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Nursing PSC exam questions

Sample questions of PSC Nurses exam?

Nursing PSC exam questions play a vital role in Nursing PSC exam preparation.

As students’ techniques fix a great variety of Nursing PSC exam questions, they also improve their rate of fixing inquiries. Likewise, with the traditional method, their mistakes get fewer and resolve concerns to get the proper response.

This article discusses and explains the Nursing PSC exam questions and sample questions of the PSC Nurses exam.

Nursing PSC exam questions & answers

Nursing PSC exam questions help to evaluate their strengths and weak points to ensure that they can concentrate on more vulnerable areas. When students work on improving their weak spots, they execute much better with practicing Nursing PSC exam questions. This improves their self-confidence, and they do their ideal to obtain excellent marks.

Below are the sample Nursing PSC exam questions for 2023. Please review it carefully to fracture the assessment.

Essential sample Nursing PSC exam questions, questions are accumulated from Staff Nurse’s previous year concern documents.

  1. What is the term for a tool utilized to replace an absent body component?
  2. a. Pronation
  3. b. Abduction
  4. c. External turns
  5. d. Prosthesis
  6. When assisting a client who is recovering from a stroke to walk, the nurse aide needs to aid:
  7. a. on the client’s solid side
  8. b. on the customer’s weak side
  9. c. from behind the client
  10. d. with a wheelchair
  11. To BEST connect with a client who is entirely deaf, the registered nurse aide should:
  12. a. smile often and speak loudly
  13. b. smile frequently as well as chat rapidly
  14. c. avoid eye contact
  15. d. draw up info
  16. The LAST sense a passing away client will certainly lose is:
  17. a. Smell
  18. b. Hearing
  19. c. Taste
  20. d. Sight
  21. The tiniest bone in the body is
  22. a. Malleus
  23. b. Incus
  24. c. Stapes
  25. d. Breast bone
  26. Total weight gain while pregnant is
  27. a.7-8 kg
  28. b. 10-11 kg
  29. c.13-14 kg
  30. d.15-16 kg
  31. Number of chromosomes in a cell: 16
  32. a. 23.
  33. b. 44.
  34. c. 46.
  35. d. 40.
  36. Amount of solution utilized for evacuant enema in grownups:
  37. a. 100-250 ml.
  38. b. 250-350ml.
  39. c. 500-1000ml.
  40. d.1000-1500 ml.
  41. A mix of Tripple Antigen:
  42. a. DPT.
  43. b. BCG.
  44. c. TAB.
  45. d. ECG.
  46. Before taking the dental temperature level of a customer that has just finished a cold drink, the registered nurse assistant ought to wait:
  47. a. 10 to 20 mins.
  48. b. 25 to 35 minutes.
  49. c. 45 to 55 minutes.
  50. d.at at least 1 hour.

Nursing PSC exam questions curriculum for the post of team registered nurse

A. Bioscience.

B. Medical-Surgical Nursing.

C. Fundamentals of Nursing.

D. Behavioral Sciences.

E. Nursing Education as well as Research Study.

F. Midwifery as well as Gynecological Nursing.

G. Child Health and Wellness Nursing.

H. Pharmacology.

I. Community Wellness Nursing.

J. Professional Trends as well as Change.

Nursing PSC exam questions/About PSC exam Certification

Kerala PSC exams-Every Keralite has a dream to get into government-secured Jobs. Kerala Public Service Commission is the only gateway to Kerala Government Jobs. The Kerala PSC exam is designed for the 10th-level, 12th-level, and Graduate level examinations to cater to the different needs of the other departments.

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Significance of PSC exam Certification in 2023

To clear PSC examinations on the first attempt, applicants can pick training classes or go with online preparation programs. Self-study is essential for applicants to prepare much better. They can use online research sources, refer to Nursing PSC exam questions, and teach self-study techniques to make their approach.

The eligibility requirements for the PSC examination are college graduation in any stream. The age limitation of the candidates should be 21 and 32 years.

Eligibility for PSC is calculated based on

  1. Age limit
  2. Educational Qualification
  3. Number of attempts
  4. Physical Parameters (For specific posts)

PSC in India is constitutionally mandated (Articles 315– 323) to aid the corresponding state and federal governments in employment, transfers, and disciplinary activities. The Union Public Service Compensation (UPSC) annually carries out the prominent IAS Exam.

Nursing PSC exam questions

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As students’ techniques fix a great variety of Nursing PSC exam questions, they also improve their rate of fixing inquiries. Likewise, with the traditional method, their mistakes get fewer and resolve concerns to get the proper response.

Are you ready to explore the new world of Nursing PSC exam questions? In addition, Sample questions of the PSC Nurses exam?

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