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Organizational Restructuring

Entities over a period of time tend to get bogged down due to various factors: both internal and external. Are you seeing stagnation in your organization over a period of time with practically little or zero growth or even negative growth? What could be the factors? An external perspective will, in most cases, help to get the picture right. And this is where Zabeel comes in. We can help review the entire organization structure beginning with your Org chart onwards and suggest measures to get the additional momentum required to once again bring traction to your business. This would include:

  • Manning review : Do you need to upsize or downsize your organization?
  • Do you have the right fit in terms of manning?
  • Banking facilities review (Is it adequate)? Are you deploying cash management techniques to ensure that you are leveraging on your cash to the maximum possible?
  • Any possibilities for raising capital or looking at non-funded facilities such as L/C’s, guarantees etc. to safeguard your payment risk but also use these tools to build your business?
  • Are you leveraging on your strengths?
  • SWOT Analysis: This is a good way to identify “gaps” in the organization and thereby cover these gaps and prevent leakages which could be affecting
    both your Top line and the Bottom line.
  • In the Hospitality segment? Do look at how we can add value. (Our “Hospitality” tab).
  • Feel that there is a potential exposure due to non-implementation / improper implementation of VAT law? Come to us and we will restructure the
    entire business process and ensure that you have a VAT compliant structure in place.
  • Are you leveraging on your working capital? Are you giving too much credit or paying off your creditors too early?
  • Other areas where you want us to review.

In other words, we will review every aspect of your organizational structure, right from your Vision statement, Mission, Strategy to Budgeting controls and procedures. We will come up with answers also to:

  • Is your strategy framework for the next three to ten years tying up with your Vision and Mission statement?
  • Has this being communicated down the organization Is every employee / associate working with the same goal?
  • Do you need to revamp processes to make it “state of the art”, so that you generate the maximum ROI from each activity?
  • Is your team adequately trained? Where are the gaps?
  • Do you have data security in place? Loss of data, even partially, could mean a big loss not only to your business but also to your reputation. We have
  • an IT consultant on board who can do the assessment for you and suggest steps to remove this risk and implement remedies if you so wish.
  • On the operational front, is your Budget in line with your strategy? If not, the ultimate strategic goal will not be achieved! We will sync it for you.
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