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Artificial Intelligence Training Course – Entry Level

Overview of the Course Artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of Information Technology and Computer Science, and artificial intelligence uses to solve human tasks and industry problems in Health care Industries, Marketing fields, Military, Cybersecurity, Finance, Economics, Hospitality, Etc. Here is the detailed repository for an Entry Level Artificial intelligence training course and Machine Learning course for complete beginners. The period begins by covering the basics of AI and Machine Learning and has many code and notebook examples.  The course covers basic Artificial intelligence training and machine learning algorithms and progresses to building full-scale deep neural networks. By the end of the course, you will be able to create your machine-learning algorithms and deep neural networks and complete many different types of projects. The Artificial Intelligence training in Dubai offers a comprehensive comprehension of fundamental techniques to construct intelligent computer systems and their practical application in problem-solving. Learning Outcome: The primary learning objectives of the Artificial Intelligence training in Dubai are to:
  1. Identify problems where artificial intelligence techniques are applicable
  2. Apply selected basic AI techniques; judge the applicability of more advanced techniques.
  3. Participate in the design of systems that act intelligently and learn from experience.
Who needs the AI course?
  • Candidates have to qualify 10+2 exam from a recognized board with Science (Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects)
  • The artificial Intelligence course recommends for people with Engineering, Computer science IT, and multiple programming language background. 
  • School students who are interested in Robotics. 
  • Those who interested in Programming Language 
  • Those who work in Marketing, Application, Web Developer, and Data scientist 
Detailed Course Content These eight weeks Modules help you to prepare and learn the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Entry Level course. Introduction to AI
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • History of AI  
  • Overview of Machine Learning
  • Importance of search for AI
Learning Code
  • What is machine learning?
  • Machine Learning Code
Deep Learning
  • Overview of Deep Learning
Convolutional Neural Networks  Keras CNN Walkthrough  Projects For more details about Zabeel Institute & Entry Level Artificial intelligence training in Dubai, Please contact us! To learn more about Artificial Intelligence, click here. To know more about other courses in IT Academy, click here.  


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