as well as execute safety and security methods as well as ensures that the remedies comply with the policies and regulations of the organization.

Candidates for this examination know with Microsoft 365 workloads and also have solid skills as well as experience with identity protection, information protection, threat protection, safety and security monitoring, and information governance. This function concentrates on the Microsoft 365 atmosphere and includes hybrid settings.

Part of the requirements for: Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate

Skills measured

  • Implement and also take care of identity and also gain access to
  • Implement and also handle risk protection
  • Carry out and also handle information defense
  • Manage governance and also compliance attributes in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate

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Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate Course Course content

Exam MS-500: Microsoft 365 Security Administration

Deploy Windows (15-20%)

Install Windows 10

  • strategy Azure AD authentication alternatives
  • strategy Azure ADVERTISEMENT synchronization alternatives
  • display and also troubleshoot Azure AD Link occasions

Secure Identities

  • execute Azure ADVERTISEMENT team membership
  • implement password management
  • set up as well as take care of identification governance

Implement authentication methods

  • Strategy sign-on security
  • Apply multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Take care of and check MFA.
  • Plan and also implement device verification techniques like Windows Hello.
  • Set up and also take care of Azure ADVERTISEMENT user verification alternatives as well as self-service password administration.

Implement conditional access

  • Prepare for compliance and conditional accessibility policies
  • configure and also handle device compliance for endpoint security
  • apply and take care of conditional access

Implement role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Plan for duties.
  • Set up functions.
  • Audit roles.

Implement Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

  • Plan for Azure PIM.
  • Designate qualification as well as turn on admin roles.
  • Take care of Azure PIM role demands as well as jobs.
  • Display PIM background as well as alerts.

Implement Azure AD Identity Protection

  • Carry out user danger plan.
  • Implement sign-in risk plan.
  • Configure Identity Defense signals.
  • Review and reply to take the chance of events.

Implement and manage threat protection (20-25%)

 Implement an enterprise hybrid threat protection solution

  • plan a Microsoft Protector for Identity service
  • set up and also set up Microsoft Protector for Identification
  • screen as well as manage Microsoft Protector for Identification

Implement device threat protection

  • strategy a Microsoft Defender for Endpoint remedy
  • apply Microsoft Protector for Endpoint
  • handle and check Microsoft Protector For Endpoint

Implement and manage device and application protection

  • plan for tool and application protection
  • set up as well as manage Microsoft Defender Application Guard
  • set up as well as take care of Microsoft Protector Application Control
  • configure and also handle exploit security
  • configure Secure Boot
  • configure and also handle Windows gadget file encryption
  • set up as well as take care of non-Windows tool file encryption
  • plan for protecting applications data on gadgets
  • execute application security policies

Implement and manage Microsoft Defender for Office 365

  • configure Microsoft Defender for Workplace 365
  • display Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • conduct substitute assaults utilizing Assault Simulator

Monitor Microsoft 365 Securities with Azure Sentinel

  • strategy and also implement Azure Sentinel
  • set up playbooks in Azure Guard
  • handle and also keep an eye on Azure Sentinel
  • reply to threats in Azure Sentinel

Implement and manage information protection (15-20%)

Secure data access within Office 365

  • execute and also manage Customer Lockbox
  • configure data accessibility in Office 365 partnership work
  • configure B2B sharing for external customers

Manage sensitivity labels

  • Plan a sensitivity tag remedy
  • Set up level of sensitivity tags and policies.
  • configure as well as utilize label analytics
  • use level of sensitivity tags with Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive and
  • Workplace applications

Manage Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Strategy a DLP solution.
  • Create and also take care of DLP policies.
  • Develop as well as take care of sensitive information kinds.
  • Display DLP reports.
  • Take care of DLP notifications.

Implement and manage Microsoft Cloud App Security

  • Plan Cloud App Security application.
  • Set up Microsoft Cloud Application Protection.
  • Handle cloud app exploration.
  • Manage access in the Cloud app magazine.
  • Take care of apps in Cloud Application Safety.
  • Handle Microsoft Cloud Application Safety And Security.
  • Set up Cloud Application Safety adapters and Oauth apps.
  • Set up Cloud App Protection policies and themes.
  • Evaluation, translates and also reply to Cloud Application Protection notifies, reports, control panels and also logs.

Manage governance and compliance features in Microsoft 365 (25- 30%)

Configure and analyze security reporting

  • Monitor and manage gadget safety standing using Microsoft Endpoint Supervisor Admin Center
  • Manage and also monitor security as well as control panels using
  • Microsoft 365 Security Facility.
  • prepare for custom security reporting with Graph Protection API
  • usage safe and secure rating control panels to review actions as well as recommendations

Manage and analyze audit logs and reports

  • prepare for bookkeeping and coverage
  • do audit log search
  • evaluation as well as translate conformity reports and dashboards
  • configure audit sharp policy

Manage data governance and retention

  • plan for data governance and also retention
  • review and interpret information administration reports and dashboards
  • set up retention tags and policies
  • define data administration occasion kinds
  • define and also manage communication compliance policies
  • configure Info holds
  • discover and recoup erased Office 365 information
  • set up information archiving
  • handle inactive mail boxes

Manage search and investigation

  • prepare for content search as well as exploration
  • delegate approvals to make use of search as well as discovery devices
  • use search and also investigation tools to do content searches
  • export content search results page
  • manage discovery instances

Manage data privacy regulation compliance

  • prepare for regulatory compliance in Microsoft 365
  • evaluation as well as interpret GDPR control panels and records
  • Handle Information Subject Requests (DSRs).
  • Administer Conformity Supervisor in Microsoft 365 compliance facility.
  • Review Compliance Manager Records.
  • Create and carry out Compliance Manager Assessments and action items.

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