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دورات شهادة البيانات الضخمة في دبي

دورات شهادة البيانات الضخمة

DASCA- مجلس علوم البيانات الأمريكي مهندس بيانات رفيق مهندس بيانات كبيرة مشارك


غير تقني (للتسويق وما إلى ذلك) رفيق محلل بيانات كبيرة مشارك
عالم بيانات
محترف ريال. عالم بيانات
محلل بيانات
مبتدئ اختبار DP-900: أساسيات بيانات Microsoft Azure
    مبتدئ معتمد من Microsoft: أساسيات بيانات Azure
امتحان DP-900
محلل بيانات
رفيق معتمد من Microsoft: محلل بيانات مشارك
امتحان DA-100
  مهندس بيانات مهندس بيانات
معتمد من Microsoft: مساعد مهندس بيانات Azure
المتطلبات: اختبار DP-200 ، DP-201
يقوم مهندسو بيانات Azure بدمج البيانات وتحويلها وتوحيدها من مختلف أنظمة البيانات المهيكلة وغير المهيكلة في هياكل مناسبة لبناء حلول التحليلات.
  عالم بيانات  
معتمد من Microsoft: عالم بيانات Azure مشارك
المتطلبات: اختبار DP-100
يطبق Azure Data Scientist معرفته بعلوم البيانات والتعلم الآلي لتنفيذ أحمال عمل التعلم الآلي وتشغيلها على Azure؛ على وجه الخصوص، باستخدام خدمة التعلم الآلي من Azure.
مايكروسوفت MCSE- إدارة البيانات والتحليلات
محترف البيانات الضخمة باستخدام شهادة SAS 9
محلل بيانات
كلاوديرا مساعد معتمد
محلل بيانات CCA
رفيق CCA سبارك ومطور Hadoop
زعبيل معتمد يمكن القيام به - 18 ساعة بدون مختبر
مهندس بيانات
محترف امتحان مهندس بيانات CCP
سحابة AWS
تحليلات البيانات
التخصص تحليلات البيانات المعتمدة من AWS
زعبيل معتمد     البيانات الضخمة وعلوم البيانات

For BIG DATA Certification Courses, this is a time of significant possibility for IT specialists, particularly the instance for large data, where the alternatives for associated jobs increase at the same unbelievable price as the information itself!

BIG DATA Certification Course training is offered by Zabeel Institute, which is one of best BIG DATA training institutes in Dubai 

Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA)

Offered you by DASCA (Information Science Council of America), this program is perfect for graduate students who wish to build an information science profession and also have decided to focus on subject self-control such as used mathematics-economics, company, computer science, management, advertising, statistics, as well as a lot more.

Recruiters across multiple service industries recognize the ABDA qualification and hold it in prestige. It's a practical and beneficial vendor-neutral third-party certification, particularly helpful for young grad students.

Prior to requesting the ABDA program, candidates ought to have a strong, prior, official exposure and expertise of Statistics' basic ideas and also have hands-on experience with the tools as well as strategies of problem-solving concerns like central tendency estimation, diffusions, and also standards; permutations as well as mixes; possibility; producing charts, graphs, pie charts, and scatter stories.

Zabeel institute is the best education institute in Dubai for BIG DATA training.

DASCA additionally provides various other useful relevant certifications such as:

Associate Big Data Engineer

This BIG DATA Certification Courses program offers you proficiency in designing and also establishing big information programs, applications, as well as a software application. It's a suitable program for the university as well as tech school grads that desire a profession in massive data engineering as well as advancement.

Senior Big Data Engineer

This is the accreditation for you if you're currently a designer or software designer but desire even more out of your job. Finest matched for hopefuls that have an undergrad degree in computer science or infotech, this accreditation furnishes you to work with the toughest large data applications and also software advancement tasks.

Cloudera Certified Professional

Cloudera's site supplies certification examinations, and also the training required to ace the tests. The CCA Flicker and also Hadoop Programmer Accreditation Test is readily available, but a certain relevant training course isn't. Rather, the business suggests its Cloudera Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop training course for exam prep work.

CCP Data Engineer Certification

This qualification reveals that the candidate possesses the abilities required to develop autonomous, dependable, and scalable information pipes, which cause maximized information collections ideal for a range of work. Cloudera advises taking the Cloudera Developer Training for Apache Flicker as well as Hadoop as preparation for the examination. Training is readily available online as on-demand training and in-person training courses educated throughout the world.

CCA Data Analyst Certification

This qualification is for SQL programmers, data experts, BI professionals, designers, system designers, as well as data source managers that require to understand just how to carry out the core expertise called for to draw as well as produce reports in Cloudera's CDH setting. You can get ready for the qualification test by taking Data Analyst Training, a data expert training course developed for teaching trainees just how to accessibility, adjust, transform and analyze large information embedded in the Hadoop collection making use of SQL as well as acquainted with scripting languages.

CCA Administrator Certification

Those who complete these BIG DATA Certification Courses have actually shown efficiency in the core systems as well as cluster administrator skills needed to release Cloudera in a venture environment. You can get ready for the accreditation examination by taking the Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop, a training course that teaches you the technical skills required to handle as well as scale a Hadoop collection in a growth or manufacturing atmosphere.
Cloudera, as well as Hortonworks, merged in 2019, bringing together two large data powerhouses.

Microsoft’s MCSE- Data Management and Analytics

Microsoft's online reputation on the planet of IT precedes it, as well as when it comes to information analytics and advanced modern technology, we have to acknowledge as well as include this market titan. Microsoft's MCSE information scientific research certification trains specialists on information analytics tools and frameworks specific to Microsoft. When you finish the program, you can function effortlessly on Microsoft devices and software application frameworks specific to SQL Database Administration, business knowledge reporting, and also artificial intelligence. When your full qualification, you will certainly have the ability to skillfully deploy organizational intelligence data for a range of markets.

MCSE Information Monitoring, as well as Analytics certification, needs gaining one of the adhering to requirement qualifications: MCSA: SQL Web Server 2012/2014, MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Advancement, MCSA: SQL 2016 Data Source Administration, MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development, or MCSA: BI Coverage.

The prospect must then pass these optional exams: 70-464: Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases, 70-465: Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, 70-466: Implementing Information Models and Records with Microsoft SQL Web Server, 70-467: Designing Company Knowledge Solutions with Microsoft SQL Web Server, 70-762: Establishing SQL Databases, 70-767: Applying an Information Storage facility making use of SQL, 70-768: Establishing SQL Information Versions or 70-777: Applying Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions.

The MCSE certification will be retired on January 31, 2021, any kind of qualification you gain continues to be on your document. Thankfully, there are other Microsoft certifications to take up the slack, consisting of Information Analyst Partner and Azure Information Rudiments.

Zabeel Institute,the best training institute in Dubai is an authorized coaching for BIG DATA Certification Courses and successfully recognized as a Leader for Quality Education and Learning Center for Big Data across UAE.

SAS Certified Data Scientist

SAS is a global leader in analytics, offering multiple certifications that focus on SAS products. They enjoy popularity and a solid reputation worldwide.

Big Data Professional Using SAS 9 Certification

This qualification is for specialists who intend to validate their capacity to use open source and SAS information administration devices to prepare huge information for analytical evaluation. This certification needs 2 exams: SAS Big Information Prep Work, Data, as well as Visual Exploration, and SAS Big Data Programming as well as Loading.

Advanced Analytics Professional Using SAS 9 Certification

This qualification is for specialists who need the ability to evaluate large information with a selection of statistical analysis and predictive modeling techniques and tools. This accreditation needs passing 3 examinations: Predictive Modeling Making Use Of SAS Enterprise Miner 7, 13, or 14, SAS Advanced Predictive Modeling, and also SAS Text Analytics, Time Series, Trial And Error, and Optimization.

Specialists who gain both the huge information as well as progressed analytics certifications are additionally qualified for SAS Information Researcher qualification. This certification is designed for professionals that want to control and acquire understanding from big information utilizing a selection of SAS and also open source tools, make company recommendations with complex device finding out designs, and deploy versions at scale utilizing the versatile, durable SAS environment.

BIG DATA Certification Courses is offered by Zabeel Institute, which is one of the best training institute in Dubai for BIG DATA Certification training.

for more information about data science click here  (source: Wikipedia)     

Zabeel, institute in Dubai ,BIG DATA Certification training is recommended for IT professionals 


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