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16 - May - 2019

CFE Certification and CFE Training Course are one of the most demanded certification courses in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, and UAE. The course provides training on varied subjects like accounting, and auditing, fraud investigation, fraud prevention, loss prevention.

Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse estimates that the typical organization loses by about 5 percent of its revenues to fraud each year. In extreme cases, fraud can bring an entire company down to its knees. Certified Fraud Examiners with their unique skills can help in preventing and detecting fraud; and as such, they are highly valued and sought after by organizations that span various industries.

The CFE Certification credential imparts expertise in fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence. CFEs can identify the warning signs that show the evidence of fraud and risk of fraud; they can protect the global economy by uncovering fraud and execute plans beforehand to prevent fraud.

The CFE Certification can equip you with skills that are not found in other career disciplines. It imparts knowledge of complex financial transactions, investigative techniques, legal issues, and the ability to resolve fraud allegations.

Today, careers in the anti-fraud industry continue to grow as organizations seek individuals with this unique skill set.

Overview of CFE Training Program

The CFE Certification / CFE Training Program will help you succeed in the investment and finance industry. This course has a self-study format. It allows you to continue working full-time and you can progress towards earning the CFE charter.

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Who needs this Course?

Candidates for the CFE Certification / CFE Training Program comes from a wide range of backgrounds.

Students who want to enter the investment industry. Professionals who are looking to widen their skills. People who want to change their careers into the investment sector from other disciplines.

The CFE Certification and CFE charter are the best if you are looking for opportunities in the investment industry. This course has a self-study program. It will allow you to work full-time, and you can progress towards the completion of the course.

A cost-effective or well-respected credential program, this course will prepare you with the skills you need to meet the challenges of today’s world of professional investing.

Learning Outcome of CFE Training Course:

  • Identify and explain the properties of a valid benchmark. Calculate a estimated time-weighted rate of return of a portfolio by using the Modified Dietz method
  • Evaluate the relative merits of high/low, interquartile range, and standard deviation; these are measures of the dispersion of portfolio returns within a composite

    Certified fraud examiner course /CFE Training will help you to achieve the CFE Certification.

CFE Program Content:

  • Level I: Focuses on basic knowledge of the ten topic areas and simple analysis. Investment tools are used.
  • Level II: Emphasis on the application of investment tools and concepts are taken into consideration for valuation of all types of assets
  • Level III: It focuses on synthesizing all concepts and analytical methods for various applications. This makes for effective portfolio management and wealth planning.

    CFE Training will help you to achieve the CFE Certification.

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