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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course in Dubai

Overview of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect course

AWS Certified Solutions Architect-the AWS Qualified Solutions Engineer Associate (SAA-C02) examination is planned for individuals who carry out in a remedies architect function. The exam confirms a prospect's capacity to make secure and durable options by using AWS innovations. zabeel offers best practical training of AWS Certified Solutions Architect and aws solution architect certification

The test additionally confirms a prospect's ability to complete the adhering to tasks:

  • Layout a solution by using ideal AWS services and by adhering to architectural principles based upon needs
  • Offer execution advice based on ideal techniques to the organization throughout the work lifecycle

Target prospect description of AWS Solutions Architect course

The target candidate need to gain aws solution architect certification and contend the very least 1 year of hands-on experience creating secure, high doing, cost-efficient, highly readily available, and scalable systems by utilizing AWS services.

The target candidate needs to have the complying with the understanding of AWS Solutions Architect course:

  • Hands-on experience using computer, networking, storage space, management, and data source AWS services
  • The ability to identify as well as define technological demands for a remedy that involves AWS technology
  • The capability to determine which AWS services fulfill a given technological need
  • An understanding of best methods for developing well-architected solutions on AWS
  • An understanding of the AWS global facilities
  • An understanding of AWS security solutions and features in relation to conventional solutions

What is thought about out of scope for the target prospect?

The following is a non-exhaustive listing of associated job tasks that the target prospect is not expected to be able to do. These products are out of range for the examination:

  • Layout a complicated, hybrid network style
  • Layout identification federation within several accounts
  • Layout an architecture that satisfies compliance demands
  • Include specialized services in a style
  • Develop release methods
  • Produce a migration strategy for intricate multi-tier applications

For a detailed list of specific tools and also technologies that may be covered on the exam, as well as a list of in-scope AWS services, describe the Appendix.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam content

Response types
There are two sorts of inquiries on the test:

  • Multiple option: Has one right action and three incorrect responses (distractors).
  • Numerous feedback: Has two or even more correct feedbacks out of five or even more action choices.

Select one or more feedbacks that best total the statement or respond to the concern. Distractors, or incorrect solutions, are feedback alternatives that a candidate with incomplete expertise or ability might pick. Distractors are generally probable feedbacks that match the material location. Unanswered inquiries are racked up as inaccurate; there is no fine for thinking. The examination includes 50 inquiries that will influence your rating.

Unscored content.

The test includes 15 unscored inquiries that do not influence your score. AWS collects information regarding candidate performance on these unscored concerns to review these questions for future usage as scored questions. These unscored questions are not identified on the test.

Exam outcomes

The AWS Licensed Solutions Architect Associate exam is a pass or stop working exam. The exam is scored against a minimal typical developed by AWS professionals that follow qualification sector finest practices as well as guidelines.

Your outcomes for the test are reported as a scaled score of 100-- 1,000. The minimum passing score is 720. Your score shows how you performed on the examination in its entirety as well as whether you passed. Scaled racking up designs assist correspond scores throughout numerous examination types that may have somewhat various trouble levels. Your rating report can include a table of categories of your efficiency at each section degree.

This details supplies general comments about your test performance. The exam utilizes a compensatory scoring version, which indicates that you do not require to accomplish a passing score in each area. You require to pass only the overall exam. Each area of the test has a specific weighting, so some sections have much more questions than other sections have.

The table consists of general info that highlights your strengths as well as weak points. Use caution when translating section-level feedback. Candidates who pass the exam will certainly not receive these extra details.

AWS Solutions Architect course Content outline

This exam guide consists of weightings, examination domains, and purposes for the examination. It is not a detailed listing of the content on the exam. However, additional context for every of the purposes is offered to aid assist your preparation for the examination. The complying with table provides the main content domain names as well as their weightings.

The table precedes the total exam web content synopsis, which includes the added context. The percent in each domain represents only scored material.

Domain% of Exam
Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures30%
Domain 2: Design High-Performing Architectures28%
Domain 3: Design Secure Applications and Architectures24%
Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures18%

AWS Solutions Architect Course content-Domain 1: Layout Resilient Architectures

  • Design a multi-tier architecture option
  • Figure out an option layout based upon access patterns.
  • Determine a scaling technique for components utilized in a layout.
  • Select an ideal data source based upon demands.
  • Select an appropriate compute as well as storage service based upon needs.
  • Design very readily available and/or fault-tolerant designs
  • Identify the amount of sources required to provide a fault-tolerant style across Schedule Areas.
  • Select a highly offered arrangement to minimize single factors of failure.
  • Apply AWS services to improve the reliability of heritage applications when application modifications are not feasible.
  • Select a proper calamity recovery technique to meet service needs.
  • Recognize crucial performance indicators to make certain the high availability of the option.
  • Layout decoupling systems using AWS solutions
  • Determine which AWS services can be leveraged to accomplish loose coupling of parts.
  • Identify when to take advantage of server much less modern technologies to enable decoupling.
  • Pick proper durable storage space
  • Specify a strategy to guarantee the sturdiness of information.
  • Identify exactly how data service consistency will certainly impact the procedure of the application.
  • Select information services that will meet the accessibility demands of the application.
  • Recognize storage solutions that can be made use of with hybrid or non-cloud-native applications.

Domain 2: Style High-Performing Designs

2.1 Identify elastic as well as scalable compute options for a work

  • Select the suitable instance( s) based upon compute, storage, and networking demands.
    Select the appropriate style as well as solutions that scale to satisfy performance demands.
  • Determine metrics to keep an eye on the efficiency of the service.
  • Select high-performing and scalable storage remedies for a workload
  • Select a storage space solution and setup that fulfills performance needs.
  • Determine storage space services that can scale to accommodate future requirements.

2.2 Select high-performing networking services for a workload

  • Select proper AWS connectivity alternatives to meet performance needs.
  • Select suitable features to optimize connectivity to AWS public services.
  • Figure out an edge caching technique to supply efficiency advantages
  • Select suitable data transfer solution for migration and/or ingestion.

2.3 Pick high-performing database services for a workload

  • Select a proper data source scaling technique.
  • Establish when data source caching is needed for efficiency renovation.
  • Choose an ideal data source service to meet performance demands.

Domain 3: Layout Secure Applications and also Styles

3.1 Style safe and secure access to AWS resources

  • Establish when to choose between users, teams, as well as functions.
  • Translate the internet result of a given gain access to policy.
  • Select proper techniques to secure an origin account.
  • Establish methods to safeguard qualifications utilizing features of AWS IAM.
  • Figure out the safe and secure technique for an application to accessibility AWS APIs.
  • Select suitable solutions to develop traceability for access to AWS resources.

3.2 Design safe and secure application tiers

  • Given traffic control demands, establish when and just how to utilize safety groups and network ACLs.
  • Determine a network division method utilizing public and also exclusive subnets.
  • Select the appropriate directing device to firmly access AWS service endpoints or internet-based resources from Amazon VPC.
  • Select proper AWS services to protect applications from exterior hazards.

3.3 Select proper information security alternatives

  • Establish the policies that require to be put on objects based upon access patterns.
  • Select suitable security choices for data at rest as well as en route for AWS solutions.
  • Select suitable crucial management choices based upon needs.

Domain 4: Layout Cost-Optimized Architectures

4.1 Identify cost-effective storage space solutions

  • Establish one of the most affordable data storage choices based on demands.
  • Apply automated processes to make sure that data with time is stored on storage rates that lessen prices.
  • Recognize economical compute as well as database solutions
  • Figure out one of the most affordable EC2 payment options for each facet of the work.
  • Determine the most cost-effective data source alternatives based upon needs.
  • Select ideal scaling approaches from an expense point of view.
  • Select as well as dimension compute resources that is efficiently fit for the work.
  • Figure out alternatives to minimize complete expense of ownership (TCO) with managed
  • services and also web server less architectures

4.3 Layout cost-optimized network styles.

  • Determine when content distribution can be made use of to reduce expenses.
  • Determine techniques to lower information move prices within AWS.
  • Determine one of the most affordable connection choices between AWS and on-premises settings.


aws solution architect certification-Which key devices, technologies, and ideas might be covered on the examination?

The following is a non-exhaustive listing of the tools and technologies that might appear on the examination. This list goes through change as well as is provided to help you recognize the general scope of services, attributes, or technologies on the exam. The basic devices and also innovations in this listing appear in no particular order. AWS solutions are organized according to their primary features. While some of these innovations will likely be covered greater than others on the exam, the order and placement of them in this checklist is no indicator of relative weight or relevance:


  • Cost administration.
  • Data source.
  • Calamity healing.
  • High availability.
  • Monitoring and also governance.
  • Micro solutions and also part decoupling.
  • Migration and also data transfer.
  • Networking, connectivity, and material distribution.
  • Protection.
  • Server much less design concepts.
  • Storage space

AWS solutions as well as attributes


  • Athena.
  • Amazon Elastic search Solution ( ES).
  • EMR.
  • AWS Glue.
  • Kinesis.
  • Quick Sight.

AWS Invoicing as well as Expense Management:.

  • AWS Budgets.
  • Cost Explorer Application.


  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS).
  • Amazon Simple Line Up Service (Amazon SQS).


  • Amazon EC2.
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service ( ECS).
  • Elastic Kubernetes Solution (Amazon EKS).
  • Flexible Tons Harmonizing.
  • AWS Fargate.
  • AWS Lambda.

Data source:

  • Amazon Aurora.
  • DynamoDB.
  • ElastiCache.
  • Amazon RDS.
  • Redshift

Monitoring as well as Administration:.

  • AWS Car Scaling.
  • AWS Back-up.
  • AWS Cloud Formation.
  • AWS Cloud Route.
  • Cloud Watch.
  • AWS Config.
  • Event Bridge ( Cloud Watch Events).
  • AWS Organizations.
  • AWS Source Access Supervisor.
  • AWS Solutions Manager.
  • AWS Relied On Expert.

Migration and Transfer:.

  • AWS Data Source Migration Solution (AWS DMS).
  • AWS Data Sync.
  • AWS Movement Hub.
  • AWS Server Movement Service (AWS SMS).
  • AWS Snowball.
  • AWS Transfer Household.

Networking and Content Delivery:.

  • Amazon API Gateway.
  • Amazon Cloud Front.
  • AWS Direct Connect.
  • AWS International Accelerator.
  • Amazon Course 53.
  • AWS Transit Portal.
  • VPC (and also connected features).

Safety, Identity, and Compliance:

  • AWS Certification Supervisor (ACM).
  • AWS Directory Service.
  • Guard Duty.
  • AWS Identification and Accessibility Monitoring (IAM).
  • Amazon Assessor.
  • AWS Trick Monitoring Solution (AWS KMS).
  • Macie.
  • AWS Secrets Manager.
  • AWS Guard.
  • AWS Single Sign-On.
  • AWS WAF.


  • Amazon Elastic Block Shop (Amazon EBS).
  • Amazon Elastic Documents System (Amazon EFS).
  • FSx.
  • S3.
  • Amazon S3 Glacier.
  • AWS Storage Portal.

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