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MCSA: Web Applications Course in Dubai

MCSA Web Applications Course Overview

To gain the MCSA Web Applications course certification, finish the list below demands:

  • Pass exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
  • And pass one of the following exams:
    • 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
    • 70-483: Programming in C#

Job role: Developer

Required exams: 70-480, 70-483, 70-486

MCSA Web Applications Course Certification details

Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)

MCSA Web Applications Candidates for this test are designers with a minimum of one year of experience creating with HTML in an object-based, event-driven programs version, as well as programming crucial business logic for a variety of application kinds, equipment, and software program platforms using JavaScript.

MCSA web applications course Candidates should likewise have a comprehensive understanding of the following:

  • Managing program circulation as well as occasions
  • Asynchronous shows
  • Data recognition as well as collaborating with data collections including JQuery
  • Taking care of errors as well as exemptions
  • Selections and collections
  • Collaborating with variables, drivers, as well as expressions
  • Dealing with prototypes and approaches
  • Decision as well as iteration statements

Part of the requirements for: MCSA Web Applications Course

Exam 70-483: Programming in C#

Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)

Prospects for this test are developers with at least one year of experience programs vital service logic for a selection of application types, equipment, and software platforms using C#.

MCSA web applications Course Candidates should additionally have a detailed understanding of the following:

  • Managing program flow and also events
  • Asynchronous programs as well as threading
  • Data recognition as well as collaborating with data collections including LINQ
  • Managing mistakes and also exemptions
  • Dealing with ranges and collections
  • Dealing with variables, drivers, as well as expressions
  • Collaborating with courses as well as approaches
  • Decision as well as model statements

Part of the requirements for: MCSA: Universal Windows Platform MCSA Web Applications

Exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)

Prospects for this examination are specialist designers who use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 as well as ASP.NET to make and also develop web services. Candidates should have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience developing Microsoft ASP.NET MVC-based remedies as well as expertise of Microsoft Azure Web Applications.
Candidates should likewise have the following experience:

  • Creating and establishing web applications in an ASP.NET MVC model
  • Preparation as well as making user interaction services based upon business requirements
  • Experience with the full software program advancement life process of internet applications
  • Developing and deploying to multi-tier settings, consisting of Azure
    Creating and creating asynchronous options

Part of the requirements for: MCSA: Web Applications MCSD: App Builder

MCSA Web Applications Course- Skills measured

  • none

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MCSA Web Applications

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MCSA web applications course content

70-480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Implement and Manipulate Document Structures and Objects (20-25%)

Create the document structure by using HTML

  • Structure the UI by using semantic markup, consisting of markup for internet search engine and also display readers, such as Area, Short Article, Nav, Header, Footer, and also Apart; develop a format container in HTML

Write code that interacts with UI controls

  • Programmatically include and also customize HTML elements; implement media controls; carry out HTML5 canvas as well as SVG graphics

Apply styling to HTML elements programmatically

  • Change the area of a component; use a change; program and hide aspects

Implement HTML5 APIs

  • Implement storage space APIs as well as the Moving API

Establish the scope of objects and variables

  • Define the lifetime of variables; maintain things out of the worldwide namespace; make use of the "this" key phrase to reference a things that discharged an event; scope variables locally and also worldwide

Create and implement objects and methods

  • Carry out native items; develop personalized items and also custom-made properties for indigenous objects utilizing models as well as functions; acquire from an item; carry out native approaches as well as develop personalized methods

Implement Program Flow (25-30%)

Implement program flow

  • Iterate across collections and also variety products; handle program choices by utilizing button statements, if/then, as well as operators; review expressions

Raise and handle an event

Deal with typical events revealed by DOM (OnBlur, OnFocus, OnClick); state and also handle bubbled events; handle an event by utilizing an anonymous function

Implement exception handling

  • Establish and also respond to mistake codes; toss an exception; request for null checks; implement try-catch-finally obstructs

Implement synchronous programming

  • Get messages from the HTML5 WebSocket API; usage JQuery to make an AJAX telephone call; wire up an event; carry out a callback by using anonymous features; deal with the "this" reminder

Create a web worker process

  • Begin and also quit a web employee; pass information to an internet employee; configure timeouts and periods on the web employee; sign up an occasion audience for the internet employee; restrictions of an internet employee

Access and Secure Data (25-30%)

Validate user input by using HTML5 elements

  • Select the appropriate controls based upon needs; execute HTML input types and material attributes to accumulate customer input

Validate user input by using JavaScript

  • Evaluate a regular expression to verify the input layout; validate that you are getting the appropriate kind of information kind by using integrated functions; prevent code injection

Consume data

  • Eat JSON and also XML information; obtain data by using internet solutions; load data or get data from various other resources by using XML HTTP Demand

Serialize, deserialize, and transmit data

  • Take care of binary information; handle message information such as JSON and XML; implement the JQuery serialize method; handle web types with Form. Submit; parse information; send data by using XML HTTP Request; disinfect input by using URI/form inscribing.

Use CSS3 in Applications (25-30%)

Style HTML text properties

  • Apply styles to text appearance; use designs to a text typeface, consisting of WOOF, @font- face, dimension, and also understudy fonts; use designs to message alignment, spacing, and also imprint; apply designs to message hyphenation; use designs for a text decline shadow

Style HTML box properties

  • Apply styles to alter appearance characteristics, including size, boundaries, rounded corners, summary, extra padding, as well as margin; use styles to alter graphic results, including openness, opacity, history picture, gradients, shadow, and clipping; use designs to develop and change a component's position

Create a flexible content layout

  • Execute a layout making use of an adaptable box design; implement a multi-column format; apply a format making use of placement drifting and exclusions; implement a layout utilizing grid placement; execute a layout utilizing regions, organizing, and also nesting

Create an animated and adaptive UI

  • Stimulate objects by using CSS changes; apply 3-D and 2-D transformations; change UI based on media inquiries, consisting of tool adjustments for output formats, display screens, and representations; conceal or disable controls

Find elements by using CSS selectors and JQuery

  • Pick the appropriate selector to reference an aspect; specify aspect, design, and also quality selectors; locate components by utilizing pseudo-elements as well as pseudo-classes

Structure a CSS file by using CSS selectors

  • Recommendation elements correctly; execute inheritance; override inheritance by utilizing! crucial; design an element based upon pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes

70-483: Programming in C#

Manage Program Flow (25-30%)

Implement multithreading and asynchronous processing

  • Use the Job Identical library, including theParallel.For method, PLINQ, Jobs; develop continuation tasks; generate threads by utilizing Thread Pool; unblock the UI; use async and also wait for keyword phrases; handle information by using simultaneous collections

Manage multithreading

  • Integrate resources; apply securing; cancel a long-running job; implement thread-safe techniques to deal with race conditions

Implement program flow

  • Iterate throughout collection and range products; program choices by utilizing switch statements, if/then, and also drivers; examine expressions

Create and implement events and callbacks

  • Produce event handlers; register for and also unsubscribe from occasions; use integrated delegate types to develop events; produce delegates; lambda expressions; confidential techniques

Implement exception handling

  • Handle exemption kinds, including SQL exemptions, network exemptions, interaction exceptions, as well as network timeout exemptions; use catch declarations; use base class of an exception; execute try-catch finally blocks; toss exemptions; rethrow an exception; create custom exceptions; take care of internal exceptions; deal with aggregate exceptions

Create and Use Types (25-30%)

Create types

  • Produce worth kinds, consisting of structs as well as enum; create referral kinds, generic kinds, constructors, static variables, approaches, courses, extension approaches; create optional and called specifications; develop indexed homes; develop overloaded and overriden approaches

Consume types

  • Box or unbox to transform between value types; cast types; convert types; deal with vibrant types; ensure interoperability with code that accesses COM APIs

Enforce encapsulation

  • Impose encapsulation by using homes; enforce encapsulation by using assessors, consisting of public, exclusive, protected, and also interior; implement encapsulation by using specific user interface application

Create and implement a class hierarchy

  • Design and implement a user interface; inherit from a base class; produce and also carry out courses based upon the Matchless, Enumerable, I Disposable, as well as I Unidentified user interfaces

Find, execute, and create types at runtime by using reflection

  • Produce and use attributes; read characteristics; generate code at runtime by using Code Dom and lambda expressions; usage kinds from the System. Representation namespace, including Setting up, Building Info, Technique Information, Kind

Manage the object life cycle

  • Manage unmanaged sources; execute I Non reusable, including communication with finalization; handle I Disposable by using the Using statement; handle completion as well as trash

Manipulate strings

  • Adjust strings by utilizing the String Building contractor, String Writer, and String Visitor courses; search strings; specify string techniques; style strings; use string interpolation

Debug Applications and Implement Security (25-30%)

Validate application input

  • Verify JSON data; choose the appropriate data collection type; take care of data stability; evaluate a routine expression to confirm the input layout; usage integrated functions to verify information type and also web content

Perform symmetric and asymmetric encryption

  • Pick an appropriate encryption formula; handle as well as develop certificates; carry out vital monitoring; apply the System. Safety namespace; hashing information; secure streams

Manage assemblies

  • Variation settings up; sign assemblies using strong names; execute side-by-side organizing; placed an assembly in the international setting up cache; produce a WinMD setting up

Debug an application

  • Develop and manage preprocessor regulations; choose a suitable construct kind; manage program database files (debug symbols).

Implement diagnostics in an application

  • Carry out logging and tracing; profiling applications; produce and also monitor efficiency counters; contact the occasion log.

Implement Data Access (25-30%)

Perform I/O operations

  • Read as well as compose documents and streams; check out as well as create from the network by using courses in the System.Net namespace; apply asynchronous I/O operations

Consume data

  • Fetch data from a database; update data in a data source; eat JSON as well as XML information; obtain data by using web solutions

Query and manipulate data and objects by using LINQ

  • Inquiry data by utilizing operators, consisting of projection, join, team, take, miss, aggregate; create method based LINQ queries; inquiry information by using query understanding phrase structure; select information by utilizing anonymous types; force execution of a question; read, filter, produce, as well as customize data frameworks by utilizing LINQ to XML

Serialize and DE serialize data

  • Serialize and also DE serialize data by utilizing binary serialization, personalized serialization, XML Serializer, JSON Serializer, and Information Agreement Serialize

Store data in and retrieve data from collections

  • Store and also retrieve information by utilizing dictionaries, arrays, checklists, sets, as well as queues; pick a collection type; initialize a collection; add as well as remove items from a collection; usage entered vs. non-typed collections; carry out custom-made collections; carry out collection user interfaces

70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

Design the application architecture (15-20%)

Plan the application layers

  • Plan information gain access to; prepare for splitting up of issues,; ideal use of designs, sights, controllers, sight components, as well as service dependency shot; pick between client-side and also server-side processing; design for scalability;; choose in between ASP.NET Core and also ASP.NET; select when to use.NET typical collections

Design a distributed application

  • Design a hybrid application; plan for session administration in a distributed atmosphere; plan internet farms; run Microsoft Azure solutions on-premises with Azure Load; enable deferred handling via Azure features (consisting of lines up, arranged, and also on-demand work, Azure Functions, and Azure Web Jobs,).

Design and implement the Azure Web Apps life cycle

  • Determine and also execute Beginning, Run, and also Quit events; code against application events in applications; set up start-up jobs, including IIS, application pool arrangement, and also third-party devices.

Configure state management

  • Select a state administration device consisting of in-process out of procedure, as well as Redis- based state monitoring; plan for scalability; use cookies or regional storage to keep state; apply configuration setups in web.config data; implement session much less state including, quiz Strings;-RRB-, configure middleware to allow session and also application state in ASP.NET Core.

Design a caching strategy

  • Apply web page outcome caching and also; apply information caching; develop cache profiles; implement HTTP caching; Azure Redis caching; plan a material shipment network (CDN) strategy, for example, Azure CDN.

Design and implement a Web Socket strategy

  • Read and write string and binary data asynchronously; select a connection loss technique; make a decision when to use Internet Outlets; execute SignalR; allow internet socket features in an Azure Internet App circumstances.

Design a configuration management solution

  • Manage setup resources, consisting of XML, JSON, and also INI files; handle setting variables; execute Choice objects; execute numerous atmospheres using documents as well as ordered framework; take care of sensitive setup; react to runtime configuration adjustments; execute a personalized setup resource; secure arrangement by using Azure Trick Vault; utilize the Secret Supervisor device in development to conceal out of your code for configuration values.

Interact with the host environment

  • Work with documents system using file providers; work with environment variables; establish organizing setting capabilities; execute indigenous components, including PInvoke and indigenous reliances for hosts including Linux and also Windows; usage ASP.NET hosting on an Open Web Interface for.NET (OWIN)- based server.

Compose an application by using the framework pipeline

  • Include customized request handling components to the pipeline; add, remove, as well as set up solutions made use of in the application; style as well as implement middleware; style for kestrel, Http.sys internet server and also IIS; layout and also implement start-up filters.

Design the build and deployment architecture (10-15%)

Design a browser artifact builds strategy

  • Layout a JavaScript develop pipeline using Gulp, Grunt, npm and also Arbor; style an artifact build technique utilizing Less, Sass as well as Font style Awesome; design as well as carry out a bundling and also minification technique for broswer artefacts, consisting of JavaScript, CSS and also photos.

Design a server builds strategy

  • Manage NuGet dependences; target runtimes, consisting of the full.NET Framework,. WEB core, and.NET criterion; handle debug and launch configurations, consisting of compilation and optimization options; consist of or exclude data from construct; manage construct sources, consisting of material, sources, and also shared documents; apply metadata for tasks, consisting of version, release notes, as well as descriptions; specify other build options, including xmlDoc as well as warnings AsErrors; work with static files in ASP.NET core

Design a publishing strategy

  • Apply application posting utilizing dotnet.exe; manage posting choices in csproj; carry out added tooling; apply pre-publish and post-publish manuscripts; carry out native compilation; publish to Dockers container photo

Implement an Azure deployment strategy

  • Implementation versions including FTP, Kudu, Internet Deploy, and also Visual Studio Publishing Wizard; arrangement ARM- based sources while deploying applications; implement implementation settings, including dev., test, and also prod in Azure; usage implementation slots for presenting websites; release to Azure Stack

Implement an on-premises deployment strategy

  • Release application to IIS using Web Deploy, xcopy, and also Visual Studio Posting Wizard; release application to Windows Nano Web server, deploy application to IIS Hosted Internet Core, deploy application to HTTP.sys web server; deploy application to Kestrel on Windows and Linux; implement reverse proxying to Kestrel using IIS as well as Nginx

Design the User Experience (15-20%)

Create elements of the user interface for a web application

  • Develop and apply styles by utilizing CSS; structure and also set out the user interface by utilizing HTML,; implement vibrant page content based upon a design

Design and implement UI behavior

  • Carry out client-side recognition; usage JavaScript to control the DOM; extend items by utilizing prototypal inheritance; usage AJAX to make partial web page updates;

Design the UI layout of an application

  • Carry out partial views and view parts for reuse in various locations of the application; layout and also apply pages by using Razor Pages; layout and also carry out designs to offer aesthetic structure; specify and also provide optional as well as necessary page sections; produce as well as use tag and HTML helpers to streamline markup

Plan a responsive UI layout

  • Plan for applications that work on multiple tools as well as display resolutions; usage media queries and also Bootstrap's responsive grid; identify internet browser functions and capacities; create an internet application that encounters numerous internet browsers and also mobile devices; enable consistent cross-browser experiences with polyfills

Plan mobile UI strategy

  • Apply mobile particular UI aspects such as touch input, low transmission capacity circumstances, as well as gadget alignment changes; define as well as carry out a strategy for dealing with mobile web browsers

Develop the User Experience (15-20%)

Plan for search engine optimization and accessibility

  • Usage analytical tools to parse HTML; offer an xml sitemap and robots.txt documents to enhance scraping; create semantic markup for ease of access, for instance, display viewers; usage abundant fragments to increase material presence

Plan and implement globalization and localization

  • Plan a localization strategy; develop as well as use resources to UI consisting of JavaScript resources; established societies; carry out server side localization as well as globalization

Design and implement MVC controllers and actions

  • Apply permission features, filters consisting of international, authentication, as well as over riddable filters choose and also implement custom-made HTTP status codes and also feedbacks; execute activity results; implement MVC locations; carry out Dependence Shot for services in controllers.

Design and implement routes

Define a path to manage an URL pattern; apply course constraints; disregard URL patterns; add custom-made course criteria; define locations; define paths that interoperate with Single Web page Application frameworks such as Angular;

Control application behavior by using MVC extensibility points

  • Create custom middleware and inject it into the pipe; carry out MVC filters and controller factories; control application behavior by using action outcomes, model binders, as well as course handlers; infuse services right into a view.

MCSA Web Applications-Design and implement serialization and model binding

  • Serialize models as well as information making use of supported serialization layouts, consisting of JSON, XML, protobuf, and WCF/SOAP; execute version and building binding, consisting of customized binding as well as design validation; carry out internet outlet interaction in MVC; apply file uploading and multipart data; use Car Rest to build clients.

Troubleshoot and Debug MCSA Web Applications (20-25%)

Prevent and troubleshoot runtime issues

  • Troubleshoot efficiency, protection, as well as mistakes; implement mapping, logging, as well as debugging consisting of IntelliTrace enable and configure health surveillance including Performance Display; set up and also utilize Application Insights runtime telemetry.

Design an exception handling strategy

  • Manage exceptions throughout several layers; usage MVC middleware to set up error handling; make use of different exception handling techniques for different settings; create and show customized error pages; configure a custom-made pipeline for error handling; deal with first opportunity exceptions; configure as well as make use of App Insights; log application exceptions;

Test a web application

  • Create and run device examinations, for instance, use the Assert course, create mocks and stubs; produce and also run web examinations including making use of Browser Link; debug an internet application in multiple browsers as well as mobile emulators; usage Azure DevTest Labs; usage Visual Workshop Group Services.

Debug an Azure application

  • Gather analysis details by utilizing Azure App Insights; choose log types, for instance, occasion logs, performance counters, and also collision dumps; stream logs straight to Visual Studio from a deployed website; debug an Azure application by using Visual Workshop and also Workshop as well as remote debugging; interact straight with remote Azure websites making use of Server Traveler

Design and Implement Security (15-20%)

Configure authentication

  • Authenticate users; apply verification settings; apply ASP.NET Core Identity; allow Facebook, Google as well as other exterior carriers; carry out account verification, password healing, and also multi-factor verification. P; carry out verification making use of Azure Active Directory site, Azure Active Directory Site B2C, Azure Active Directory Site B2B, and Microsoft Identity manage user session by using cookies; acquire access symbols making use of the Microsoft Verification Library (MSAL).

Configure and apply authorization

  • Create duties; authorize functions programmatically; configure and also deal with personalized UserStores using middleware; configure controllers and activities to participate in authorization Style and execute claims-based verification.

Manage data integrity

  • Apply encryption to application information; use encryption to the setup areas of an application; sign application data to prevent meddling; safe information making use of Azure Trick Vault; execute security for information defense making use of the information security APIs en route as well as at rest.

Implement a secure site

  • Safe and secure communication by applying SSL certifications; call for SSL for all demands; enable SSL hosting in the development atmosphere; implement SSL making use of Azure Load Balancers; salt and also hash passwords for storage; use HTML encoding to stop cross-site scripting assaults (ANTI-XSS Library); apply deferred recognition as well as take care of invalidated demands, as an example, type, inquiry string, as well as URL; prevent SQL shot attacks by parameterizing questions; stop cross-site request bogus (XSRF); Azure Protection Facility to check Azure resources; implement Cross Beginning Source Sharing (CORS); implement security against open redirect strikes.

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