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abacus training dubai
Abacus Dubai

What is Abacus system in travel system?

Abacus Dubai is a global distribution system (GDS) just used by travel agencies in Asia. Abacus is a leading traveling technology provider that has developed technical advancements to satisfy the altering needs of travel agents and suppliers. This article discusses and explains the Abacus Dubai and Abacus Dubai- What is the Abacus system in the...Read More
Amadeus training course

Amadeus training course – How long does it take to learn Amadeus?

The Amadeus training course provides a complete introduction to the Amadeus system. It is ideal for the beginner who intends to discover the Amadeus system. This article discusses and explains the Amadeus training course and how long it takes to learn Amadeus. Scope of Amadeus training course You have 24 hours of access to the Amadeus...Read More
Sabre ticketing course

What is Sabre ticketing program?

The Sabre ticketing course Helps your developers build confidence using the Sabre software. For hotels and others in the traveling industry, the main benefit of using the Sabre GDS is the ability to disperse to take a trip representative on a worldwide level, giving them 24-hour accessibility to resort inventories. Sabre additionally uses a variety...Read More
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