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CPCM / CCCM-Contract Management Training Course

14 - May - 2019

Overview of CPCM  / CCCM- Contract Management training program

CPCM / CCCM Contract management certification training course in general demonstrates that you have the highest standards of contract management competencies by NMCA USA. CPCM / CCCM Certification preparation is moreover offered by Zabeel ensures success in the exam.

A Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM)  training and identically certification course demonstrates you have the eight skills. They also test if you have met NCMA’s highest standards for education, training, and experience. It enables you to demonstrate your knowledge of the contract management competencies in the Contract Management Body of Knowledge.

contract and commercial management certification is formal professional manager training who want gain skills, Zabeel provides online learning program from basic to expert level

Certified Commercial Contracts Manager (CCCM) certification validates your education, training, experience and likewise your knowledge of the Uniform Commercial Code.

CPCM / CCCM -NCMA was formed in 1959 to foster the professional growth and surely educational advancement of its members. NCMA is a membership-based, professional society, whose leadership is indeed composed of volunteer elected officers. NCMA is in fact located at 21740 Beau Meade Circle, Suite 125, Ashburn, Virginia 20147. The NCMA office is moreover open between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm ET.

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6 Reasons to Join NCMA – CPCM / CCCM – Contract Management

Learning Outcome of CPCM / CCCM

  • Firstly identify contract components and understand the process from start to finish
  • Secondly select the right contract type for your project
  • Similarly decipher contract legalese 
  • Agree on objectives, requirements, plans, and moreover specifications
  • Negotiate favorable terms and likewise make revisions to the contract
  • Apply the rules of contract interpretation in project disputes
  • The administer contracts appropriately, also know when and how to terminate before or upon completion

Who needs a CPCM training Program?

Those working in large or small organizations, government & to emphasize commercial entities. CPCM or CCCM Certification also promotes entrepreneurs, Contract administrators, subcontractors, procurement managers, project managers and namely quality assurance personnel. In short others looking to likewise advance their career in contracts management. 

Contracts Management Detailed Course Content:


  • The Contract Management Profession
  • What is Contract?
  • Professional Certification
  • What is Contract Management
  • About The Contract Management Profession


  • Contract Life Cycle
  • Contract Stakeholders
  • Organizational Influences
  • General Business Competencies
  • General Contracting Competencies


The pre-Award enables:

  • Laws and Regulations
  • Contract Principles
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Socioeconomic Programs
  • Contract Structures
  • Contracting Methods
  • 8 Intellectual Property
  • Contract Financing

Acquisition Planning / Strategy

  • Negotiation
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Acquisition Methodology
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Source Selection
  • Protests

Acquisition Planning / Strategy with CPCM or CCCM Certification

  • Contract Administration
  • Secondly Contract Performance / Quality Assurance
  • Subcontract Administration
  • Contract Changes and another key point Modifications
  • Property Administration
  • Transportation
  • Disputes
  • Organizational Conflict of Interest
  • Contract Closeout
  • Contract Termination

Significantly Specialized Knowledge Areas

  • Research and Development
  • Secondly Architect-Engineer Services and Construction
  • Information Technology
  • Major Systems
  • Service Contracts
  • International Contracting
  • State and also Local Government
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Performance – Based Acquisition
  • Government Property
  • Moreover other Specialized Areas

Business: CPCM or CCCM Certification

  • Management
  • Secondly Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Information Science or also Information Technology
  • Leadership Skills


Fidic Contracts Formats

  • Conditions of Contracts for work correspondingly by civil engineering construction 1992(FIDIC Red Book)
  • FIDIC Short form of contract
  • FIDIC contract for EPC/Turnkey projects (FIDIC Silver Book)
  • Conditions of Contract for construction for building and nonetheless engineering works designed by the employers
  • FIDIC contract for MEP works (FIDIC Yellow Book)
  • Lastly FIDIC, Client/Consultant contract agreement.

Course Modules are same for CCCM and CPCM certifications.

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