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Certified Finance Manager-CFM Training Course

16 - May - 2019

Overview of Certified Finance Manager (CFM) Training & Certification course in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

The Certified Finance Manager CFM training course is an exclusive qualification and imparts expertise for those professionals engaged in financial and management accounting. Certified Financial Management CFM training is ideal for business managers/ accountants who wish to understand core financial principles and understand how financial decisions impact a company’s financial health. You’ll learn to read and analyze financial statements, use financial controls to meet business objectives, Financial control, Auditing, Financial Reporting, Cash flow statement, Balance sheet, MIS reporting, Financial risk management, etc


Zabeel International Institute is an authorized training and exam Centre for AIFB- American Institute of Finance and Banking, USA, providing CFM Training and certification. Our pass percentage for the Certified Finance Manager CFM Certification exam is very high. Zabeel is well known for delivering several successful batches every year.

Who needs the CFM Training Course?

  • This CFM Training course is appropriate for professionals within any functional area who have limited knowledge and experience with finance.
  • who need to enhance their financial acumen.
  • Those who need  Financial Manager qualification.

Learning Outcome of CFM certification Course:

  • Understand the layout and purpose of the profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement.
  • Prepare to do bank reconciliation, Financial reporting, MIS, Financial analysis, cash flow statement, balance sheet, etc.
  • Analyze the finances of individual corporations both regarding their performance and capital requirements
  • Access financial information from a wide variety of sources and use this information to research and assess corporations

Certified Finance Manager CFM Course Content:

CFM Training course content has three modules like Finacial Accounting,Management accounting and Financial Reporting these 3 level will help you to achieve fianance manager CFM certification and skills

Module 1- Financial Accounting

  • The content and purpose of financial reporting
  • The qualitative characteristics of financial information
  • The use of double-entry and accounting systems
  • Recording transactions and events
  • Preparing a trial balance
  • Preparing basic financial statements
  • Preparing simple consolidated financial statements.
  • Interpretation of financial statements

Module 2 – Management Accounting

  • Nature, source and purpose of management information
  • Cost accounting principles and methods
  • Budgeting
  • Standard costing

Module 3- Financial Reporting

  • A conceptual framework for financial reporting
  • A regulatory framework for financial reporting
  • Financial statements
  • Business combinations

Financial Management and Accounting -CFM Qualification and Exam Prep Classes:

Zabeel stands apart from the rest of the institutes because we believe in providing the students with the finest and resourceful training for CFM qualification. The highlights of our preparations are as follows:

  •  Comprehensive classes
  •  One-to-one counseling sessions
  •  Off the class discussion facility
  •  Revision of Key topics & Question- based revision

Certified Finance Manager CFM Course Study Material /Toolkit:

Lectures, case studies, exercises and tutorials led by the lectures, are supported by private study and work assignments. To support the lectures, the faculty would be using PowerPoint Slides, Audio, video or projectors and /or lecture notes as the course goes on.

The student would be provided with lecture notes as handouts or books whichever is appropriate to the lecture.

Recommended reference books or websites would be suggested to the students for further reading if the student needs a deeper understanding of the topics that are covered in the class.
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