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CIMA Certification Training Course in Dubai

16 - May - 2019

Overview of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

CIMA Training course and qualification is offered by Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) course in Dubai, Sharjah and Abudhabi and this is an UK based professional body that offers professional training and qualification in Management accountancy and related subjects. It is focused on accountants working in the industry and provides ongoing support and training for its members. CIMA focuses on Industries offering more than just accounting knowledge. You will not only be financially qualified but also be professionally trained in developing business management capabilities of advising on business strategy and risk management etc

Zabeel International is CIMA Registered Tuition Provider

Zabeel International is one of the Top Institutes offering CIMA Certification training in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, UAE. Zabeel is offering CIMA training in Dubai for more than 10years. Zabeel uses official Kaplan Text + Exam Practice Kit material/books for CIMA certification training and additional review materials like BPP etc. CIMA members obtain special benefits to place them popular with leading companies, sustainable business success.

Who needs the CIMA Certification / Master’s Degree?

Anyone can pursue CIMA Qualification. But your educational background will play a vital role in getting exemptions in exam papers. This makes it ideal for professionals already active in accounting and people keen on a career change. The CIMA course Qualification is equivalent to a master’s degree.

Learning Outcome:

The CIMA Professional Qualification provides more strategy, more management accounting and more relevance across a board business perspective than any other professional accountancy qualifications. Gives you expertise in finance, it provides skills to make key decisions in business and advise others of the financial implications.

The CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) professional qualification is equivalent to a master’s degree, the independent UK agency responsible for government scoring of immigrants’ qualifications has said.

Why choose Zabeel International  for CIMA Training Course

  • Zabeel is a registered tuition provider of CIMA
  • Zabeel has been providing training on various finance and accounting courses for the last 32 years in UAE.
  • Zabeel has over 7 years experience in providing CIMA training
  • Zabeel has excellent success rate and experienced and qualified trainers.
  • CIMA finance and business Partner

Detailed Course Content:

Qualification Levels:

Certificate Level                                              (4 subjects)

Operational level                                            (3 subjects+ 1 Case study paper)

Management level                                          (3 subjects+ 1 Case study paper)

Strategic level                                                   (3 subjects + 1 Case study paper)

13 Subjects + 3 case study paper

CIMA Level 1:

CIMA Entry level: Certificate in Business Accounting

The CIMA certification in business accounting is CIMA’s own entry route to the professional qualification.

Your degree or accounting qualification may also exempt you from some operational and management level papers.

The certificate subjects are:

FI 021 – BA1 – Fundamentals of Business Economics

FI 022 – BA2 – Fundamentals of Management Accounting

FI 024 – BA3 – Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

FI 025 – BA4 – Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance & Business Law

You can sit the four certificate subjects in any order and in any combination to suit your requirements Exams All certificate exams are computer-based and can be taken at any time.

Level 2: Operational level

The three papers at this level are:

  • E1: Organisational Management
  • P1: Management Accounting
  • F1 : Financial Reporting and Taxation

CIMA Operational level case study

  • Your role will be that of Finance officer, your audience will be manager and project owners, the question
  • Types will be short essays supported by calculations & analysis and the case study focus will be;
  • Preparation of parts or of entire financial statements
  • A cost and/or budgeting issue- Analysis of the structure or the organization, as well as cross-functional communication.

CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting

Students who pass all three operational level papers will be awarded the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting

Level 3: Management level

The three papers at this level are:

  • FI 136 – E2 – Project & Relationship Management
  • FI 137 – P2 – Advanced Management Accounting
  • FI 138 – F2 – Advanced Financial Reporting

Advanced CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting

Students who pass all three management level subjects + case study will be awarded the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

Management level case study

  • FI 139 – Overview of E2, P2 & F2 | FI 155 – Analysis on pre-seen Case Study & Mock Exams Exam sequence

Your role will be that of manager, your audience will be CFO and senior business managers, the question types will be long and short essays, supported by calculations and analysis and the case study focus will be on;

– Impact on the financial statements and the performance of the organization.

– Product & pricing decisions, and/or the performance evaluation of division(s) component parts.

– Consideration of key stakeholders, and implementation via projects.

Level 4: Strategic level

The three papers at this level are:

  • FI 140 – E3 – Strategic Management
  • FI 141 – P3 – Risk Management
  • FI 142 – F3 – Financial Strategy

All three strategic level subjects must be studied at the same time and students must sit all three exams (E3, P3 and F3) together at the first sitting. Following this, any re-sits can be taken in any combination (for example one at a time).

These papers must be successfully completed before students attempt the test of professional competence in management accounting.

CIMA Strategic level case study

  • FI 143 – Overview of E3, P3 & F3 & Analysis on pre-seen Case Study with Mock Exams Exam sequence

Your role will be that of senior manager, your audience will be CFO and rest of senior management team, the question types will be long essays supported by calculations and analysis and the case study focus will be on;

– A financial strategy needs to be formulated, ensuring the strategy is adequately funded.

– Risks associated with this need to be scrutinized.

– Analysis of strategic options, leading to recommendations and justification.

CIMA Management Gateway Course (MCS)

MCS case study for MBAs/M.Com

Duration : 4 weeks ( 6 hr per week) – 24 hrs

Course Management Case Study, Additional fee to be paid to CIMA, Inclusive of :

  • Registration
  • Membership and Annual Fee
  • 11 Exemptions
  • 1 attempt of management case study exam

The CIMA certification Course fee is inclusive of
1 LMS access for CIMA Management case study

2 CIMA Student Workbook- customised
3 Practice Question Bank for class work
4 Access to E2, P2, F2 content . This is helpful to those candidates who enroll for the program after getting exemptions who studied the concepts log ago.

5 Face to face class sessions
6 Unlimited access to trainers for doubt clearing
7 Live 3 mock examination practice on current pre seen with detailed analysis and feedback on your answers.
9 Pass guarantee

10 Retake guarantee for next window– for those who attended the full class( 100% attendance) + attempted the 3 mocks + Actual exam

Exam Window

Last Date for Exam Registration

Pre seen available on

Batch Start Date ( 6 weeks- 3 hr per week( 18 hrs)

Batch End Date

Actual Exam dates



30th Jan

29 December

Ist week of Jan

Mid Feb

16-20 Feb



30th April

28 March

Ist April

Mid May

17-21 May



30th July

27 June

Ist week of July

Mid Aug

16-20 Aug



30th October

28 September

Ist week of Oct

Mid Nov

14-18 Nov


CIMA Strategic Case Study

Please contact us to get the schedule for strategic case study .

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