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Financial Accounting for Beginners / Certified Accounting Professional CAP Course

16 - May - 2019

Overview of Certified Accounting Professional (CAP) Certification Training course in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

Financial accounting for Beginners / Finance for nonfinance professionals/ certified accounting professional CAP certification course will enhance your understanding of the basic principles of financial accounting.  We’ll start with a reminder of basic accounting principles like double entry bookkeeping.  Building on this, you’ll learn how to apply accepted accounting techniques to prepare a perfect set of financial statements for your business.   The course includes an interactive case study in which we develop a full set of accounts from first principles.

Zabeel International Institute is an authorized training and exam Centre for AIFB – American Institute of Finance and Banking, USA, providing CAP certification.

This Certified accounting professional CAP course is delivered by qualified finance professionals who have a strong track record of delivering jargon-free finance courses energetically and engagingly, delighting delegates from both financial and non-financial backgrounds.

Zabeel stands apart from rest of the institutes because we believe in providing the students with the finest and resourceful training for certified accounting professional CAP. The highlights of our CAP Qualification and preparations are as follows:

  • Comprehensive classes
  • One-to-one counseling sessions
  • Off the class discussion facility
  • Revision of Key topics & Question-based revision

Lectures, case studies, exercises and tutorials led by the lectures, are supported by private study and work assignments. To support the lectures the faculty would be using PowerPoint Slides, Audio, video or projectors and /or lecture notes as the course goes on.

cap course

For a certified accounting professional CAP Training course the student would be provided with lecture notes as handouts or books whichever is appropriate to the lecture. Recommended reference books or websites will be suggested to the students for further reading if the student needs a deeper understanding of the topics that are covered in the class.

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Learning Outcome of FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (CAP) Certification  Course

  • Be comfortable with basic accounting concepts.
  • Understand the layout and purpose of the profit and loss account, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
  • Be familiar with generally accepted accounting standards.
  • Prepare a full set of accounts, including accruals, prepayments, provisions, and
  • Prepare to do bank reconciliation, Financial reporting, MIS, Financial analysis, financial decision, cash flow statement, balance sheet, etc.

Who needs the FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (CAP) Training/Certification?

This Accounting finance course for beginners.  This certified accounting professional course is suitable for managers, executives with little or no experience in accounting who would like to understand the fundamental principles of financial accounting and management accounting. and those who need CAP qualification

Financial analysts experts economic information and also utilize their findings to help firms make business decisions.

Detailed Course Content


  • Definition of Accounting
  • Objectives and Scope of Accounting
  • Accounting Process Accounting Concepts
  • Classification of Accounts
  • Accounting Systems


  • Journal
  • Analysis and treatment of transactions
  • Posting in a leader
  • Ruling of Account in ledger Account


  • Cash Book
  • Petty Cash Book
  • Purchase Book
  • Sale Book
  • Bills Receivables Book
  • Bills Payable Book


  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Trial Balance
  • Financial Statements
  • Trading Account
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Exercise

COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING:  (Select Anyone Accounting Software)


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