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Day 1

Creative writing

The edge –

to give the knowledge and through videos create an impression child will be given a topic from any of the three streams (aesthetic, fiction and fact) to create a story Evaluation

Each candidate will be evaluated based on the stream chosen and given guidelines on how to progress further.

This exercise is imperative for college impressions in writing skills, blogging skills, content writing skills (very much needed in the PR or Communications profession/college journals)


Day 2 

Essay writing techniques

The adventure into writing is best explained through clarity, precision and storytelling. This technique is imperative to put images and thoughts into clear text. This is a preparatory level when pursuing college projects.

The candidate will be taught where to start and where to stop so the reader enjoys the input and can benefit from this well written article or essay.

The scope – clarity of mind and concentration to complete task with precision. The evaluation – how does the candidate process thoughts into words and present it. The flow of thoughts and its ultimate creation into a report or storyboard or article which is absolutely clear and lasting to the reader is considered.

Day 3


The world today has changed so much that journalists are not so hard to find as everyone blogs – the story be in engineering or fashion is told through blogging storyboards. Therefore, after Day 1 and Day 2, blogging would be ideal and the process would be best understood.

Blogging is the natural way of relating any story with a storytelling pitch or a platform where ideas are shared through simple writing. There is Instagram blogging and instant blogging. In a lighter tone the message reaches its audience – that is blogging.

The scope – learning the art of blogging and knowing how it can enrich one’s writing experience and can also be a source of income one day.

The evaluation – is the writing well expressed – can it bring out the best talent in the candidate in terms of blogging – can it help the candidate to be his own publicist/marketeer/subject matter expert. Can this talent add a fresh approach to the candidate presenting his or her thesis with lots of material written well and easily understood by the audience or professors whatever be the platform of delivery.

PS: The application of SWITCHWORDS will be applied

Here we look at energized words to power the writing experience of candidates ( I shall also be advising the ‘flow stop’ which happens with ‘full stop’ )

Day 4

Exercises to identify and close questions or derivation of the first three days and exercises on writing, blogging and essay.

Evaluation – first level – here we understand if the three days take home is well received by the candidates


Day 5

Creation of written thoughts into artistic expressions with pencil and paper

Here the students learns the implication of visualization.


Day 6

This day would be a combination of writing skills + artistic impressions + showcasing

How artistic impressions can be advised on learning platforms? How can they be clear process maps?


Day 7

Expressing in speech through language


The icebreaker being 6 days of communication through writing and art, it is time to move on to language positioning through speech.

Topics of interest will be discussed, and candidates will be encouraged to speak alone and through panel discussion.

This day would look at the general knowledge awareness of candidates and counselling and advise to see performance, giving them the necessary tools and a topic to prepare for Day 8

Day 8

Public speaking where members of Zabeel management would be invited to see a mock-up of public speaking extempore and panel discussion

Day 9

Questions and answers – certainly there will be grey areas which the candidates need to be advised on – therefore day 9 is exclusively for the candidates and their questions.


Day 10

Certificates for all and the first three performers with advice on next level.

This session would be in the presence of Zabeel Management and Shreem International Media Consultancy



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