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JAVA Programming Course

Java is used  in many ways today including  to build Android apps and also to build complex and specialized web applications that use and/or manage a lot of data. Java has excellent frameworks and integrates very well with industry-level build systems such as maven and gradle, which makes it a very good language to develop programs in. 

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Overview of the course

Java is used in many ways today including building Android apps and also building complex and specialized web applications that use and/or manage a lot of data. Java has excellent frameworks and integrates very well with industry-level build systems such as maven and gradle, which makes it a very good language to develop programs in. It has the huge advantage of being popular which in turn makes people write more and more libraries and frameworks for it, which makes the language resemble a Swiss Army Knife when it comes to writing code that’s meant to be production-ready.

JAVA programming course gives the experienced Java programmer a firm understanding of web application development in the Java Enterprise environment. Students learn the Servlets, JSP, and JSTL standards and how to mesh them into an effective methodology for building maintainable model/view/controller web applications. Students also work with relational databases and are exposed to practicalities of using both JDBCand JPA-based persistence tiers. The course also introduces security concepts and provides exercises in both declarative and programmatic approaches to authentication and authorization for Java web applications.

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Learning Outcome of JAVA Programming Course:

The JAVA programming course would be focusing on the Learning outcomes like Implement Object Oriented Programming Concepts,_ Use and create packages and interfaces in a Java program, Use the graphical user interface in Java programs, Develop Swing-based GUI, Develop client/server applications and TCP/IP socket programming, Update and retrieve the data from the databases using SQL, Develop component-based Java software using JavaBeans, Explain the JSP technology, its features, and advantages, Explain Web development process and various server-side technologies, Develop JSP applications using JSP Tags, etc

  • Understand the value of web applications to an IT enterprise, the importance of the Java EE platform in enabling web development.
  • Build servlets to respond to HTTP requests.
  • Build JavaServer Pages to define HTTP responses.
  • Combine servlets and JSPs in a model/view/controller architecture to maximize efficiency and maintainability of application code.

Who needs the course?

Java programmers develop business and Web applications for a variety of platforms using the Java programming language. Java allows for fast processing in games, software applications, and utilities for the Internet, computer, and mobile devices. Java programmers often work alone but may collaborate with software developers and engineers. These programmers require the JAVA programming course.

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Detailed Course Content:

Following topics are the course content for JAVA programming course:

Module 1: Core Java Programming

Introduction to Java

  • Creation of Java
  • Features of Java 5
  • Overview of Programming with JDK
  • Discuss the Java Security Model
  • Describe Java Virtual Machine
  • Garbage Collection and Memory Management

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Structures Programming technique
  • Object-Oriented Programming and its advantages
  • Define Objects and Classes and the relation between them
  • Explain terms-Attributes, Methods, Construction, Destruction and&Persistence
  • Discuss Data Abstraction
  • Discuss Data Encapsulation
  • Explain Polymorphism
  • Explain Inheritance

Basics of Java

Discuss the data types available in Java and utilize them in applications

Describe the various control structures and loops available in Java

Explain and utilize the various operators present in Java

  • Explain an Array
  • Data Types, Modifiers, Expressions and Operations
  • Arrays and Flow Control Statements
  • Methods and Classes

Describe class and inheritance of classes

Explain and Object and to declare one

Explain the concept of Constructors and its relation with respect to class


“this” keyword

Concept of Inner class

  • Packages and Interfaces 6

 Purpose of Modifies and its types

Explain Package

List the various Packages available in Java

Design user-defined Package

Explain the term interface and how to implement it

Practice creating an interface and implement it

  • String and String Buffer

String Class

Various Methods of the String class and how to use them

  • Java Applets

Difference between Applications and Applets

Understand the Applet Class

Create, run and execute Applets

Understand the Security Restrictions applied on Applet

Identify the various activities in an applet

Identify how to use Components and layouts in Applets

  • Graphics

 Basics of Graphic System

Explain and utilize the following geometric figures in applications

  • Lines
  • Ovals
  • Rectangle and Round Rectangle
  • 3DRectange and Arc

Discuss Color Control and how to use it to fill color in the container and the images in it

Discuss the Font Control and how to play around with it

Explain the Font Metrics class and its purpose

  • Basic Graphical User Interface Components (Abstract Window ToolKit (AWT)
  • Describe the concept of GUI

Discuss the following Handle events using the following listeners 7

  •  Action Listener
  • Item Listener
  • Window Listener
  • Component Listener
  • Mouse Listener
  • Mouse Motion Listener

Describe the following components and how to apply them in the


  • Label
  • List
  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Choice
  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • File Dialog
  • Advanced GUI Components

Discuss event handling related to mouse events

Describe the Layout Manager class and implement the types of layout in

the application.

Discuss the various containers and how to implement them

Understand Menus and apply them in the frame

  • Exception Handling

Discuss the purpose of Exception Handing in Java

Explain the types of exception in Java

Describe the use of try and catch

Explain the use of throws keyword

Explain the purpose of throw

Describe the finally keyword

  • Multithreading

Describe Multithreading 8

Creating and Managing Threads

Discuss the life cycle of threads

Understand the concept of synchronization

Explain how to set the priorities of thread

Understand what a daemon thread does

Module2: Advanced Java Programming

Swing Programming:-

Understand difference between Swing and AWT programming

Define Swing components

List Swing Packages

List the sub-classes of the Component class

Explain how swing handles events

Use JFC to write swing applets

Understand the concept of “Look and Feel”

  • Java Database Connectivity


Describe the various JDBC drivers

Identify JDBC products

Outline JDBC design considerations

Describe the Two-Tier Client-Server Model

Use JDBC to access a database

Set up a connection to the database

Create and execute SQL Statements

Describe the ResultSet object

Describe the ResultSet Meta Data interface

Define and create stored procedures

Understand the importance of database inquiry

  • Network Programming

Understand how the internet works

Explain Client/Server computing

Describe the classes of the package 9

 Describe Java’s Web-related classes

  • Input/Output Stream

Java I/O Classes and Interfaces


  • Directories
  • Using Filename Filter
  • The listFiles() Alternative
  • Creating Directories

The Stream Classes

The Byte Streams

The Character Streams

Using Stream I/O


  • Remote Method Invocation

Describe distributed Applications

Build distributed Applications

Define RMI

Outline the Java Distributed Model

List the jave.rmi packages

Explain the three-tiered layering of Java RMI

Implement RMI on a Remote and Local Host

Describe Remote Objects

  • Inner classes, Sockets, Web connectivity, Security
  • Java Beans

Define JavaBeans

Describe the Software Component Model

Understand BDK(Bean Development Kit)

List the tools for bean development

Create your own bean

Describe Custom Bean properties and events 10

 Understand Introspection Reports

Implement various types of properties

Describe event listeners

List the benefits of using JavaBeans

  • Servlets

Define a Servlet

Compile Servlets

List the advantages of using servlets

Explain the life cycle of a servlet

Describe an HTTP Servlet

Use a servlet to retrieve information

Define Session Tracking

Describe InterServlet communication

Use a servlet to access a database

Module 3: Java Server Pages

Course Contents

  • Developing Web Applications-An Overview

Describe the Web development process

Describe a typical server-side application

  • Using TCP / IP and HTTP protocols
  • Including GET, POST and Form Header methods

Compare the contemporary server-side technologies with JSP

Outline the advantages of using JSP

  • Using JSP Tags

Describe various elements of a JavaServer Page

Briefly describe various JSP Tags

Describe various Implicit Objects in JSP

Explain the use of Implicit Objects through a scriptlet 11

  • Using JSP Scriplets

Describe JSP tags in detail

Define a JSP scriptlet

Explain the use of scriptlets in JavaServer Pages

Import a Java class

Describe the tag extension mechanism

Describe the JSP lifecycle

  • Using JavaBeans in Java Server Pages

Describe various features of a JavaBean

Differentiate between a JavaBean and a Java class

Describe the basic structure of a JavaBean

Describe various ways of creating Beans and their usage scenarios

List the advantages of using beans

Explain how to access beans through JSP scriptlets

Describe the use of various JSP bean tags

Define the scope of beans

Explain the use of JavaMail APIs in JSP

  • JSP Application Models

Describe different JSP-based application models

  • Model I
  • Model II

Describe the J2EE framework

Explain the use of the Request Dispatcher Interface

Explain Exception Handling in JSP

  • Session Management

Define a session

Describe various session tracking mechanisms

Describe the implementation of session tracking mechanisms through

JavaServer Pages

  • Describe a session lifecycle
  • Extend JavaServer Pages 12

We are fully accredited Institute by KHDA and endorsed by students as the best JAVA Programming training institute in Dubai.

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