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Webinar on CMA “Why Should I Become a CMA? Is It Worth?” – conducted by IMA

We are pleased to announce a free virtual CMA Information sessions in association with IMA Institute of Management Accountants, UAE. This webinar is aimed to anyone who wants to know about CMA in general

The CMA Webinar session will cover a deep dive into:

Is the CMA certification worth it? Becoming a CMA takes dedication – dedication of your time and finances. So is it worth doing?

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is one of the major accounting certifications that can propel you toward increased achievement and success. In order to become a CMA, you have to become a member of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), pass the CMA exam, and fulfill education and experience requirements. If you’re wondering, “Why should I become a CMA? Is it worth?” attend this session.

Webinar Content

  • What is IMA and CMA certification?
  • Why Should I Become a CMA? What are CMA Benefits?
  • How CMA opens doors into the business world?
  • How CMA advances your career?
  • How CMA increases your earning potential?
  • How CMA gives you credibility and status?
  • How tough is the exam?
  • How much you need to invest to earn CMA?

Webinar Details:

 Webinar   Title  CMA Information
Webinar Date   &  Time

Date: 19/7/2020

Time : 7pm – 8pm


 Zoom Meeting
 Link will be shared on   the day   of Webinar to   the registered   attendees.

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Last date  for  registration


16th   July 2020


How to  Register


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 Once registered, we will send   webinar link to the registered   candidates on the webinar date.


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